3 Steps to Meeting Your Guardian Angel for Guidance and Protection

Meeting Your Guardian Angel - Misha Almira

3 Steps to Meeting Your Guardian Angel for Guidance and Protection

Have you ever been filled with a profound feeling of peace?

Felt a loving presence next to you?

Heard the sound of wings?

Heard bells or music seemingly from nowhere?

What about smelling a fragrance accompanied by feeling like someone just walked into the room?

Ever heard a voice giving you a warning?

If you answered yes to any of these, its likely you were visited by an angel.

We all have angels that assist us whether we are aware of them or not.

They are spiritual beings and have not lived on Earth as humans.

They come from a higher dimension to be with us, guide us, and protect us.

My Story

I have felt the touch of an angel on many occasions.

They have guided me out of life-threatening situations, comforted me in losing a loved one and opened my heart to more love.

When I experienced being visited after my grandfather died, the presence filled the room and took my sadness away immediately.

The room filled with light and my heart felt the most profound peace I’ve ever known.

Another time, I was being attacked by a spirit entity and an angel filled the house. I could see light filling the air.

It was sparkling, mist. I felt the presence of a comforting, nurturing loving presence and smelled a soft aroma.

It was the most beautiful aroma…a cross between rose oil, lavender, and sandalwood.

I felt safe and protected.

There have been other stories but when I was visited, I knew it. There was no doubt or fear.

There are 3 types of angels; Guardian Angels, Angels, & Archangels.

Guardian Angels are with us from our birth and stay with us throughout our lives.

They will whisper messages to us and guide us on our path in life. They also protect us if we are in danger.

We can have more than one Guardian Angel and we can learn to cultivate a relationship with them.

There are also hosts of angels that are spirit beings and they are here to serve us when we ask.

They love to help us but they cannot interfere with our free will so we must ask.

Then there are Archangels. They are over the other angels and often help us in managing other angels.

They can be called on for bigger problems or as protectors.

Angels do not follow rules of time and space so they can help many beings simultaneously.

Today, we are going to meet one of our Guardian Angel.

Once we have established a strong connection with one, we can use the same steps to connect with another.

1. Call in the Angel

Sit comfortably and take a few deep breaths.

Imagine yourself surrounded by white light.

Start by saying the following silently or out loud.

“I ask for assistance to help me quiet my mind and raise my vibration in order to meet my highest and most loving guardian angel. Guardian angel please come in and connect with me now. Help me to open to your guidance and divine love.”

May this be in my highest good and the highest good of all angels that come in Divine Love.”

Now feel the connection with the light that surrounds you. Just relax and continue to breathe deeply.

2. Ask for Guidance

Imagine standing or sitting across from your angel.

Then ask, “Can you show yourself to me?” Close your eyes and just relax. You may see a vision or you may feel the presence.

You may also notice a change in temperature, a fragrance or a sensation in your body.

You may even hear music out of nowhere.

I often get a tingling sensation over my whole body.

Then ask, “Do you have a message for me?” Listen intently with an open heart.

Send them love. Thank them.

3. Receive & Ground

Now that you have met your guardian angel, let this new energy come down into your body.

Let the white loving light flow through the top of your head, down your spine and into the Earth’s core.

Let the light fill your body and flow down to anchor into the Earth. Feel your feet rooted into the Earth.

Let this new vibration become a part of you. Open your eyes and know this is done in the highest form of Divine Love.

You can revisit your guardian angel anytime you’d like. All you have to do is ask.

Your guardian angel has always been with you and now you have opened a deeper connection and communication.

Continue to open to this, nurture it, and deepen it.

You may start to have an ongoing dialogue or receive messages in your dreams.

To Read About Ways to Work With Angels Go Here

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Misha Almira

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Misha Almira Harris
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  1. Wow ! Simply just wow ! As I read this and quietly asked my Angel these humble requests a strong surge through my chest filled a strong tingling sensation. I filled with air (seemingly) but in retrospect it was love and peacefulness. I pictured in my mind, not on purpose though,it felt like the image of a ghostly image smiling warmly. I felt like I was hugged with wings wrapped around me. I cried but on auto pilot. The tears fell,but not sad ones. This lovely being smiled warmly. I felt loved. All this while in the back seat of our work truck. One image was one of them sitting next to me,looking and smiling,the next was when I turned to hug them we were standing in a dark cloudy area and they and the light were the centre piece. Wow,I’m still sobbing. Now I feel love,empathy and grief for this world and every living thing but at the same time it seems silly compared to the Divine inner deep love I felt and I’m buzzing with it. This may sound crazy but these thoughts barged into my mind,not created by any desire. Also the songs on the radio….Wow,this lovely being is still smiling,no teeth just a warm grin. Like when someone you love smiles at you because they love you and love being with you. Now I’m crying again with a choking throat. I believe they lead me to your post to feel this and know this. This feel infinitely beyond time, space religion and this earthly realm. I’m not crazy and have no doubt what so ever. Wow Misha,thank you x

