3 Top Healthy Alternatives for Reducing Dementia

3 Top Healthy Alternatives for Reducing Dementia3 Top Healthy Alternatives for Reducing Dementia

Dementia is often mistakenly used interchangeably with Alzheimer’s disease, but the differences between the two can be eye opening.

Alzheimers.net defines dementia as “an umbrella term for a set of symptoms including impaired thinking and memory.”

Alzheimer’s, on the one hand, has no cure at this point in time and is altogether degenerative while some forms of dementia “are actually reversible or temporary.”

This distinction offers hope to many who suffer from impaired thinking and memory loss due to unhealthy habits and poor lifestyle choices.

It means they get a second chance to alter the course that their lives are taking by implementing a few strategies to reduce dementia and return to a healthy state of mind.

There are many different ways to reverse the crippling effects of dementia such as medicine that a doctor prescribes, as well as treatments for boosting vitamin B12, taking thyroid hormones, or having surgery to remove brain tumors (worst case scenario).

These methods can be effective if they are the sole cause of dementia within the patient, however, life often is more complicated than a single, quick fix.

Long-term, self-induced strategies are typically the most beneficial as they are all-encompassing and help to eliminate the problem on multiple fronts, while also providing immense health benefits. With that being said, here are three top healthy alternatives for reducing dementia.

1. Exercise

Exercise is the time tested preventative measure for everything from heart disease to weight maintenance, improved sleep, and yes, even reducing dementia.

On a spiritual level, exercise helps to clear the mind, the baggage one carries with them through each of their interactions, improve their focus, and deepen their meditative sessions- it’s no wonder that it can help restore memory after it has been lost or become difficult to access.

When you really break it down, your body is an extension of your mind, both playing an equal part as you navigate through your daily life making it crucial that you exercise it regularly.

When you don’t use your body, due to sedentary lifestyle choices, it becomes rigid and stiff making it difficult to remain open-minded in the moment.

This translates equally to functions in the brain and can end up closing you off to the Truth that the moment may hold for you.

Bottom line, if you aren’t using your body you are losing its ability to function on the highest level, this includes your brain.

To further specify which exercises are best for reversing dementia it helps to understand hormones a little bit. We don’t have to break it down into great lengths, just understand that hormone imbalances are linked to dementia.

When mildly exercising, such as walking or Tai Chi, the body is stimulated to release hormones that will improve the function and flow of the muscles and the information being relayed from the brain.

This is great, but there is an even better form of exercise that releases tremendous amounts of these hormones to help muscles grow and in turn, improve the quality of the processes and functions within the brain. This form of exercise is weight lifting.

So get into the gym and start doing those squats if you really want to see some improvements in your memory and higher brain functions.

2. Alkaline Water

Now that you’re going to head into the gym and lift weights on a regular basis, it’s best to stay hydrated. What better way than to hydrate with the healthiest water available to us, alkaline water.

Many of you may be new to what alkaline ionized water is, so a brief overview will help you to understand how important it is for your body, especially your mind, and why it is crucial to overcoming dementia.

We all understand that a toxic environment is an unhealthy one, but what we aren’t told is that an acidic environment is toxic to our overall health.

Alkaline water helps to raise our pH levels and promote healthy function down to our cells where we receive our energy. This is very important when fighting to reverse dementia.

Dementia is linked with oxidative stress, dehydration, and nutritional deficiency. Alkaline water is loaded with antioxidants that will bind with free radicals that cause oxidative stress and cellular degeneration in the body.

This type of water has been tested and shown to be more hydrating than tap water or reverse-osmosis water.

Furthermore, Alkaline water is a buffer, when paired with a vegan, plant-based diet, for your cells to stay in tip-top shape by making it easier for them to hold on to their alkaline minerals.

When you start to get in touch with the universe and realize that we are all vibrating matter, being healthy at the cellular level becomes critical to lifelong happiness and health.

Alkaline water is proven to improve the quality of life at the cellular level and when paired with exercise, will have lasting effects on your mind and body to aid in reducing dementia.

3. CBD Oil

The last healthy alternative method for reducing dementia is now becoming more widespread with the changes we are seeing in the US today.

CBD Oil is a multifaceted approach to overcoming dementia on all fronts including but not limited to: cellular degeneration, neuroinflammation, and just as with alkaline water, antioxidative effects.

In addition, cannabinoids enhance neurogenesis, the birth of new cells, which help to replace cells that may be hindering brain function and cell growth due to past lifestyle choices such as drug use or alcohol consumption.

Think of it as a healthy barrier to the toxins that may try to engage with your brain cells to promote deterioration.

Cannabinoids effectively bind with receptors to prevent cells from becoming toxic by overstimulation of certain neurotransmitters such as glutamate and help to regulate brain function. When paired with exercise and alkaline water, CBD Oil is a highly effective treatment to not only improve memory, but reverse the effects of what may have already occurred.

It is never too late to start implementing some of these alternatives for reducing dementia. Coupled with your doctor’s recommendations you can prevent the onset of the disease and continue to live your life fruitfully.

The time to start is now because it is never too soon to start taking better care of your mind, body, and soul.

If you’d like to learn more about CBD Oil, check out the site HERE.

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