10 Essential Lessons I Learned From Mentoring with a Shaman

10 Essential Lessons I Learned From Mentoring with a Shaman

10 Essential Lessons I Learned From Mentoring with a Shaman

I have mentored with a Shaman Healer for the last 4 years.

It has been a magical, surprising, and continually enlightening experience.

It was not always easy and often uncomfortable.

It has taken me into places I was not aware of. It has released me from an internal prison of old stories.

It has shown me that the world is full of wonder and beauty.

Looking back over the 4 years of training certain lessons stand out.Take Time & Space For HealingIt takes

1. Take Time & Space For Healing

It takes time to let go of old energy we’ve grown accustomed to holding on to.

It does not have to take a long time but our habits and ways of coping can often lock heavy energy deep in our bodies.

When we are ready, it can gently and easily be released for good.

When we are ready to let it go.

I am still learning to allow as much time as is needed in the process.

When I was writing about my beautiful spirit guide, Tink.

I had some grief and sadness rise to the surface. It was heavy energy over my heart.

I was planning to go for a run as the tears starting welling up. It was not a convenient time to cry and let it rip.

I just wanted to go for a run and enjoy the sunshine, but the tears came.

I stopped trying to be busy and just let them pour down my face.

There were a few thoughts of needing to wrap it up. I had to remind myself that I had time for this.

This was the most important priority right now.

It is so important to give space to our healing and make our hearts a priority.

This is not always important in our society so we get to make it important for ourselves.

As healers, it is essential. We are conduits of healing energy for others.

It is not our job to decide how long the healing will take.

We only allow the healing to take place allowing as much time and space as needed.

If we rush the process, the healing may not get to the source or origin of the issue.

This is where permanent healing occurs so we must allow it to work until it is complete.

2. Hold Space For Yourself & Others

When we learn to be a conduit for energy we can naturally be nonreactive if a client becomes defensive or blaming.

We are not there to fix, change, alter or manipulate anything. We are simply holding a space for healing to occur.

We must hold a healing space so energy can just move and release.

There may be times when anger or strong emotions are directed at us.

I remember becoming very angry at a Shaman when heavy energy was moving out of my body.

It was evident the Shaman had only my best interest at heart and yet the anger was so intense, the first reaction I had was to lash out.

3. Trust the Process

The best thing we can do is stay out of doubt. One thought of doubt can stop the flow and we get in our own way.

Know that you are not in charge. You are not the one doing the healing.

Stop trying to take credit. This was a big one for me. The ego loves to take credit and place blame.

I had to realize that I was not responsible and I was not in charge.

Just trust that the process has nothing to do with you and you will experience a lot more happiness.

4. Seek Out Humility

One of the biggest lessons I have learned over and over again is to find humility.

We often put up a fight before we learn to let go and surrender.

It is in that moment of complete surrender that we meet humility.

We are open to receive because we have let go of our stubbornness, what we think we know, power, illusion, and our old stories.

It is the only space that allows us to receive new knowledge.

If we are continually seeking humility, we will remain open to more grace, beauty, knowledge, and divine love.

5. Open to Magic

When I would doubt what I was experiencing by trying to make logical sense of it, the doors of mythical magic would slowly begin closing.

I could experience as much magic as I believed in. This was a lesson shown to me on a regular basis.

When I would stay open and believe anything was possible, a whole new realm of reality would reveal itself to me.

I had heard stories of the Shamans dreaming reality into being and wanted to taste that.

I wanted more than what this life had to offer.

When I allowed myself to really tap into imagining…magic happened.

Then, I would try to make sense of it and it would stop.

We all have been programmed to believe only what we see and to be realistic.

This is exactly what is limiting us from living a completely enchanted existence.

Make the choice to stay open to magic and miracles. See what happens.

6. Expect the Best Outcome

Ask yourself, “in a perfect world where all of my needs are met, what would I like to see happen today?”

You can apply this question to almost anything you feel should be different.

Working with the Shaman, I would often receive exactly what I put into the work.

If I was half-assed, my mentor seemed half in it.

If I expected profound shifts, I got a mind altering transformation.

If I brought a childlike innocence, the Shaman was complete magic.

After a while, I caught on so I just started expecting the best scenario I could imagine and was always surprised with more.

7. The Teaching Always Meets Me Where I Show Up


You cannot cheat anyone but yourself. This teaching gave me exactly what I needed no matter what space I was in.

Even when I felt like I was hiding, it was still working inside of me. It would just meet me in a flower or a sunbeam.

It would meet me with gentleness when I was feeling tender or intensity when I was feeling bold.

It found me when I was fragile, stubborn, or confident.

It was the shapeshifter dancing through my reality with a constant reminder of my connection with Great Spirit.

8. Be willing to be uncomfortable

The client may feel some discomfort but our role is to allow the healing that is often right on the other side of the uncomfortable emotions.
We must first by being willing to be uncomfortable within ourselves.
Be willing to face the fear, feel the feelings and they will pass.

9. Get Out of the Way

If we are getting out of the way, the healing energy knows where to go.
We have to be willing to let it flow until it is complete.
This can be a challenge when we are in a session and we know we have an hour to do it in.
 We can trust that there will be enough time for exactly the level of healing that is necessary.
We also have to be willing to push the client a little when they have resistance to going deeper or to pull back when they are really not ready.
It is only by getting out of the way, that we can know what is being called for.

10. Know That There is Always More to Learn

There were many times I thought about the date of my graduation as the day, I would have the secrets to the art of Shamanism.


Each time I felt like I was making progress, a whole new level opened to reveal itself. Then, it would happen again. Then. Again.

There will always be more.

Existence is made up of mystery that never ceases to duplicate itself in even more subtle levels.

The next mystery is only revealed when we have the heart to see it.

It is a multidimensional game of discovery that we can never master.

It is just waiting for us to be ready…then we are shown more.

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