    1. I just got chills reading this. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful experience, Nathan. May you have many more!

      1. Hi and thanks for replying Misha. I need to ask if this is what a typical contact sounds like? Or is it wishful thinking of my soul looking to be loved and reassured by my Angel ?
        The way I sobbed automatically and the overlay of,well her ,between my real vision and one in my mind of her sitting there beside me,grinning,although kind of faceless albeit. No real face definition, just a whitish grey in colour.( I’m Australian BTW hence my spelling)
        Then,like in those Angel portraits,standing on a small hill,yet dark smoky grey cloud surrounding us she stood there,3 times my size,I saw me running to her and hugged her.
        She smiled warmly,arms around her,her arms around me ,her wings wrapped around me.
        All in my mind. Then bam like that i m back in reality with tears rolling down my face.
        I’ve been told by 2 people of a presence around me over a span of 20 years between being told this. Name started with K.
        A YouTube bid on meditation to contact and know the name of your Angel had revealed the word ,name sorry,of Ki’ira.(pron Ki eera)
        Recently due to some personal grief and a custody battle with an abusive ex with more to come,I’ve been told there’s a black dot in the centre of me that’s growing, a spiritual one.
        I’m not religious. I have complete faith and trust in the Holy Spirit,God the Father,Lord Jesus,St Michael, my Angels and have been reading about the 9 choruses of Angels including the archangels and their names.
        I pray and ask them for help a lot!
        It wasn’t until yesterday that I experienced this event in detail and believe I was pointed your way.
        I also feel it stirred a hornets nest as far as the dark side is concerned.
        Being a fan of black metal music,it constantly plays songs in my head. But in third person I tell myself to stop. ?!!!
        I’m really hopeful you could clear up some things for me.
        If not,that’s OK my journey rolls on.
        I’m hopeful and really confused. Confident yet double guessing.
        Its 130am Thursday as I write to you. I woke up 2 hrs after I went to sleep like something compelled me or was stirred. I did read your article that mentioned night visitors.
        Is it a psychic invasion.?
        I’m kinda lost here
        Any help is appreciated .
        Love and Light

        1. Hi Nathan,
          This a very beautiful and real connection. It is okay to trust your intuition about this. I’ve had angels show up in different ways. One shows up with an incredible aroma. Then, there is a presence of love and acceptance. It is a relationship you are cultivating, keep calling on them and allowing the relationship to unfold.

          As far as the hornets nest, this is not uncommon. When we bring more light in, often what is out of balance will present itself. I think of it like a garden. We can have bright beautiful flowers and then we can also have weeds. These weeds will try to take over the nutrients in the soil and may try to choke the flowers. When we see the weeds, it is time to dig deep and find the roots. We do this to make more room for what we want in the garden. The more we do this, the less weeds we have and the more overall balance we can cultivate for exactly what we want to flourish.
          Almost every single time I’ve brought in a significant amount of light or raised my frequency, I become aware of what is out of balance, or dark/heavy energy. Normally, it is presenting itself so it can be released and healed.

          In other circumstances, dark influences that have been attracted to our energy and or feeding on us, can put up a fight when the fear is taken away. Dark energies feed on fear, guilt, anger, shame, and heavy emotions. They actually will try to get us to create some drama so they can feed on the energy. This is not anything to fear. It is just to be aware of so we stop feeding them. Then, they will go away. It is just like a stray animal. If we stop feeding them, they will find food somewhere else. Normally.

          I hope this has been helpful. I am here and feel free to email me anytime. If it feels like something that is too deep to access on your own, we can always go deeper in a personal healing session.

          I also will ask angels and guides to communicate with me through my dreams at night. This may be something you’d like to try as well. I look forward to hearing more stories.


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