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Eagle: The Higher Perspective

We have been working with Shamanic archetypes by calling one in for each new moon or full moon phase. Last full moon I called in Eagle with a sacred fire.

Eagle represents piercing vision, uninterrupted connection with spirit, and clarity. Eagle/Condor comes to us from the East and is connected with the Mountains.

Eagle comes from the place of the rising sun and helps us rise above our normal perspective. Eagle connects us with spirit so our perception is no longer based in duality.

In embodying the perceptual state of Eagle/Condor, I imagine my wings are outstretched as I soar in complete freedom. I felt more space to allow myself to Be me.

Being connected with spirit, I could see the Divine reason in all that I did. Synchronicities surrounded me and Eagle showed me the perfection in the natural flow of creation.

I no longer felt the need to apologize for taking time for my healing but felt worthy of being seated exactly where I was. This allowed me to more fully receive love and honoring from others.

The perspective from high mountain tops can be a peaceful remembering of our essential essence. I urge you to connect with your own Eagle.

You can do this by simply having an intention and inviting Eagle into your life. Ask Eagle to teach you and show you a new perspective.

Establish this relationship as you would with a pet. Talk to Eagle and breath into your heart chakra. Let your mind imagine the Eagle in whatever way it shows itself to you.

You can even take the posture of Eagle to more fully embody it. Allow yourself to play.

Our next archetype will be Huascar Inka, Gatekeeper of the Underworld.

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Misha Almira

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