Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For 2018

Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For 2018Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For 2018 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats for 2018 - Misha Almira

Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For 2018

Where is the best place to go to experience Ayahuasca? That is what I was asking myself a year ago when I decided I wanted to go to Peru. Find out the best Ayahuasca retreat for you in 2018.

After a lot of research, I have come up the a top 5 list. I based it on overall integrity level, safety, quality of medicine, the experience of Shamans, and reviews from participants. I hope you find this helpful in making your decision.

1. Lotus Vine Journeys– Dive Deep in Loving Kindness

This retreat will take you deep into the Amazon Jungle, to a beautiful & exceptionally comfortable Jungle enclave to experience ancient shamanic customs, rituals and traditions.

This sacred retreat with a special focus on loving-kindness and compassion.

You will also take part in a very special 3 day plant dieta with the sacred tree, Palo Santo.

During these three days you will experience a silent meditation workshop, where you will practice skilfully guided meditations especially designed to allow you to connect further and deeper to the beautiful Palo Santo spirit.

Eight Ayahuasca ceremonies will be included on this retreat, for the deepest possible healing and transformation to take place.

Furthermore yoga lessons & classes will be offered throughout the retreat to relax and rejuvenate body & mind even further.

Groups are limited to 16 people to allow deep healing to safely & gently unfold.

2. Nihue Rao– Heal Body & Mind with Personalized Attention

Nihue Rao is a healing center, operating as a lodge in the Amazon rainforest, 90 minutes outside of Iquitos, Peru near the small village of Llanchama along the Nanay River.

Traditional medicine services include traditional healing diets, plant medicine, and traditional Shipibo ayahuasca ceremony.

They focus on treatment that is tailored to each individual’s personal needs, often including further treatment with another master plant. In traditional style, they stress a strict healing diet developed to promote the healing work of the curanderos and their medicinal plants.

Once on the diet the individual is invited to participate in ayahuasca ceremony for further ceremonial healing under the guidance of Ricardo and his assistants.

They offer ayahuasca ceremony four nights per week. After ayahuasca ceremony, with the exception of Friday, there is a group discussion led by Ricardo to review experiences in the ceremony and to review the progress of all of patients, students, and visitors.

In some cases, further treatment techniques are also indicated, including healing plant preparations for bathing and vapor treatment.

Traditional treatment requires time, visitors are encouraged to visit for one week or more. Group programs are often designed for 10 days or 2 weeks. More advanced treatment can take one or two months and sometimes longer.

For particular individuals, they also offer traditional diets for learning under the guidance of Ricardo.

3. Nimea Kaya– Awaken & Expand Consciousness

Nimea Kaya Healing Center is devoted to the collective healing of Mother Earth and humanity. In the Shipibo language, Nimea Kaya signifies Spirit of the Jungle.

The Center was founded in 2008 and moved to a new piece of land last year. It was formally known as the Tierra Vida Healing Center.

Their focus is in helping their guests awaken to their fullest potential by expanding their consciousness and healing their bodies, minds and spirits.

They offer ayahuasca ceremonies in a traditional jungle setting with local Shipibo curanderos along with other native plant medicines and herbal remedies for physical and spiritual awakening and healing.

They offer a series of four Ayahuasca ceremonies per retreat with a local Shipibo Shamans, also known as a Curandero or Ayahuasquero.

There are always four to six of our staff members in every ceremony helping the participants through their healing journeys with the sacred medicine.

They keep their groups to around 17 people to accommodate an intimate and personal setting during ceremony.

They also provide guided yoga and meditation sessions, floral plant baths, boat trip to Shipibo village, visionary painting workshop, ceremony integration circles, nature walks. Massage and additional healing therapies also offered.

4. Temple of the Way of Light– Intensive Healing

The Temple of the Way of Light – BENA CAYA AINBOBO (A New Feminine Spirit) is a Shipibo shamanic healing centre offering intensive ayahuasca retreats for the purpose of healing.

They work with Shipibo healers that are predominantly female with 20 – 30 years of working with ancient plant medicines. They focus on the ancient methods of the Shipibo tribe and make sure to have a high ratio of healers for each group.

There are normally 6- 7 healers for a group of 21 participants. It is a gentle, protected, safe space for deep healing. Their staff is hands on and supportive of each individual’s needs.

Their traditions assist people in improving health, re-awakening true purpose, and discovery of each individuals true nature.

A compassionate environment for deep healing work: Fundamental to our work is offering ceremonies within a safe, caring and loving environment within a container of integrity.

Due to the high amount of healers, each one is able to access their specialty in healing which includes a wide variety of ailments and diseases. There are normally 30 – 40 Icaros within each ceremony.

