Top 3 Ways a Limpia Energy Healing Can Help Remove Spirit Attachments

Top 3 Ways a Limpia Energy Healing Can Help Remove Spirit Attachments

Energy medicine works on energy attachments because they can have such a big impact on health and wellbeing, for all levels of the self. The limpia is a type of energy healing ceremony practiced in different forms throughout Latin America. Limpias work to cleanse the patient’s energy field through several practices.

Limpia means clean or cleanse in Spanish. The healer aids in clearing energetic attachments that no longer serve, and replaces them with fresh and vibrant energy. Limpias help clear energy attachments by using several tools, including smoke, plant materials and essences, crystals, song and sacred sound, breath work, sacred art, and incantation and prayer. Here are a three main ways limpias help clear energy attachments.

1. Energy Resetting — Energy medicine pulls the luminous body into better alignment. Not only are old energies cleared, but the centers (such as chakras and nadis) are brought into stronger harmony with each other.

A harmonized luminous body naturally detaches unwanted energy more easily, and it makes it harder for new attachments to take hold. A thorough limpia assesses, clears, and refreshes each chakra one at a time.

This approach allows the healer to see the relationships between different parts of the luminous body, as well as highlight emotional and physical struggles that may be occurring.

This conscious naming helps to empower the patient in their own healing. In clearing the chakras, the central energetic channel receives better flow of life energy, strengthening the whole luminous body.

Ideally, the healer immediately transmutes the removed energies, blesses them, and returns them to the earth for recycling.

2. Cord Cutting — Energetic cords form between you and other people, animals, and even places. Some of these cords serve a purpose, but many do not. Unhealthy cords eat your energy, cause energetic leaks, and weaken your overall body. Many people are never aware that unhealthy cording is playing a role in their health.

The limpia’s use of flower waters, sacred smoke, and direct energy work help the healer cut unhealthy cords, allowing greater strength and energetic integrity to return to the body.

Some cords may need to be repeatedly cut over time. In this case, the success of the cord cutting may be supported through additional transformative practices, like shamanic storytelling or a fire ceremony.

During the limpia, the healer can attune to the space below the surface of the body to sever cords at the root, not simply at the surface of the body.

Using second sight, the healer identifies problem cords, identifies the tools matched to the task, and works the unwanted cord away from the body.

3. Stowaway Clearing — Removing spirit attachments and foreign entities is the limpia’s deepest magic. The luminous body picks up trace energies, leaked energies, and foreign entities. In some cases, these stowaways have been hidden in our energetic bodies since childhood.

This is particularly true of sensitive people who do not have proper shielding.

The healer identifies the dark spots and stagnant flows in the luminous body, and works with rattles, song, and breath to clear and remove those unwell energies.

During the limpia, the healer zeroes in on, and removes, the spirit attachments one by one. Many entities will leave easily, but some will require coaxing and consistent effort from the healer.

These efforts often look like prayers for specific support, applying flower and plant waters, the placement of crystals that magnify or draw out energies, and the ritual use of smoke such as copal, sweet grass, or palo santo.

The healer can use a rattle to help shake energies loose, and to gather the unwell energies away from the body for transmutation.

Limpias help your energy medicine practice by clearing attachments. The many tools of the limpia efficiently remove stagnant, foreign, and unwell energies that gather in your field.

The unblocked and cleansed energetic body resulting from a limpia releases attachments more easily, as well as better resists new unhealthy energies.

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