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Sexism At My Job: How Spirituality Taught Me a Huge Lesson

Sexism At My Job: How Spirituality Taught Me a Huge Lesson

Sexism At My Job: How Spirituality Taught Me a Huge Lesson

Sexism is especially obvious in some cultures and even in our Western culture which has been recently highlighted by the Trump saga.

For me, it has never felt this personal, until now.

I am becoming painfully aware that I have led a pretty sheltered life in this area which has left me comfortably removed from it.

Recently, I have been working in a restaurant that is a predominantly male staff.

It has become evident that the males are valued automatically just for being male.

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6 Steps to Activate the Feminine

6 Steps to Activating the Feminine - Misha Almira

6 Steps to Activate the Feminine

Recalling Who We Are

This is a time of reawakening of the Feminine Energy on Earth. It is not a battle of sexes where the feminine rises to dominate over the masculine.

It is a time of balance that is happening within each one of us, including men.

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Becoming Gaia Part II – Putting the Feminine Under

Gaia II- Misha Almira

Becoming Gaia Part II- Putting the Feminine Under

For a long time, women have starved themselves, worn uncomfortable clothing, and changed their personalities in order to be more pleasing.

Many were forced into submission over time. Many are filled with fear of abandonment.

The question I asked myself a little more deeply is why?

Did it come from a negligent father or was it from before that? Was this a collective decision that we were coerced into following?

At some point, men decided they were not going to settle for less than what they deemed as perfect.

They wanted to touch soft skin, see a lady in heels, tight clothing, and corsets. They decided a small waist and big breasts were the current definition of what was attractive.

Then, they decided small breasts and skinny bodies were appealing. Then, it changed again. Perhaps it was Playboy and all the media that started the ball rolling.

All I know is they decided what was appealing and stopped pursuing any women that did not meet their standards so women were left with no choice but to conform. At least, this was the story many of us have believed.

As a result, we spend a lot of money getting hair ripped out of our body on all the sensitive spots, hours getting our hair colored, straightened, curled, lengthened, and if they only saw us getting into our spanx!

Yet, I see short, hairy, bald, potbellied, men with gorgeous women on a daily basis.

Today, we are inundated with information about how we have to be in order to attract a mate and yet they continue to have a wandering eye and justify it as something that is out of their control.

They say, “all men look, that is just the way we are” and “every man watches porn and fantasizes about other women, that is just a man.”

We are expected to accept this. Yet, what if we had accepted our worth and replied years ago, “women are curvy, and prefer wearing flats and want a lot of lovers, that is just a woman.” and “we need a group of lovers to satisfy our needs, do not expect more from a woman.”

What if they were forced to accept a woman as she is, in order to attract a mate?

What if rough-disconnected-10-minute-porn sex was replaced with sensual-multi-orgasmic-full-body-mind-blowing pleasure for the woman first sex?

What if they had to change their behaviors to focus on one woman’s needs because this is what we demanded?

What if we decided we were worth this and if they did not agree we would just bring in another man that would?

What if we decided war was not needed and demanded more effective coping skills?

What if we decided to stop settling for less and they were forced to evolve and change to match our new standards?

What if we demanded a higher standard in ourselves as women and the outdated patriarchal society had to line up with the new paradigm?

Good old supply and demand.

Only this time, it would be our choice? It is not about role reversal but about honoring our true needs.

It is about us being honest and living authentically which will bring much-needed balance between the masculine/feminine dynamic.

Up to this point, it has been easier to deny these needs than risk being beaten or killed for demonstrating our personal power.

This is why it is easy for us to laugh this off as ridiculous. Afterall, we like rough sex, right?

We like being a doormat for our men and we like making sure their needs are met, while secretly feeling unfulfilled on so many levels.

We don’t need to ask for more because we are happy. Right? Maybe we are so accustomed to ignoring our needs we are not even aware of needing more.

It might just be a faint whisper deep inside or a subtle tugging at our spirit.

We might experience it as a mild disconnection but nothing we can’t learn to live without.

We have lost touch with our true selves.

The Worship & Fall of the Goddess

This has been programmed into our genes for many lifetimes. Until about 8000 BCE, our ancestors organized themselves into hunter-gatherer societies.

The female life-giving principle was at this time considered divine and a great mystery. Some Goddess statues still survive from this era.

The feminine aspect was worshiped and held in high esteem and even feared for her creative powers. Wisdom and creativity of the Goddess was revered and held with utmost respect.

Nature was considered sacred and closely connected with the feminine.

The suppression of Goddess worship is said to have started in Western Europe a few thousand years BCE, when the Indo-Europeans invaded Europe from the East.

They began introducing certain “refinements” of modern civilization: the horse, war, belief in male Gods, exploitation of nature, knowledge of the male role in procreation, etc.

Then, Goddess worship was gradually combined with worship of male Gods. Over time, the female principle of religion was driven out and women were considered inferior to men.

The Priest, King, God & Father replaced the Priestess, Queen, Goddess & Mother.

Eventually leading to the lowest point for women in the Middle Ages, when thousands of accused female witches were hanged, burned, or both.