They provide 7 ceremonies within 12 days, providing profound and intense potential for permanant healing.

They also make sure the participants get the most out of their healing retreat by preparing them fully before they arrive.

They have a suggested dieta to follow and certain requirements that if met, will facilitate the individual in the the deepest and most effective healing possible.

With such high level of integrity amongst the staff, facilitators, and healers this was rated our top pick for absolute healing in the safest environment.

5.Spirit Vine Ayahuasca Retreat Center- Relax, Let Go & Enjoy

Offering 8 day and 9 day ayahuasca retreats are designed to give you a balanced experience. They have ayahuasca ceremonies every other night and in between there are activities to integrate your experiences and insights. There is also ample free time to reflect, to enjoy the beauty of the jungle, to visit the gorgeous beaches, and just to relax, let go, and enjoy the pure bliss of the moment.

The activities include workshops focused on spiritual development. The techniques covered in the workshops can be practiced even after the retreat to continue the journey of personal growth. Some of the topics include inner child integration, life progression, discovering the source of your blockages and the resources to overcome them. Another very important part of the retreat are the Yoga sessions in the morning which greatly enrich the ayahuasca experiences at night.

They have extensive experience integrating ayahuasca, psychology, shamanism, self development, modified states of consciousness, and various other modalities. They are present at all times and are dedicated in supporting you with loving care, attention, safety, and respect.


Now that you’ve seen the list, what is your top pick for the Best Ayahuasca Retreat for 2018?

Misha Almira

Thank you for reading. 

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Ayahuasca Retreats For 2018”

  1. Thanks for sharing this list. I went to a retreat in a very bad state last year and it was not the best. I was there for a month to deal with lifelong illness and some serious trauma and ended up retraumatised on many occasions at this badly run retreat… luckily in spite of this, the medicine helped me to a degree…life saving. However I’m ready to go again to get specific help for some specific issues…and to thrive… this list really really helps. Thanks

    1. Katy! I am so sorry you had this experience. I believe it is essential to feel safe and well guided at the retreats. I am certainly glad the medicine made up for it. I am truly grateful to be able to work with such powerful medicine teachers. I hope the next retreat is tremendously healing and enjoyable for you.

    1. Hi nish last year I went to a place called Gaia sagrada in Ecuador in the Andes and absolutely loved it. It changed life and would go back tomorrow if I could. Its a lot cheaper than some others other places and OK it’s not the Amazon jungle but its still a beautiful place . Its a great healing place , giving maximum time to each individual. Its maybe more westernized than a lot of these jungle retreats but it still stays true with the ancient tradition of the medicines , and the ceremonies and shamans are amazing. If your looking for a relaxed not a worry in the world place with an amazing medicine experience at an affordable price this is the place

      1. Thank you so much for this information, Adam! I have been curious about Ecuador. I have just not known anyone that had experience with any retreats there. I have been asked quite a bit about more affordable places that are trustworthy. I will look into this. It is wonderful to hear that you had an amazing medicine experience.

        In Oneness,

  2. Thanks misha ,, I’ve really enjoyed your site,,,,its helped me a lot, especially the stuff about integrating our experience . Yeah my medicine experience was truly amazing, surrounded by the most loving , warm, kind natured people . Its changed my life,,I don’t think things will ever be the same now, it’s helped me on so many levels. But the amount of change depends on me and no one else,, and I totally understand it involves hard work after the medicine’s .. So thank you to ayahuasca and San Pedro and everyone who gave me this opportunity.
    Thank you misha

    1. Wonderful, Adam! It is true about never being the same after. I believe we get lost soul pieces back that have left through trauma. The medicine works with us to heal all the parts so they can come back into wholeness. At least this has been my experience.

      I did not fully understand the value of integrating once I came home. Even though the facilitators stressed the importance of it, I didn’t fully get it for a few years. On my first retreat, I received a soul piece from my nine year old. It was a soul retrieval that happened naturally during a very powerful ceremony. Unfortunately, I did not know how to work with this piece when I got home. The word integration did not have a true meaning for me. I had to learn through experience and it wasn’t easy treading the waters on my own. I did finally reach out to a Shaman Healer that was able to help guide me through it.

      Since, I have learned to really connect with these parts that have come back. I’ve learned to simply check in with them daily and ask what they need. It is a different kind of self inquiry, but it has truly made a difference. It has been a new journey of honoring mySelf exactly as it is. Also, it is essential not to judge the process, as you know. When we judge what we are experiencing, it can halt the process of change and growth. I am reminded of the caterpillar. It is only after the disembodiment that it can truly transform into the beautiful butterfly.

      It is so exciting to hear about your journey. It sounds exquisite.

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