How to Handle Spirits When They Won’t Leave You Alone

How to Handle Spirits When They Won't Leave You Alone - Misha Almira

How to Handle Spirits When They Won’t Leave You Alone

When I was younger, I didn’t always make the connection that spirits weren’t living people.

I had a spirit friend named Wendy and she would do things with me like any normal friend.

I would get frustrated when my family members would try to sit on her or close the door before she made it through.

It was confusing to me when they didn’t pay attention.

The first time I truly became aware of non-living spirits was when my neighbor, Mrs. Loesch stood in my doorway smiling at me.

If I had not been told that she was dead, I would have thought she was just standing in my room to visit.

That was the moment I became aware of ghosts or apparitions.

I decided early on to shut off my sight for the sake of seeming like everyone else.

Although I don’t remember the exact moment I made this decision.

I remained sensitive and aware of energies but the sight didn’t return until years later when I started meditating.

Spirits have been a nuisance at times trying to force me to communicate with them when I really didn’t want to.

For years, I struggled with how to handle this. I’d choose to run away, but even that did not always help.

For those of us that are open, we can be like a beacon of light for the souls that are lost, trapped, or ill at ease.

They often will become desperate to communicate which does not make for the most polite interactions.

We have to remember that we have a say in how, when, or if we will communicate with them.

Here are a few ways I’ve learned to handle it when they won’t leave me alone.

1. Set Boundaries Choose How Much You Are Willing to Communicate

You get to decide what you are willing to do. If you want to help them, tell them you are willing but let them know your guidelines.

You can say they need to come to you at a certain time of day and let them know when you are done.

You can let know if it is okay to just show up or when it is not. You can ask them to only come to you in a certain room or place.

I didn’t even think I had choices like these so I let some spirits try to push me around or threaten me.

I learned to dismiss them if they made me uncomfortable.

2. Do Not React

If you do not want to interact with a spirit at all, don’t acknowledge them.

Ignore them completely. This may escalate their energy or they may go away. If they get aggravated and start trying to get your attention, you can firmly tell them to go.

I’ve had spirits slam doors, shut off the power and throw things.

When this happened, I simply told them I was not going to play and they needed to go.

Then others have just gone when I did not acknowledge them.

Do not let them scare you.

Try to stay nonreactive as much as possible.

It is not always easy but remember you have a choice. Just breathe stay grounded and speak firmly. Call in your angels if you need to.

3. Ask For What You Want

This did not even occur to me for a long time.

It  is an important choice especially when opening a dialogue with a desperate or frightened spirit.

You can ask them questions so you can know exactly what they are doing.

You can ask them to stop being hostile.

You can ask them to show themselves so you can see who you are communicating with.

You can ask them to stay in a certain area. You can ask for exactly what you want.

Remember that they may have been out of contact with others for a while.

This could be a scary step for them and they may need reassurance or guidance on how to do it.

They may not know where they are or what is happening.

Explain as much as possible to them and let them know what you want.

Spirits - Misha Almira

Spirits can be as varied as the people you know. Some are gentle, curious, and kind.

Others are angry and looking for a way out. Some may want to get a rise out of you.

Then there are some that are not even remotely interested in you.

I’ve experienced some that didn’t even seem to know I was there…perhaps on a different dimension.

If you are attracting spirits, you may have a gift of being able to channel them or guide them forward on their journey.

You can discover the reason and see what feels right for you.

What is your truth?

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Misha Almira

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12 thoughts on “How to Handle Spirits When They Won’t Leave You Alone”

  1. I need help. I am at war with never ending demonic spirits against me. Sometimes I win, sometimes I die. I know there is no way out for me. They will never stop trying to hurt me. But do you know how I can make it all go away?

    1. They feed on fear. When their supply is cut off, they are forced to go away. Focus only on love, compassion, and peace. Send this energy to them with your intention, but do not engage in any other way. I would also recommend listening to high vibration music to rise above the frequency that they resonate with. I have found to be very useful. Lastly, I worked with Ashera to remove any old contracts or curses. Here is her link:

      I hope this is helpful. It is never hopeless. We just learn to manage energy and to set our own energetic boundaries. Much Love to You!

  2. I played with a spirit box….. And got a response. I’ve always felt something with me, and it was confirmed I simply asked if anyone was there and recieved a response. I asked simple things like what color is the bottle I’m holding, how many fingers am I holding up for confirmation. Now the spirit won’t let me sleep at night. There are no noises, only feelings. Last night I got really cold, I could feel the spirit, I just didn’t give it the attention it was seeking. How can I get this to stop? Is there a way? Does this mean there is a God? So many questions. How can I find my spirit guide or guardian angel for some manner of protection? Please help, thank you.

