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Sexism At My Job: How Spirituality Taught Me a Huge Lesson

Sexism At My Job: How Spirituality Taught Me a Huge Lesson

Sexism At My Job: How Spirituality Taught Me a Huge Lesson

Sexism is especially obvious in some cultures and even in our Western culture which has been recently highlighted by the Trump saga.

For me, it has never felt this personal, until now.

I am becoming painfully aware that I have led a pretty sheltered life in this area which has left me comfortably removed from it.

Recently, I have been working in a restaurant that is a predominantly male staff.

It has become evident that the males are valued automatically just for being male.

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Learning to Love the Grotesque, Gnarly & Gruesome In Ourselves

Learning to Love the Grotesque, Gnarly, and Gruesome in Ourselves

Learning to Love the Grotesque, Gnarly & Gruesome in Ourselves

To become whole, and truly love others, it is essential to accept all of ourselves which includes the beautiful and ugly parts.

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6 Steps to Activate the Feminine

6 Steps to Activating the Feminine - Misha Almira

6 Steps to Activate the Feminine

Recalling Who We Are

This is a time of reawakening of the Feminine Energy on Earth. It is not a battle of sexes where the feminine rises to dominate over the masculine.

It is a time of balance that is happening within each one of us, including men.

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Becoming Gaia Part II – Putting the Feminine Under

Gaia II- Misha Almira

Becoming Gaia Part II- Putting the Feminine Under

For a long time, women have starved themselves, worn uncomfortable clothing, and changed their personalities in order to be more pleasing.

Many were forced into submission over time. Many are filled with fear of abandonment.

The question I asked myself a little more deeply is why?

Did it come from a negligent father or was it from before that? Was this a collective decision that we were coerced into following?

At some point, men decided they were not going to settle for less than what they deemed as perfect.

They wanted to touch soft skin, see a lady in heels, tight clothing, and corsets. They decided a small waist and big breasts were the current definition of what was attractive.

Then, they decided small breasts and skinny bodies were appealing. Then, it changed again. Perhaps it was Playboy and all the media that started the ball rolling.

All I know is they decided what was appealing and stopped pursuing any women that did not meet their standards so women were left with no choice but to conform. At least, this was the story many of us have believed.

As a result, we spend a lot of money getting hair ripped out of our body on all the sensitive spots, hours getting our hair colored, straightened, curled, lengthened, and if they only saw us getting into our spanx!

Yet, I see short, hairy, bald, potbellied, men with gorgeous women on a daily basis.

Today, we are inundated with information about how we have to be in order to attract a mate and yet they continue to have a wandering eye and justify it as something that is out of their control.

They say, “all men look, that is just the way we are” and “every man watches porn and fantasizes about other women, that is just a man.”

We are expected to accept this. Yet, what if we had accepted our worth and replied years ago, “women are curvy, and prefer wearing flats and want a lot of lovers, that is just a woman.” and “we need a group of lovers to satisfy our needs, do not expect more from a woman.”

What if they were forced to accept a woman as she is, in order to attract a mate?

What if rough-disconnected-10-minute-porn sex was replaced with sensual-multi-orgasmic-full-body-mind-blowing pleasure for the woman first sex?

What if they had to change their behaviors to focus on one woman’s needs because this is what we demanded?

What if we decided we were worth this and if they did not agree we would just bring in another man that would?

What if we decided war was not needed and demanded more effective coping skills?

What if we decided to stop settling for less and they were forced to evolve and change to match our new standards?

What if we demanded a higher standard in ourselves as women and the outdated patriarchal society had to line up with the new paradigm?

Good old supply and demand.

Only this time, it would be our choice? It is not about role reversal but about honoring our true needs.

It is about us being honest and living authentically which will bring much-needed balance between the masculine/feminine dynamic.

Up to this point, it has been easier to deny these needs than risk being beaten or killed for demonstrating our personal power.

This is why it is easy for us to laugh this off as ridiculous. Afterall, we like rough sex, right?

We like being a doormat for our men and we like making sure their needs are met, while secretly feeling unfulfilled on so many levels.

We don’t need to ask for more because we are happy. Right? Maybe we are so accustomed to ignoring our needs we are not even aware of needing more.

It might just be a faint whisper deep inside or a subtle tugging at our spirit.

We might experience it as a mild disconnection but nothing we can’t learn to live without.

We have lost touch with our true selves.

The Worship & Fall of the Goddess

This has been programmed into our genes for many lifetimes. Until about 8000 BCE, our ancestors organized themselves into hunter-gatherer societies.

