Connect with your Cosmic Origins and Starseed Mission

Awaken your Divine Nature and the nourishment of the future.

This technology has been referred to as “The Food of the Gods.”

If you have to listen to another mundane conversation at work, or with your partner, you might lose it.

You know there has to be more…more meaningful conversations, relationships, and work.

You are exhausted from saying yes when you mean no.

You feel like royalty on the inside, but stay stuck and weary from living a life that doesn’t quite fit.

You feel bound by a reality that is too small for you.

You feel like you have settled, but you are restless.

You know you need to find your true purpose, but don’t see any examples big enough to match your vision.

Are you sick of playing small and READY TO ACTIVATE YOUR STARSEED POWERS?

Are you nodding your head with a resounding, “Yasss?!”

If so, this is for you.

I designed this program because I have lived a half life for too long, suffering from codependency, food addiction, and crippling depression. 

The solution to all of these was completely surprising.

Down below are some of the benefits of doing the 4 day Pranic Upgrade. 

I look forward to seeing your amazing transformation at the end of this journey. 

Here are the benefits you’ll receive by doing this course:

  • Relieve Social or General Anxiety
  • Activate Your Dormant Starseed Powers
  • Embody Your Galactic Nature
  • Dissolve Food Addiction
  • Radiate Inner Joy and Peace
  • Boost Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, & Claircognizance
  • Source From Infinite Energy
  • Release Toxic Emotions
  • Rewire Nervous System
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Reverse Disease
  • Dissolve Addictive Tendencies
  • Naturally Lose Unhealthy Food Cravings

Activate Your Starseed Mission NOW with 4 Day Pranic Upgrade $444

4 Day Pranic Upgrade


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Course Curriculum

Module One: Preparation for the Pranic Upgrade

For best results, the recommended preparation time is 1-2 weeks before beginning module two.

Module Two: Aligning the Body

In this module the focus is on clearing physical blockages, toxic energy, and old information that has been stored in the cells. The intention is to create a newer healthier body. You become your own Medicine Being, capable of healing yourself.

Module 3: Aligning Mind

In this module the focus is to clear out the mind chatter/monkey mind, to balance the hemispheres, and to clear limitations of the mind. The intention is to make room for genius mind and open psychic powers of infinite intelligence.

Module 4: Aligning Emotions

In this module the focus is clearing out old stagnant emotional blocks that may be causing us to act from trauma, rather than love. The intention is to clear out toxic emotions, and fear, making room for pure love.

Module 5: Aligning Spirit/Soul

In this module the focus is clearing any heavy or foreign energy that has collected in our energy body, due to trauma. The intention is to clear all energy we don’t need and allow our soul to unite with the soul of the universe, truly becoming infinite love, intelligence, abundance, and energy. The I AM.

Hi, I’m Misha Almira, Certified Breatharian Healer, & Starseed Activator Helping Starseeds Wake Up to Their Galactic Nature and Mission

There are billions of people who don’t know they are Starseeds, walking amongst us, who are yearning to activate their dormant powers. Are you ready to be a part of something bigger?

Activate Now with 4 Day Pranic Upgrade


4 Day Pranic Upgrade


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