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How To Be Prosperous: A Different Approach

Wish you could have so much money, you don’t have to worry about it at all?
Ever met someone that just seemed at ease and carefree all the time? They are the ones that always offer to pick up the tab and don’t even blink an eye about it?

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Can Meditation Make You a Confident Person?


Can Meditation Make You a Confident Person?

Meditation is a way to create more calm, connect to spirit, quiet the mind, increase brain productivity, and release stress.  But there is another benefit that is often overlooked.

Regular daily meditation can increase self-confidence.

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My 90 Day Preparation Plan for Ayahausca

My 90 Day Preparation for Ayahuasca - Misha Almira

My 90 Day Preparation Plan for Ayahausca

I am going to Peru in May to participate in 4 more Ayahuasca Ceremonies. I have started working on my intentions.

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9 Benefits of Meditation for Inner Peace

9 Benefits of Meditation For Inner Peace- Misha Almira

9 Benefits of Meditation for Inner Peace: Keys to Living in Fulfillment

I started meditating with a guided audio on a cassette tape my friend sent me. When I was 19 I would listen to it before my acting or dance auditions and noticed a big difference in my performance. I skipped it once and could not get it right no matter what I tried.


That is when I decided to start meditating regularly. Four years later I received a book, First Thunder by MSI from my cousin that changed my life entirely. I started meditating 20 minutes in the morning,  and at night.

My productivity at work increased, which affected my income dramatically. I was in sales at the time, on straight commission, so if I didn’t close sales I didn’t get paid. I began meditating on my lunch break and noticed my sales doubling then tripling.

The only thing I did differently was meditating in the middle of my work day. It was unbelievable to see such a drastic increase but I continued the practice.

I loved it so much, I increased it until I was meditating 6 hours a day. I noticed my life going increasingly better in every area. I felt more calm, clear-headed, and kind.

It was turning into one miracle after another. Feeling lucky became normal. I was regularly at the right place at the right time and began to expect this as the new normal. It was impossible to deny the synchronicities surrounding me.

“In workshops that I have conducted, 89 percent of those who practiced mindfulness on a daily basis found themselves not only thinking more clearly but working more productively.”  – Lolly Daskal

The results I was seeing in my life caused me to want to meditate even more. I found out that the author of the book started a center for training teachers of the type of meditation. I applied immediately.

It felt like every cell in my body ignited with an inner fire and my heart sang. It was evident this was my next step.There was no doubt in my mind that I would be a teacher of meditation.

I found out the tuition amount and started planning a savings strategy. When I received a call from the center, they informed me of an assistance program. They had a certain number of assistants that helped run the establishment while the training was in process.

It was a two year volunteer program. I would not get paid but my room and board would be covered. At the end of the two years, my training would be paid for. They had a few openings available.

They needed kitchen and office staff. I had experience with both  so I decided to apply. After a month, I was accepted. My whole life was about to change. I ended up being with the organization for 8 years and teaching for 5.

I was amazed in every workshop at the predictability of the change in the participants. The first night everyone would gather in the room, full of stress. It was tangible as it filled the room as usual.

By the last day of the workshop there was a subtle glow in their complexions, smiles, warmth, and radiance. They appeared younger, more beautiful, and happier. Their speech took on an eloquence where awkward heady rambling had been 2 nights before. It continued to amaze me even though there was an obvious pattern.

I could no longer have any doubt about the results of deep meditation. It was obvious and consistent. When I talked to skeptical individuals, I felt extreme compassion for them. I wished for everyone to get the magnificent shift I’d experienced in myself and many others.

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