    1. I can definitely relate to this. If you invited it in, it is probably wanting to communicate with you, which is the reason it will not leave you alone. You can tell it to go. Let it know that you are ONLY available to work with highly evolved beings that want the highest and best for you. Let it know, it must leave or join the light. Tell it those are the options. I’ve found it helps to be very clear and very specific about boundaries. If this does not help, I would work with a reputable Shaman to remove it. I can give you recommendations. I hope this was helpful. May you be surrounded with the highest level of love.

    2. I can definitely relate to this. If you invited it in, it is probably wanting to communicate with you, which is the reason it will not leave you alone. You can tell it to go. Let it know that you are ONLY available to work with highly evolved beings that want the highest and best for you. Let it know, it must leave or join the light. Tell it those are the options. I’ve found it helps to be very clear and very specific about boundaries. If this does not help, I would work with a reputable Shaman to remove it. I can give you recommendations.

  3. Please help. I’m at my wits’ end. I hear tapping noises at night. I feel like there’s something behind me, then in front of me, then at my side. My temperature seems to raise. I can’t tell if it’s angry, sad, or just wants my attention. I’m afraid to talk to it directly. I’m sitting on my couch right now, in a Skype call with my boyfriend (who is currently overseas so can’t be here to help) afraid to get up for fear of something happening. I just want whatever it is to go away, it doesn’t seem to want my help with anything, just to torment. I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Rozalyn,
      If it will not leave you alone by firmly telling it to go, I would suggest working with a Shamanic Healer. I can give you a couple that I have worked with personally. I currently have a waiting list if you’d like to work with me as well.

      Spirits can be very persistent, but there are ways to work with them so they will not torment you any longer. Often times, they just want to be seen and heard. However, there are others that just need to be released because it is not serving anyone by them staying in this realm of existence. I hope this has been helpful.

    1. Hi Betty! I am glad you reached out. I have seen this happen before. Spirits will continue to hang around and haunt a person for different reasons. I have seen some stay because they have a message, while others may feel confused and lost. They may just need to be released and freed. It can also happen that a curse or another type of attachment is involved. I have even seen ancestors attaching themselves to loved ones for the purpose of protection. In any case, there is nothing to fear.

      It may just be a case of needing the assistance of an experienced Energy Healer. I have personally had to seek the help of an energy healers to remove a particularly stubborn spirit that haunted me for months. It was a beautiful process and I felt considerably different after the removal. Please let me know if I can help.

  4. Hi Misha,

    I’ve had spirits try to communicate since I was a young girl living in New Orleans who played with too many ouija boards (never again).

    I am currently living alone as my husband is away for work … I got more and more scared something would start after he left. I was right. It taps the floor and scoots objects when I am trying to sleep at night. It gurgles and moves water up and down the pipes to make noises. Random areas are suddenly very cold, and my dogs notice something is up.

    I want to ask it what it wants and set conditions … I want to have a heart and communicate, but I do not like random objects moving and random noises! I have not been able to relax, I always feel watched! This is the first time it’s happened in my life when I live all alone.

    Do you have any suggestions? I am not in a place to want to use a spirit box or ouija board. Is there a less scary way to ask what it wants? Or am I better off asking it to go away?

    My past experience trying to do that at another home was bad. The spirit ramped up its attempts and I felt like I was going insane.

    Any help would be much appreciated … I just feel like a crazy person who hallucinates. No one has ever believed me about this, so I just stopped talking about it. I am young, only 24 and very sensitive in every way. I just want to stop being so scared.

    1. Hi Mandy,

      I’d like to start by saying, you are not alone and I believe you. The best thing is to not go into fear. Then, I might suggest trying to have a conversation with it. You can set boundaries. You can let it know that you are willing to listen, but you are not okay with it trying to scare you. If that is all it is interested in, then demand that it leaves. Let it know on no uncertain terms is it allowed to stay if it means to scare or harm you.

      Most of these spirits either want to communicate with you or want you to react in some way. You can let them know that you are making the rules and they can line up with that or you will have to ask them to leave.

      You can also call in allies of the highest light frequency that have your best interest at heart to deal with these stubborn spirits, if nothing else works. I hope this has been helpful. Keep in touch with me.

      1. Also, I wouldn’t recommend using Ouija boards because it is a portal for any spirit to come through and not all of them will be benevolent. Once invited in, they can wreak havoc.

        There are sometimes deeper causes for some to stick around but I deal with those in one on one energy healing sessions. They are usually attracted to something in the person they are haunting. Sometimes it can be because the person is perceptive enough to hear them. While other times it can be because they like to feed on fear. There are many reasons but these are the most common. I just wanted to mention this as well.

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