It is really no wonder why many of us are deeply afraid of asking for what we want or standing in our own power.

I have actually had meditations where I relived a hanging and could feel my neck breaking. For years, I suffered from a consistent lump in my throat, afraid to speak my truth.

The words would just not come out. They would gather in my throat and torment me. Through journeying and bringing missing soul parts back, I was able to free the blocked energy and fear.

It feels so freeing to be able to speak now and to feel safe being seen by others.

For a long time, I feared being killed if I fully stepped in my power as I suspect many of us do. It was more of a subconscious fear but it kept me lock in an internal prison of submission for as long as I chose fear.

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Becoming Gaia – ReBalancing the Feminine

Becoming Gaia Part I - Misha Almira

Becoming Gaia – ReBalancing the Feminine

Show me your worst, the Earth said to the storm, and I will blossom -Unknown Click To Tweet

Butterfly & The Cocoon

When a caterpillar comes out of the egg it is extremely hungry and eats nonstop, shedding it’s skin several times to compensate for it’s increasingly larger body size.

Then, one day it stops for a rest and begins creating a silky cocoon or molting into a shiny chrysalis.

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What To Do When You Freak Out During an Ayahuasca Ceremony

What to Do When You're Freaking Out on Ayahuasca - Misha Almira

What To Do When You Freak Out During an Ayahuasca Ceremony


What can you do?

When I made plans to go to Peru in May 2016, I did not know what I was getting myself into. All I knew was I had to go. It did not take long into my first ceremony to realize this was not a drug like LSD, Mushrooms or anything I’d even heard about. There was a level of freak out I was headed for that I did Not feel adequately equipped for. I was certain my body and mind would not survive this one. In fact, my mind was so far removed I wasn’t even sure of what I was anymore and felt certain I would never be the same again. This was not a good thing either. The freak out moment was coming and fast with or without my approval!

I’d read quite a few articles about Ayahuasca before going and thought I could get a good idea of what to expect. I was especially inspired by Graham Hancock.  I originally thought I would do one ceremony and be done with it. I just wanted to see what it was like. Ayahuasca was definitely calling me, but I thought one ceremony was enough to answer.


However, after learning more, I was inspired to do multiple ceremonies  and I’d decided with certainty to do them in Peru. At the time, I thought I was the one making all the decisions but in reality there was a much deeper plan unfolding and I was not in control of any of it.


In hindsight, I truly believe you can never outsmart Ayahuasca the Teacher so there is always going to be an element of the unknown. Plus, each ceremony is completely different. I chose to go through 8 ceremonies for my first Ayahuasca retreat and not one of them was the same and dosage mattered very little, at least in my case.


 Powerful Tools

Ayahuasca was the most intense experience of my life and there is nothing that can truly prepare you for what you will go through. However, I do know of some powerful tools to help you before, during, and after. It can make the preparation, immersion, and integration somewhat gentler on you. These were priceless tools for me and I would not want to have gone into this experience blindly without them as many people often do.
Meditation - Misha Almira
1. Meditation
Meditation can be very important before during and after an Ayahuasca ceremony. It has the ability to be your umbilical cord connecting you with what is ultimately real while spinning in a sea of madness. I am not saying your lessons with Ayahuasca will be a tumultuous mind fuck, but if it is, meditate. It can be the only  gentleness you remember if you do feel lost in the depths and a way to come back to self.
Dramatic? Yes, but our Egos can throw some pretty stirring episodes our way while traveling through the psyche. Not to mention,  Mother Ayahuasca holds nothing back. She likes to show us what is really going on with no sugar coated edit buttons. I recommend being prepared for a wild ride with all the safety gadgets, life jackets, and mechanical tools you can find.
I have been meditating for years, but I had let my practice slip. I went from meditation sessions of 3 to 6 hours each day to barely 20 minutes. In hindsight, this should have been a priority in preparation for 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies. I am telling you this so you can have a gentler and more enjoyable experience.
The thing I noticed while at the retreat was the individuals that had a strong practice of regular meditation had a much easier time adapting to the experiences they went through in the ceremonies. They were able to be more objective during the intense parts and integrate it faster. They were able to be fluid with the expansive aspects of Ayahuasca as well. It was truly inspiring to watch. There was an ease in embracing what the teacher presented and diving into the psyche was not as traumatic on their nervous systems.
I was able to pull myself into an objective state with the help of simple meditation mantras. It took conscious focus and repetition. It was very difficult for me to remember my exact intention while I was in the ceremony, so I was very grateful for the mantra. It gave me perspective, centered awareness, and solace.
Some of the experiences were overwhelmingly blissful and expansive. I had never experienced this level of positive overwhelming sensation. All I could do was hold the mantra, “I am love” in my mind while Ayahuasca moved me. It is an essential tool to have. Because the teaching was so profound, it took months to integrate after I came home.
Meditation was the key to fully understanding and assimilating all of it. There is no way to make sense of it with the analytical mind. It is a teaching that must be processed in every cell of the body and meditation allows enough relaxation in the body, mind and spirit for this to happen.
Breathe Misha Almira
2. Breathing
Our wonderful facilitators led us in a simple meditation of watching the breath. We practiced this for 20 minutes before our first ceremony which was invaluable. When the medicine starting coming on for my first ceremony, I could sense the intensity that was about to hit. I started breathing deeply and slowly.
Then, nausea hit hard and my breathing became even slower. It helped me to stay present in my body which is very important. It also acted as an anchor to the room I was in. At any moment, I could remind myself to breathe and would be back in the room aware of my surroundings.
It is very easy to lose all sense of self within the experiences of Ayahuasca and having an easy reminder to breathe can make a world of difference. It is the difference between freaking out or adventurously riding the wave of what comes next.
Surrender Misha Almira
3. Surrender/Trust
Before leaving for Peru, I was given some advice from my mentor and Shamanic Healer. She said if it gets too intense, remember to say, “I am willing.”
At the time, I did not even realize the value in this advice. You see, if you resist what Ayahuasca is trying to show you, it can get ugly real quick. If you do not trust her or fully respect her, she has a way of demanding that you do. It will bring you to your knees in reverence when you fully see the power of the plant medicine. I have met no greater Teacher this far. There seems to be nothing hidden, forward and backward in time.
With that said, I would highly recommend this be your first choice of tools when meeting the Mother of Teachers. She will be the most beautiful being you have never imagined of if shown the much-deserved honor, respect, and trust. She can also be the epitome of your worst nightmare if you choose to control, mistrust, calculate, or command your experience.
She will wait and let you choose but you will be accountable for the choice you make in every second of the journey. “I am willing and I trust you, Ayahuasca.”  These can be your most essential keys to the unbelievably magical aspects of Ayahuasca if you choose. I have never known anything like it. I am convinced that English was not meant to describe such an experience because our language cannot contain the essence of Universal Knowledge.
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Initiation Rites of the Ancestors- Answering the Call

