13 Signs You Are a Starseed

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are advanced souls who are on this planet in human form. However, their spirits come from other planets, universes, or galaxies. They have come to help shift this planet into a higher dimension and break out of the control of negative forces.

Starseeds have answered a call to come here as Galactic Liberators. They have come to pierce the veil of illusion and raise the planet out of the spiritual war it is currently in.

Psychic and Paranormal Gifts

I have not always thought of myself as a Starseed. I always knew I was different, but I never really felt like I didn’t fit in. I came into this world knowing how 3D works. 

I remember reading minds as a very young girl. I also remember speaking my language fluently to my mom, and being confused when she didn’t understand me. 

I thought she would already know my light language. It was frustrating and I remember when I decided to learn her language, so we could communicate.

When I started speaking, I did not speak one word at a time, but started speaking in full English sentences. My mom told me she was shocked by this, but it kind of made sense.

She said she could tell I was speaking more than just baby talk and that I would get really frustrated.

I also remember feeling limited by having to walk, instead of fly.

In addition, I could also make myself invisible. And, if I saw something that wasn’t working, I knew how to shift reality to change the outcome of the current story. 

It wasn’t until I was starting to go to school, that I realized not everyone did these things. This is when I began to use discernment. I could sense that they would feel uncomfortable with it. 

I was psychic for most of my younger years and would have visitations from other beings almost every night, until I went into the hospital and spent several weeks in a tent. 

I am not sure why this stopped the visitations, but that is the last time I remembered having them. I had several mystery illnesses, or initiations, which is common for Starseeds. 

In my twenties, I had an awakening and saw my galactic light body in a meditation. I cried because it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I had never heard of anything like this, but I knew it couldn’t be bad. 

Another time, I saw my face turn into a beautiful cat human and she was me. She/I was lovely beyond words, but it kind of scared me also. 

I had also noticed throughout the years, that my presence would cause awakenings in others and sometimes their powers would come onboard spontaneously. 

I even had people tell me that they felt like they needed me, because they noticed changes happening in my presence. I didn’t pay too much attention to this and would often shy away from the invitations.  

Toward the end of my Shamanic training, I started feeling sad and homesick. It wasn’t homesick for my earthly family. At the time, I didn’t understand what I was going through. My Teacher asked, “do you know why?” I didn’t. 

She said it was because I wasn’t from here. She went on to explain that I am from the stars. Something opened up inside me when she said this, and I began to cry. But, I still didn’t fully understand it.

What is Light Language

It was about this same time that I started feeling this other language inside me, pushing to be expressed. I only spoke English and I had no idea what was happening. 

All I knew is I had a burning desire to express this other language. It was becoming painful to hold it back, but I was scared of what would happen if I let it come. 

This went on for months. Finally, I mentioned it to my previous Shaman Mentor. She very casually said, “oh, your light language is wanting to come through.” 

I had never heard of such a thing, but it gave me such relief to know it was a thing and she knew about it. I began letting it come out in short sessions and it was a process of expansion and joy. 

Then, after an Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, I looked up at one particular star and I fell in love…a deep nostalgic love. I couldn’t look away. It was beckoning me and I understood. 

I continued communicating with this star, even when I came home. I just felt drawn to this one star in the Western sky. It felt like it was connected to me. 

Still, it wasn’t until this year that I decided to try on the title of Starseed. 

I had grown tired of labels and titles. There were too many, such as twin flames, indigos, rainbows, etc…so I had resistance at first. I felt like I didn’t need another label, but kept getting a strong message to explore it.

I decided to just try it on and see if it fit. The more I wear it, the more it fits. Of course, in the end, all roles and titles mean nothing and the real treasure is in the unknown, the mystery. 

BUT, there is power in embracing what we have repressed within us.

Signs You Are a Starseed:

  1. High Sensitivity – You are highly sensitive. You feel easily drained when you are in a place with a lot of people and intense stimuli. Shopping, clubs, or events. Sensitive to caffeine, stimulants and even dark chocolate. Can’t watch scary movies or video games. 
  2. Homesick -You feel homesick. You look at the stars and feel a longing, like this is not your true home. 
  3. Special Powers – You know you have powers that are more like superpowers. Some know they have powers that are dormant. Others might remember doing extraordinary miracles as a child, but stopped. 
  4. Not Belonging – Always felt like you didn’t belong. You find it difficult to fit into groups of people and often felt lonely at school and work. You probably had a few close friends that you vibed with and could be yourself with, but not one with hundreds of friendships. Many people were drawn to you, but you were very picky about who you spent your time with. 
  5. Harsh Reality – You find society hostile or harsh. You feel sad about how people treat the environment, animals or others and poverty. Not happy about the greedy and controlling leaders, dishonesty with the fear based media. 
  6. High Intelligence – You are intelligent, Most starseeds are usually smarter than the average human. However, this doesn’t always translate into good grades in school. Most starseeds did not enjoy school and are not big fans of Earth’s school systems. 
  7. Highly Intuitive – You are highly intuitive. You make decisions based on what your heart tells you rather than what your brain or logic tells you. 
  8. Wise Old Soul – You are a wise old soul. You always felt like you didn’t belong or couldn’t resonate with others who were your own age. This made you stand out as a kid and some are even bullied because of this.
  9. Mission – You feel like you have a big mission on this planet. You feel a responsibility that you came here to help others and specifically that you are here on a mission to help humanity.
  10. Spiritual – You are Spiritual AF. You believe in God and that we are all one, but don’t adhere to just one religion. You love talking about the supernatural and paranormal and keep people close who you can talk with these things with.
  11. Awakening – You have dong down the rabbit hole, resulting in an awakening, followed by a dark night of the soul. You may have even gone through several. You are more than your identity. You realize that you are an immortal being and you are here for a purpose. 
  12. Light Language – You may have a light language that has come through in the form of beautiful visions, sounds, or movement. You will often feel an intense desire to draw it, paint it, play it, sing it, speak it or move it. It is a pure expression of remembering that comes through as a stream of consciousness or art. The mind cannot make sense of it. It is vibratory and very powerful.
  13. Mystery Illness – Many starseeds will have illnesses or accidents that Doctors cannot understand. They may also have visitors from other planets. Normally this is due to karmic initiations or acclimating to a lower dimension. Starseeds often take on extra karma to be able to come here from a higher dimension. It helps them be able to exist in 3D. They also will go through a forgetting and take on amnesia, so they can fulfil their mission.

Now, it is a process of losing the discernment and owning All of the beauty, magic, and power of who we are, as starseeds. AND I mean all of it.  

Once I discovered I was a Starseed, I knew my mission was to help other Starseeds.

Come with me to wake up to your Cosmic nature and your true Starseed mission.

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