4 Ways to Work With Benevolent Angels

4 Ways to Work With Benevolent Angels - Misha Almira

4 Ways to Work With Benevolent Angels

Invoking our angels can be a powerful spiritual practice that connects us more to the celestial realms.

This connection can grow exponentially and the only limit is our own capacity to meet them at their level.

Your angels are here to bring you into more beauty, grace, wisdom, and love.

The miracles they are capable of are far beyond what we can imagine and they have much to teach us.

They are just waiting for us to open more to their presence.

1. Ask For The Best Day Possible

You can call on your angels to help you have the best possible outcome in all situations in your day.

You can also ask for assistance in having only loving and compassionate thoughts.

I ask for help in elevating my vibration so it can be in the highest alignment with harmony and the Universe.

I also ask to be at the right place at the right time in perfect flow.

You can really have fun with this one. You may start noticing them playing with you too.

I will see signs throughout the day like little winks from God.

You may see 11:11 showing up consistently too.

Just know when you see these signs that you are so loved and supported, even when it might not feel like it.

2. Get Great Parking Spots

This is actually how I started working with angels. I was still slightly skeptical so I did this is a fun test.

Every time I’d go to the store, I’d ask for angels to help me get a good parking spot.

The whole parking lot would be full but when I’d get closer to the door, the closest parking spot would open up.

It happened so regularly that I could not doubt any longer that my angels were always with me.

3. Ask for Ease in Travel

I began asking for their assistance when I traveled and would see small miracles happening consistently.

Travel became fun instead of stressful when I would remember to ask.

I’d miraculously get bumped to first class, get in a row with all empty seats on a long flight.

I’d arrive right on time when I was certain I would miss my flight. It was fun to see the angels working.

4. Help Waking Up in the Morning

I found this by accident. I hated waking up with an alarm clock so I asked the angels to wake me naturally at a certain time.

I would just open my eyes and it would be the exact time I wanted. It was amazing! They helped me every time I asked. I stopped using an alarm.

Then, I tried something new. I had to work late one night and didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 am. I knew I had to get up at 6:00 am the next morning so I asked for help.

I usually need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to function at my best.

I did not want to work all day feeling foggy, and slow so I asked the angels to help me freeze time so I could wake up completely rested.

I wasn’t sure if this was something they could help me with but I set my intention to wake up feeling like I’d had 16 hours of sleep.

The next morning I felt like I was sleeping in…you know that feeling of having all the time to just lounge until you’re ready to get up.

I felt like that! I got up at 6:00am but felt like it was noon. I don’t know how they did it but it blew my mind.

Angels always answer our calls and they want to help us. They are here to guide us and love us. They know our intentions and desires before we even ask.

They love us unconditionally. They cannot help us if we don’t ask and no job is too small.

They want us to feel more love, joy and bliss in our lives.

They want us to raise our vibration so we can be more in alignment with them.

The more we align ourselves with gratitude, love, and compassion the more they can work with us in bigger ways.

We can only receive their gifts to the level that we are able to connect with them.

If our thoughts are predominantly in fear, it limits our capacity to receive the peace and love they are emitting.

When we invoke our angels we can ask for them to help us elevate our vibration to the highest level possible and this can grow.

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Misha Almira

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