I help women alchemize their dark side to activate divine power by removing implant structures, blocks, and controlling forces.


About Me

Misha Almira: The Royal Starseed

She works with advanced souls in a process of reformulating reality around HEALTH, ENERGY, EMOTIONS, and UNIQUE PURPOSE, giving full permission to unleash their powers. This is a process of destroying old belief systems, breaking through karmic amnesia and learning to exist on an entirely new level, BEING Heaven on Earth. She works with Quantum Field Energy Medicine, Ancient Pranic Technology, & Channeled Cosmic Information to reprogram and rewire a completely new nervous system. 


Specializing in:

  • Destroying Limiting Systems, Structures, and Grids 
  • Nervous System Reprogramming
  • Cellular Repair
  • Accessing Med Bed Technology for Anti Aging & Optimum Healing
  • DNA Upgrades & Activations 
  • Abundance Breakthroughs

What makes Misha qualified to teach spirituality?

From a young age, Misha was clairvoyant, clairaudient and highly sensitive to unseen realms. She began having initiations through mystery illness starting at 9 months old.

A profound awakening at the age of 24 sent Misha into a rapid expansion of higher consciousness which took over 10 years to integrate. 

Misha’s spiritual path has been a journey of over 20 years, having worked with many different mentors, shamans and sacred plant teachers. She studied Andean shamanism at the Austin Shamanic Center, became a certified Breatharian Healer, and Quantum Healing. 

Misha was a meditation teacher at Society for Ascension, where she lived as a monk and taught internationally. Misha also worked as a professional psychic, and spiritual advisor for multiple organizations before founding her own.

Life is meant to be miraculous and magical. 

  • We are awakening photographic memory, using 100% capacity rather than 10% (the norm) 
  • Reverse your biological age 
  • Our true nature is to live as the Prophet or Psychic
  • Our ability to fly is real. 
  • We are made to live disease free and heal ourselves.
  • We are actually designed to live on Prana or Divine Nourishment.

(Food will ultimately be unnecessary. Our popular western diet of fast food, is keeping us sick and dying prematurely. As well as GMO and processed foods. Many Starseeds are here to break out of this system and pioneer the new living on light paradigm!)

I work with advanced spiritual individuals, Starseeds and Multi Dimensional Beings who are here to pioneer the new paradigm. Those who have been system destroyers their whole lives and know deep inside that superpowers are real. It is time to give yourself permission to BE your most mythical Self.


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