10 Ways to Find Out if You’re Suffering From Soul Loss


10 Ways to Find Out if You’re Suffering From Soul Loss

Do you ever feel like something is missing?

Have you found yourself longing to get back to the person you once were?

Does it seem like you just can’t love with your whole heart?

It is possible to lose parts of our souls in times of trauma, or stress. It can happen while we are in the womb, in childhood, or later in our adult lives.

The symptoms are easy to miss and can leave us feeling like there is just something permanently flawed in our make-up.

It can be devastating if we do not know what is actually happening. It can lead to ptsd, anxiety, and depression.

It can disrupt our professional lives and the lives of those around us.

Although, it is quite common, it is not something that is regularly talked about.

As a result, many individuals are left to suffer in silence due to a lack of having a full understanding of what has happened to cause all of the feelings they are having.

Many people turn to Doctors to help them and end up taking medication that only masks the warning signs which just perpetuates the problem.

I was one of these people. I was first put on antidepressants at the age of 18 not knowing any better at the time.

I had no way of knowing that soul loss was what I was suffering from.

I didn’t know it even existed and no one was talking about it at least not to me.

Now that the soul parts have come back, I can see it with full clarity.

I don’t regret what I went through and all the life experience that led me to this point.

It has gifted me with compassion I don’t think I would have been able to grasp without it.

I only wish to share the knowledge that I now have and to shed light into an area that is not often recognized.

Signs of Soul Loss

1. You frequently feel out of it, floaty, out of your body, or daydream a lot.

Daydreaming can take us out of our bodies and it feels good. It can also be a symptom of not fully inhabiting your body or soul loss.

When parts of myself started coming back, I automatically stopped daydreaming as much. I also noticed less clumsy accidents which can be indicators that you are not fully in your body.

2. You have recurring dreams or nightmares

Before doing soul retrieval work, I had recurring dreams and nightmares for years. I would have dreams about flying or forgetting my lines before going on stage. I would also have nightmares of being hunted.

These all stopped when the soul parts came back.

3. You have experienced the loss of a child (in utero or in flesh)

Many parents that have lost children find it impossible to get back to “normal.” Often marriages will end and the person will just feel like an empty shell of who they once were.

There is truth to this when it is caused by a part of their soul leaving.

4. You have suffered the loss of someone close to you (in death or breakup)

This is an area that many people can relate to. I hear, “I just never got myself back after the death of…” or “a part of me died when he left me.”

I experienced this myself after a breakup. It was hard for me to love and felt like a piece of my heart was just gone.

This is actually a common statement and so often a very clear sign that a soul part is lost.

5. You feel a lack of excitement towards the things you used to enjoy

If you suddenly lose interest in what you’ve enjoyed in life, it might be caused from soul loss. Look at any occurrences in your life that may have caused stress, strain or trauma right around the time of the change.

Look at any occurrences in your life that may have caused stress, strain or trauma right around the time of the change.

6. You have been verbally or physically abused

This is a big one. When trauma happens parts of our soul may flee for safety.

If we feel constantly threatened it may go away for self-preservation.

It is a protection mechanism that happens without our knowledge.

When this happens it can leave us feeling empty, numb or disassociated with our body.

It is our way of handling extreme pain and self-soothing.

7. You frequently feel random waves of worthlessness or shame

This is a subtle symptom that comes up as an indicator but can be very confusing.

It can come up when we are with a loved one or in a seemingly happy situation.

It can seem misplaced but is coming up so we can see that we are not fully whole.

If our soul is not whole, we cannot fully love ourselves or others.

Our higher self wants us to know this so it will send signals to us in our happy moments to get our attention.

8. You look to others for approval and support with a tendency to second guess your decisions

If we find ourselves doubting our choices, abilities or our intelligence this could be a warning sign as well.

It can be in areas that we previously felt very confident and suddenly we are doubting everything.

Take a look at what happened right before this change occurred. Were you being put down by a loved one?

Were you overly stressed?

9. Feeling like your life has no purpose or even clear direction

A feeling of being lost goes hand and hand with soul loss. If we are not fully whole, we will not be able to feel clear about our path.

10. You feel like your creative talents that you once had are lost or cut off

There have been several times in my life when I experienced a complete creative block.

Looking back I could recognize that it was after experiencing a traumatic loss of abuse.

It can feel like you are no longer a creative person or that you’ve lost who you were around art.

This is different than a writer’s block or small creative block

Soul loss is not a permanent situation. We can learn to nurture the aspects of our soul that have gone away so they feel safe to come back. We can integrate these parts so we feel whole again.

It is such a relief to embrace the missing pieces of the soul again. It is like breathing fresh air after being underground for years.

It allows more capacity to love and receive love. It also opens us to more youth and the ability to create more enjoyable experiences in our lives.

It feels like being a child again with more innocence and wonder.

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Misha Almira

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