12 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

12 Signs of Spiritual Awakening - Misha Almira

12 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening can leave clues. We may notice certain aspects of our lives changing or perhaps our attitude about circumstances shifting.

Most of all, we may notice our perspective has changed around our fundamental beliefs. Who we thought we were may not be easily defined anymore.

Here are some signs that this may be due to awakening spiritually.

1. Smiling for no good reason

This one can catch you off guard. You will just notice a silly grin forming in the middle of traffic. You may notice others looking at you suspiciously before you realize you’ve had the biggest smile on your face for the last thirty minutes.

Simple moments will leave you giggling to yourself more often as well. You may even be accused of being in love…and you are, but it has nothing to do with one particular person.

2. Allowing others to have their experience

You will notice you no longer feel the need to “fix” other people.

There is just compassion and love in the place that onceĀ held the desire to change them.

You are perfectly content to let them have their experience even if you see them heading toward to a big hole. You see the perfection in all of

You see the perfection in all of creation and just cannot be bothered with any other view.

Maybe they will fall in the hole and maybe not. You see clearly that it is of no concern of yours. You are not in control and never have been and you feel at peace with that. You are just full.

You are not in control and never have been. You feel at peace with that now.

You are just full.

3. Frequent overwhelming feelings of love

You may get hit out of the blue with intense appreciation and feelings of love. Everywhere you turn, all you see if beauty…in everything! It is so incredible and leaves you feeling like you are in love with every blade of grass, twig on the tree, stranger walking by and all of existence.

You suddenly find yourself relating with the tree hugging hippies you once laughed about.

You suddenly find yourself relating with All that Is in a completely indescribable way. You feel wonderful and like you could burst in any moment.

4. Loss of interest in gossip or judging

You hear coworkers talking negatively about the boss and you feel bored. What once may have entertained your long drawn out work days is now of absolutely no interest to you. After all, you’d much rather go hug a tree!

5. Deeper connection with others & nature

Speaking of hugging trees. You find yourself being mesmerized with the songbird outside your window. The color of the flowers are so much more alive. You feel uplifted by the breeze across your face.

It is better than any alcohol or drug high. You are invigorated by the connectedness of nature all around you. You feel like a whole new world of magic has opened its door to you.

Spiritual Awakening - Misha Almira

6. Being more spontaneous

You may feel more drawn to doing something that is not on your To-Do list. When someone invites you to go to a park for lunch or join them for a Fire Dancing show, you surprise yourself by accepting.

Your world is opening to new adventures and you are saying “yes!” It makes more sense to you now to just Be and see what happens. You might also notice you are getting your work done easily and enjoying it.

There may be a playfulness in all you do and it reminds you of when you were a child. All of the world is a game and even the most tedious activities can be fun now.

7. Complete disinterest in conflict

You may notice the inability to take part in or even be around conflict. You just find yourself walking out of the room or changing the subject, even if the conflict is directed at you.

You just drop the ball and go do something more interesting.

This can be confusing for people that like to debate or keep the drama levels high. They will not know how to relate with you and this is an excellent stage of progress!

It becomes 2nd nature for you to just not bite anytime they throw you the hook. It can be such a free feeling. You may even realize how much unnecessary conflict was draining your energy.

8. Loss of interest in beating yourself up

It might start to feel better to be nice to yourself instead of constantly finding flaws to point out with your habitual thoughts.

Gentleness and kindness toward yourself may be your new preference. You will notice it just doesn’t feel natural to be harsh with yourself any longer.

9. Natural ability to love without any expectations

This one can surprise you. You may notice wanting to give to others and be anonymous. It gives you more pleasure to just give and you no longer concern yourself with getting back.

You may become aware all of the times you gave in the past with a secret agenda of wanting prestige, praise, or love in return. Now, it is natural and a desire to just give because you are so full already.

10. More enjoyment in the moment

The moment is truly timeless and infinite. When you sink fully into the present moment, it has a timeless quality of stretching on through Eternity.

If you remember being a young child, playing in the backyard for hours, you get a glimpse of this.

The Magnolia tree out back became a fortress full of fantastical magic. I’d forget all about the house that was 50 feet away or the cars in the driveway.

It was my new kingdom of possibilities and they were endless.

You may notice each moment becoming full and endless with possibility. Time may seem to stop entirely as you fully experience each individual moment.

This is when the wonder of life opens up and you truly begin to live!

11. Lack of need to interpret the actions of other people

You may notice the actions of other people are none of your business. Where you may have spent hours obsessively trying to understand how people could act the way they do, now you just find acceptance.

You are not only lacking judgment of them but you are happy to let them do their thing. You have more exciting things in your life and can’t wait to find more.

You now see where they are coming from and fully accept the perfection in it. You know that you are not their keeper and that your only job is YOU! It is so liberating.

I went to Peru last May and when I got back, I noticed not being the least bit concerned with the choice that others were making.

I just looked around and saw beauty in others. I could see them as powerful creators and that they knew exactly what they were doing on a higher level.

It freed me from feeling like I had to give advice or get involved in their business. All I had to do was Be me. They were not my job and never had been.

12. Inability to obsessively worry

The habit of worry can become something you once did. You may notice how exhausting it is and just stop. When you outgrow your old habits, they just fall away or become uninteresting to you. You may notice that your mind is still and the worry thoughts have been quieted.

When this happens, there is so much more space for creativity, genius mind, and inner wisdom to flow. The untapped potential opens to expansiveness and true self-awareness.

This is the deliciousness of truly being. Your life is starting right now.

The untapped potential opens to expansiveness and true self-awareness. This is the deliciousness of truly being. Your life is starting right now.

Your life is starting right now.

Being aware of these signs can continue to guide into a deeper opening and awareness. You can start to play with your intentions to focus in even more subtle levels.

Innocence can be the indicator of much more. As we dive more into Self, we become knowledgeable of the interconnectedness of All That Is.

At this level, it is absurd to ever harm any living being. We don’t have to be told about right or wrong. It is insignificant when we realize we are That and so is everything else that was ever created.


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