The female life-giving principle was at this time considered divine and a great mystery. Some Goddess statues still survive from this era.

The feminine aspect was worshiped and held in high esteem and even feared for her creative powers. Wisdom and creativity of the Goddess was revered and held with utmost respect.

Nature was considered sacred and closely connected with the feminine.

The suppression of Goddess worship is said to have started in Western Europe a few thousand years BCE, when the Indo-Europeans invaded Europe from the East.

They began introducing certain “refinements” of modern civilization: the horse, war, belief in male Gods, exploitation of nature, knowledge of the male role in procreation, etc.

Then, Goddess worship was gradually combined with worship of male Gods. Over time, the female principle of religion was driven out and women were considered inferior to men.

The Priest, King, God & Father replaced the Priestess, Queen, Goddess & Mother.

Eventually leading to the lowest point for women in the Middle Ages, when thousands of accused female witches were hanged, burned, or both.

It is really no wonder why many of us are deeply afraid of asking for what we want or standing in our own power.

I have actually had meditations where I relived a hanging and could feel my neck breaking. For years, I suffered from a consistent lump in my throat, afraid to speak my truth.

The words would just not come out. They would gather in my throat and torment me. Through journeying and bringing missing soul parts back, I was able to free the blocked energy and fear.

It feels so freeing to be able to speak now and to feel safe being seen by others.

For a long time, I feared being killed if I fully stepped in my power as I suspect many of us do. It was more of a subconscious fear but it kept me lock in an internal prison of submission for as long as I chose fear.

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Becoming Gaia – ReBalancing the Feminine

Becoming Gaia Part I - Misha Almira

Becoming Gaia – ReBalancing the Feminine

Show me your worst, the Earth said to the storm, and I will blossom -Unknown Click To Tweet

Butterfly & The Cocoon

When a caterpillar comes out of the egg it is extremely hungry and eats nonstop, shedding it’s skin several times to compensate for it’s increasingly larger body size.

Then, one day it stops for a rest and begins creating a silky cocoon or molting into a shiny chrysalis.

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When Did Abusive Sex Become Hot?

When Did Abusive Sex Become Hot?

Let’s talk about sex. I am among the many women guilty of thinking that Christian Grey is sexy as hell, but why? When did I start thinking whips and chains were a turn on? I don’t even find that kind of sex arousing. How did I go from beautiful conscious love making with very evolved men to fantasies of spanking? It is interesting how when my self-esteem started taking a nose dive so did my standard of good sex. When I was too afraid to ask for what I wanted, I started settling for what I got. Then, I started believing I enjoyed it.
I asked myself what was so sexy about Christian Grey. This is what I discovered.
He is sure of himself
He is mysterious
He is passionate
He takes his time
He communicates his needs
He is vulnerable
He is warrior like
He knows who he is
He is sensual
He is strong
He does not apologize for what his desires
So if I take the abusive qualities out of the picture, these are qualities I desire. It is not the way he likes to have sex.
I can even take it a level further. These are the qualities I want to bring out in myself.  As women, we do not always feel comfortable being the huntress, the seductress, and the one that is in charge. Some of us have tried to embrace this part of us only to find we are left alone. We have let the warrior come out and scared the crap out of the man in the bed with us. Then, we learn to quietly go back to our cage. We learn to be docile and tame again.
I realize I am not speaking for everyone because there are women that are very comfortable with the wilder and more dominant parts of themselves. However, I do want to address another aspect of this.
I believe our examples of power have either been powerful men or women emulating powerful men. In my experience when I have unleashed the huntress, it has been so overwhelming and aggressive it has taken the role of the masculine in the partner dynamic. Then the masculine either has to take the role of the feminine and submit or run, which is what happens a lot of the time.
When Did Abusive Sex Become Hot? Misha Almira
I have since realized there is another way. When the feminine is fully embraced, the shadow aspects (repressed parts of us), can be soft and hugely alluring. It does not need to be aggressive in a combative way but can still move like the enormous surge of a Tsunami.
It can have the power equal to the masculine but with a different flavor. It does no good at all for the feminine to mimic or even submit to the masculine. This only results in a lack of respect from both sides. The masculine craves a fully balanced and empowered feminine energy. The problem has been that we have been following the lead of the masculine to find ourselves and looking in the wrong place entirely.
The ironic part is that we have done this by the forceful hand of the masculine which has no clue how to show us our true feminine aspects. We must trust and allow these dormant pieces of ourselves to blossom from within.

