Work With Misha

Work With Misha Almira

Work With Misha

My name is Misha, and I’m here to reveal just how amazing life can be for you…

You may feel like you’ve tried everything and yet can’t seem to make a change. Let’s talk about maps. We all have a destiny and a map to get there.

Problem is, we can get knocked off track by traumatic events that put us on a whole different map and not even realize it. We feel like we are following the map, but not getting where we want to be. Sound familiar?

You are not alone. There are no challenges that happen to us without a chance to rise beyond where we have been bound in a limited paradigm.

Our stories, whether true or false, shape our lives. Often we are not even aware of the stories that are unconsciously running our lives for us

Meanwhile, you’re stuck and not sure how to get out.

This is where we can work together to uncover the old blueprint or map. We cannot get where we ultimately want to end up if we have a map leading us to another destination.

This work gives us a chance to change to a new one that is leading us back to your original Destiny. How good can your relationships, career, and life get? Let’s find out.

Work With Misha Almira

About Misha  

Misha became aware of her psychic abilities at a very early age and has worked since to refine her unique intuitiveness to connect to you personally and your energy with genuine care, and no judgment.

This is a sacred privilege that Misha would be grateful to provide.

When Misha attunes with her intuitive abilities, she can help you discern your best choices to achieve your goals and transform your life.

An Energy Medicine Practitioner, Empath, Intuitive, Energy Tracker and Healer.

She is a sensitive empathic soul that is able to deeply connect with the essence of a person and see what may be blocking them from moving forward on many levels by tracking your energy grid to see more clearly where you may have stuck energy keeping you out of harmonious manifestation of your deepest desires.  


Here’s how it works…

I work with you one-on-one via phone or in person to:

  • Identify areas of your life that may be keeping you stuck… 
  • Work with multiple levels, physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, and mental for a complete transformation approach.
  • Help you with clear techniques to attain instant manifestation.
  • Show you how to identify and let go of subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • Help you release toxic energy blocks in the system.
  • Help you become aware of old contracts and work with developing new ones.
  • Help you reignite your passion for life.
  • Show you how to tap into deeper wisdom.
  • Help you come into an authentic alignment with your destiny.
  • Help you create a simple daily plan to catapult you forward

Please Email: to book your appointment. 

Resetting Your Complete Well-Being Through Energy Healing For People & Animals

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