To love without condition, for no reason at all, this is what the Feminine is reawakening within each of us. Freedom is already inside of us.


This work is dedicated to women who still believe life is meant to be fun and magical. We are bringing a sense of awe and fascination back into business and life by weaving the mysteries of the divine feminine into business. Helping individuals consciously hack into the old Matrix, to open up unlimited potential and possibilities in WEALTH, HEALTH, and RELATIONSHIPS

About Me 

Misha Almira, Spiritual Success Coach, Breatharian Healer,  Modern Shaman, and Dancer.

Misha’s healing journey has been a journey of over 20 years, having worked with many different mentors, shamans and sacred plant teachers. She studied Andean shamanism at the Austin Shamanic Center and is a graduate of the Energy Medicine program there.

Misha also studied meditation teacher training at Society for Ascension, where she lived as a monk and taught internationally. 

She is a sensitive empathic soul that is able to deeply connect with the essence of a person and see what may be blocking them from moving forward on many levels, by tracking their energy grid. This enables more clarity into where there may be stuck energy keeping one out of harmonious manifestation of the deepest desires.

Specializing in:

  • Money blocks
  • Food Addiction
  • Abortion/Miscarriage healing
  • Divorce/Breakup healing
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Masculine/Feminine alchemy
  • Depression, Anxiety, PTSD
  • Codependency
  • Money blocks
  • Sexual trauma
  • Finding unique genius/purpose
  • Transitioning in death

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You Are the One That Gets to Decide Your Destiny.

It is already inside you begging to come out. All you have to focus on the story of your life that is meant to be, instead of the limiting story that has held you back up to this point. There is nothing stopping you except fear and ignorance (ignoring what already is.)

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