In this 6 week intensive, will be purifying and activating all 14 plexus, 12 strands of DNA, awakening 122 chakra centers, removing implants causing amnesia, as well as honing all 7 types of psychic skills. Tap into your superpowers like you’ve never imagined.

This is the VIP program to change your life as you step into the New Galactic Human. Become the Medicine Person, Manifestor, Alchemizer, Destroyer, Time Traveler, Healer, Ascended Master and Star Being.
If you have always dreamed of really doing what you love and serving others in the highest way, this is your next step. You will be amazed as you watch your life become miraculous and magical.

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Choose 1 of the following for this group of 4 sessions.

Psychic Skills Activation

Implant & Entity Removal

Limiting Blocks Blaster (Unblock your psychic powers, manifesting abilities, and true mission)

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Energy Clearing, Cord Cutting, & Limpia


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