5 Powerful Ways to Alchemize Negative Energy: Unleash Your Superpowers

Are You Still Holding Back?

You know you have some pretty stellar superpowers, but question if the world is ready. 

Many of us have a fear of being killed for shining too much light. 

Even though times are changing, this can still be a deep fear that holds us back. 

We may want to share with all our hearts, but still not be able to.

Why We Shut Down Our Gifts

I remember the first time I tried to show a friend how to stop time and the look on her face left me feeling ashamed of who I was. 

It was a strange feeling and I didn’t like it. 

If I didn’t like how reality was going, I could easily shift situations or people to change the timeline of events. 

Another time, I read a young boy’s mind and tried to warn others. He had hateful intentions and was about to throw a rock to hurt someone. Noone believed me and I ended up in the hospital with a bloody nose.

I could read minds, but it scared people, so I started shutting down. 

Many of us have done this and as a result, we have created karmic traces or blocks in our energy. This is the reason, we can’t easily access our powers now.

We know we have them, 

How do we access them?


How to Transmute Negative Energy Into Positive with Alchemy.

One – Dance or Sing

The San of Africa hold dancing ceremonies where they dance all night, for healing. It can be very powerful to just let go and dance. I like to set an intention to let go of any blocked energy. Then, you can turn on drumming music and just let your body move.

There is no right way to move. Just let your body guide you. You can also sing. I set an intention. Then, I will start toning a sound like, “Ahhh.”

You can let the voice guide you as well. Let whatever wants to come out, just flow. 

Two- Fire Ceremony

Open sacred space to create a sacred fire. Then, in a clean fire pit, place 2 sticks in the shape of a cross in the center of the pit. Add kindling, followed by smaller sticks, and build a teepee with medium sticks.

If you want a long burning fire, place several large logs around the medium sticks. Light the fire and let it build for a bit.

Connect with the fire, until you can feel it becoming calm or gentle. Then, grab 3 medium sticks. One is for Pachamama, one is for negative energy, and one is for what you want to call in.

Take the first stick and feel gratitude for all that is beautiful and good in nature and our planet. Blow that gratitude into the stick with 3 gentle breaths.

Then, place it in the fire. Take the second stick and feel the negative energy, emotions. Then, blow these into the stick. Place it in the fire.

You can also write out a rant of all the bad stuff in your mind. Wrap it around the stick and place it in the fire. Watch it burn up.

Then, take the third stick. Blow in your intentions of what you would like to call in. Example: “I am calling in clarity, strength, and valor.” or “Freedom to express all of my superpowers.” 

Three – Water Ceremony

Get a bowl full of water and some stones. Open sacred space. Then, take one stone at a time. Hold the stone as you get in touch with the emotion connected with the energy block.

Take your time, until you really feel it in your body. Then, blow that feeling into the stone, 3 times. Put it in the water. Repeat this as many times with as many stones as you need. You will feel the energy shift. 

Four – Breathwork

Take a few minutes to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, while seated in a chair. Then, gently move the spine by putting hands on your knees and undulating in a slow forward bend, rolling up to an erect seated position.

Exhale on the way down and inhale on the way up. Let the head be the last thing down and last thing up again. You can do this at a pace that feels best. It is just moving energy out by awakening the spine and breath. 

Five – Throw a Tantrum

I heard a story years ago about an indigenous tribe who would form a circle around someone who was tormented by anger, resentment, or negative emotions.

The person in the center had a certain amount of time to talk, yell, scream or basically throw a tantrum.

Then, when the time was done, everyone in the tribe would turn their backs. This was the closure or letting go of the process. It symbolized turning away and facing a new direction, or turning a new page.

Then, they would honor the person for their positive attributes, cultivating forgiveness. It can be very beneficial to rant for a certain period of time, even by yourself. IT can be especially empowering to not need anyone to hear it.

The focus is to just get it out. Then, turn your back on the space. Visualize it leaving. You can even imagine it in a pink bubble, floating out of the atmosphere for good.

At this time, you can begin looking at ways to move forward and praising all the good you’ve done.

It is powerful to set specific intentions that move into a positive direction. Example: “I will take a 10 minute walk every time I get triggered.” or “I will reach my goal of…” 

Do this until you feel the shift in your body. You can repeat this any time you become aware of stuck energy or resistance.


Toltec Exercise

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