A New Paradigm - Misha Almira

A New Paradigm

The time of letting men show us what our pleasure looks like is an outdated way. Our bodies are Divine and meant for hours of pleasure. Why would we continue to settle for a forceful and aggressive quickie when we are designed to have full body orgasms for hours? Why are we still asking them for permission and submitting to uncomfortable positions to make sure they enjoy it?
 Our female bodies respond best when they become soft and open. Shoving something into them with aggression only causes a hardness within our bodies and souls. It forces us into a masculine space instead of in a space of soft reception. Some women have even lost their ability to have orgasms as a result of years of forcing themselves away from their natural state of openness.
Your Need For Pleasure - Misha Almira

Your Need For Pleasure

How many full body orgasms have you had? When was the last time you had multiple orgasms for hours and felt completely satisfied? When was the last time you felt so cherished it brought you closer to Divinity/God/Higher Self?
It is time for us to start cherishing our bodies as more than just a vagina and tits. This may sound harsh but we have allowed magazines, porn, movies, and men to decide what is acceptable. We have followed their lead in deciding our own worth and we have put ourselves through hell trying to live up to these standards.
Please don’t get me wrong, I am not a feminist in the traditional sense and I am by no means a man hater. I have huge admiration for the masculine that is in balance.  More than ever I am learning to honor the masculine inside myself. Because of this, I am aware of the out of balance masculine and feminine energies that have become prevalent in our world.
It starts with us. As long as we keep following the lead of others, we will remain imprisoned in limitations. You may say, “well that is just the way men are” or “well it has always been this way and it will stay that way.” I say this is not true any longer.
You know those women that seem to have it all and yet they are not perfect models?  You try to figure out what they have that makes them so damned happy and successful and…
What is it about them? I know a few of these and have driven myself crazy asking this same question.
Let me ask you the more important question. Would you like to feel happy, cherished, sexier, more youthful, more empowered, more confident, or radiantly beautiful? You can. Stop and breathe this into your heart.  You can.
Would you like to drive men crazy with desire and have a line of men wishing to serve you? Would you like to feel more bliss and pleasure? You can. It is so simple. At first, I did not even believe it. I disregarded the advice for years. I ignored it, thinking it had to be hard. Some part of me felt like I needed to suffer first. Some part of me did not think I was worth it.
I even thought I loved myself but then my life kept showing me otherwise. It was easier to accept love that hurt than receive what I was worth. Then when I would get what I was worth, I  would find a way to sabotage it.
This perpetual loop of getting less than I was worth, left me constantly yearning for more. I wasn’t even sure what I was longing for.
The longing got so intense, that I finally made a change. It did not happen overnight, but it did change.
You can make the decision right now to stop settling for less than you are worth. You can start slowly, by making a list of how you want to feel.  Make your own list and write it down. You can start with things you wish your boyfriend or significant other would do for you.  I have given a few examples below.
I want to feel loved
I want to feel needed
I want to feel cherished
I want to feel worshiped
I want to feel young and sexy
I want to feel admired
I want to feel accomplished
Then, take your hands and place them over your heart while you change the statements. Take 3 deep breaths between each statement. Do this every day.
I love myself. I am loved.
I am needed.
I cherish myself. I am cherished
I worship myself. I am worshiped
I am young.
I am sexy.
I admire myself. I am admired.
I accomplish everything I set out to do. I am accomplished.
 As you practice this, you will become aware of your needs as they come up throughout your day. When you feel yourself getting frustrated, you can stop and ask yourself what it is that you need. Then, do this exercise. You will start to feel a shift inside yourself and in others around you. It will surprise you how effective this exercise can be.
As you get deeply in touch with your needs, you will begin to get more specific.  Allow your list to change as situations present themselves in your life.
I am honoring and enjoying my own body more than ever.  I am no longer willing to compromise in places that do not match with my ultimate worth. The most beautiful part is that as a result of my decision to practice this, my relationships have become more incredible and rich. My world is changing around me as a result of my dedication to filling my needs.
I began exploring sensual dance. Then, I decided to practice basic Tantra techniques which are amazingly more profound than I ever new. Even the most basic exercises can take your pleasure to a whole new level.
The more that we as women start to recognize our needs and our true worth, the more the world will line up with us. We get to decide what is beautiful through our innate Divinity.