Ayahuasca - 4th Ayahuasca Ceremony - Misha Almira

Answering the Call

I believe there is reason you are here, reading this right now. There is an increase in the amount of people that are being called to this path. Warriors of Light are feeling an inner yearning to reconnect. It is a deep echo of where we came from and how our new existence will be. There are many of us that have contracted to be a representative of our lineage to assist in activating codes of light for others.

You know if you are one of these because the call is strong and you may have felt guided your whole life by this inner beckoning. The how is not as significant as the knowing of when. As a representative, you will have a tribe of individuals to assist. Your part is to activate the remembering inside them at precisely the right moment.

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Beauty Fades

Beauty Fades
Beauty Fades

Beauty fades…or does it? Who told us this and when did we start believing it? I think of Meryl Streep and wonder what is it about her that is so beautiful? Diane Keaton is another one that just radiates that certain something.  I can watch them all day and remain captivated.  What is it about them?  I narrowed it down to one word. Elegance.

How do we embrace elegance? I am sure there are many answers to this, but this is what I know to be true. I have noticed one common denominator  in regular meditators.  After teaching many weekend workshops, I became accustomed to watching people blossom between Friday to Sunday. They would settle into themselves, while their skin became more supple and their eyes lit up with innocence. They were more eloquent and elegant. When they spoke, it was with clarity and purpose, as opposed to random rambling, just to fill the space. They became like the still warrior…sure of imminent victory.  Most of all, they became authentically themselves.

Meditation started as a practice to relieve stress, but quickly morphed into a miracle drug. It became more than just something hippies did. It did not turn individuals into robots or cult members. It brought out the best parts of them and amplified their strengths. I would watch years of aging fall away over just a couple of days. It was unbelievable and life altering, to witness such transformation. That is when I realized true beauty is always inside of us, waiting to come out. True innate elegance is everyone’s nature.  Beauty may often look like something we lose, but I saw transformation in all age groups. it became predictable. It became the new normal. Mediocrity and our ideas of aging became the new lie…

Accept a new story now.

For simple meditation exercises go here

The Feminine in All of Us

To love without condition, for no reason at all, this is what the Feminine is bringing to this Earth. Freedom is already inside of us.

The Feminine is within all of us. It has been silent and timid, waiting for this time to awaken fully. 



You do not have to be good.

You do not have to walk on your knees

For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.

You only have to let the soft animal of your body

love what it loves.

Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.

Meanwhile the world goes on.

Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain

are moving across the landscapes,

over the prairies and the deep trees,

the mountains and the rivers.

Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,

are heading home again.

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —

over and over announcing your place

in the family of things.

-Mary Oliver


Her mind
is virtue,
perfected. Her body is wisdom, perfected. Her face
bathed in holy light; She is compassion itself. 
Chinese sutra to
Kuan Yin

Thunder, Perfect


For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am strength and I am fear.
I am war and I am peace. 

In 1945, fifty-three ancient manuscripts were unearthed in Egypt at the
site of a second-century monastery. 
They contained this wonderful poem, written in the voice of
Feminine Divine.

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself. To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. ~Kahlil

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