How to Shed Our Old Skin Through Tears & Compassion

How to Shed Our Old Skin Through Tears & Compassion- How Porn led to Honor

How to Shed Our Old Skin Through Tears & Compassion  – How Porn Led to Honor

I saw a TED talk about the side effects of watching porn. This hit close to home because I’d had a couple of boyfriends that were addicted to porn. Once I went 6 months without sex, while in a relationship. He just wasn’t interested but masturbated all the time. Needless to say, this caused personal issues for me and a lot of doubt. I tried to make sense of it but always came up short with answers. I blamed myself and thought something was wrong with me for years as a result of it. Dance and sex had always been two places I could always let go and feel completely free.  I went from being very confident sexually to doubting everything.
When I saw this TED talk from a guy that had been addicted to porn, I was very curious.
He said he stopped watching porn for several reasons, but there was  one that really stood out for me. He said before porn, he would think about dialog with girls, caressing, and kissing. He would go through scenarios in his mind of what he would say and how she would respond. He was genuinely curious about her.
After porn, he would think about penetration and lost interest in the other aspects he previously entertained.  He pointed out how in porn scenes they don’t use their hands. It is all focused on the genitals, with the woman usually in a very uncomfortable position. He went on to say he noticed his urges progressing into more violent desires of dominating the female. He said he noticed it got into his mind and almost seemed to take over his thoughts.
I found this interesting especially because when this previous boyfriend would initiate sex, it was not about getting to know me but more about “getting off.” I often felt like he hadn’t even been there with me. There was little caressing, less kissing, and no genuine interest in what I liked. It was, “clothes off face down.” I accepted this because I was too uncomfortable to talk about my lack of satisfaction. I would casually mention Tantra, but that was shut down really quickly.
Porn Addiction - NothingTo Do With You - Misha Almira
When it occurred to me that we had gone 6 months without touching, I realized I did not even miss it…with him. I was young and had a healthy drive but really didn’t associate what we did with pleasure anymore. Any desire I did feel, I would suppress it immediately because it was usually around other men.
I knew my boyfriend had a porn addiction and I felt helpless to change it. I had accepted that he no longer desired me. I didn’t talk about it and just let a lot of assumptions fill my mind. I lost hope that it would ever change. He said he liked his freedom to do what he wanted. I just saw the relationship ending slowly. Eventually the lack of talking and connecting killed what we once had.
So, when I saw this man courageously standing up and talking about his addiction to porn so openly, I had so much admiration for him. I also immediately felt triggered. All these old emotions started surfacing. Those memories of that girl I once was, came to the forefront.
I was also strangely inspired and filled with hope. I started talking to my now boyfriend about it and getting more worked up. I talked about how I wanted the whole porn industry to be shut down and human trafficking to stop.
Before I knew it I was noticing how much this had opened my old wounds. I was stuck in blame. I was blaming men for being sleazy, and blaming women for perpetuating it. Then, I judged them for a while. I  started to notice how drained I was feeling by blaming my outside world and wanting it to change.
“Wow, where was this downward spiral coming from? Who was I being right now?”
I stopped and took in a deep breath. Then, I asked, “what am I feeling?” It hit me hard. I got in touch with the old anger, shame, sadness, betrayal, and feeling less than. I felt disrespected  and devalued. I let the emotions wash through me and I cried. I cried tears of remorse from all the loss I felt. I cried for all the needs I had that were ignored and neglected… by me.
“Wait, by me?” “What?”
Through the tears, I came to see how I had turned my back on me. I cried for denying myself true fulfillment. Then, I cried tears of compassion for myself, for other women, for innocent children, and for men. I cried tears of forgiveness.
I asked myself, “what do I need to feel honored, cherished, respected, and seen for more than just being a female body.”
A big sigh came as I cried more tears of compassion.
I heard, “give to yourself…honor yourself.”
I made the decision to honor myself. I questioned what that looked like but  made this my new intention. I realized the only power I had was to make a change in my perspective. I recorded the video below to share my experience after making this decision.


We get to honor ourselves and when we do, others will follow our lead. It is time for us as women to cherish our bodies, our minds, our souls. We are temples of the Divine, only we have forgotten. It is time to remember we are Goddesses in a body.

We are not here to lower ourselves to the needs of others. We are not here to mimic the masculine as our example of power. We are not opposing the masculine or in a power play with it. It is not a competition between us and them. That is an old paradigm.

We are here to remember our radiance and inner power. We are the examples of the Empowered Feminine.


Raise Your Standards

Trust Yourself

Know Who You Are