6 Steps to Activate the Feminine

6 Steps to Activating the Feminine - Misha Almira

6 Steps to Activate the Feminine

Recalling Who We Are

This is a time of reawakening of the Feminine Energy on Earth. It is not a battle of sexes where the feminine rises to dominate over the masculine.

It is a time of balance that is happening within each one of us, including men.

Yes, the masculine has been dominant for a while and as a result, the feminine has forgotten how to be empowered.

It has been essentially asleep to aspects of its innate nature, taking on false roles in a sort of sleep walking phase.

Now certain codes of this dormancy are being reactivated causing a wave of new information to stir our intuitive senses. We are remembering but through a foggy haze.

We are still trying to remain in our habitual ways of being and yet our souls are nudging us to step into a much larger arena of what has been before.

It will be easier now to move more gracefully into our authentic feminine energy form. We are activating all of the dormant parts and we are channeling what is awakening in our DNA.

We do not have to be afraid any longer.

Bringing Back the Sacred

An essential step in this process is to honor our bodies as temples. We are bringing all of our sacred feminine energy back and grounding it into our center.

We are remembering to experience our bodies as places of devotion, honor, respect and sensitivity.

We are waking up to the fact that our body temples are full of much more than we have allowed. They are meant to inhabit magic, but we have been asleep to this.

This was the main reason that witches were feared. We are able to transform toxic harmful diseased energy with powerful healing abilities.

We are accessing untapped or repressed capacity for healing and much more. We are now activating our full potential that we as women have ignored for far too long.

By acknowledging our important and sacred needs, we are putting a stop to relinquishing our underlying wisdom that is essential for our evolution.

We are relearning to stand behind our own knowing, truth and inner self. We are remembering that we are our own self-advocate.

We are the Ones we have been seeking.

Remembering Who We Are - Misha Almira

Divine Feminine

What does the Empowered Divine Feminine look like?

In our modern world, there are not many true examples. There are female leaders that point in the direction of the Divine Feminine but few that actually embody the fully enlivened version.

The Divine Feminine is the living Goddess, the female aspect of God.

It is the embodiment of integrity of authenticity, and impeccability. It is soft, open, and honest.

Living in integrity is to come in alignment with this aspect.

It is to acknowledge our underlying needs, gifts, wisdom, and power. It is to recognize the qualities of the Divine Feminine.

It is to recognize the qualities of the Divine Feminine and embrace them, but not just in action.

It is coming into alignment so fully that our thoughts, feelings, desires, and actions are in harmony.

Aspects of Divine Feminine

  • Life
  • Renewal
  • Creation
  • Insight
  • Intuition
  • Forgiveness
  • Sensuality
  • Harmony
  • Connection with the Moon
  • Birth
  • Receptivity
  • Nurturing
  • Understanding
  • Wisdom

I want you to read this list again. Notice how you feel. Notice what arises. Do you feel uncomfortable?

Do you find yourself undervaluing this list right away? Do you feel relief, empowered, accepted? Just breathe and notice.

To come into alignment with Divine Feminine is to search for and connect with these aspects more regularly. Allow them to express themselves through you.

When we are competing in our daily lives, as so many of us women are, it is hard to cultivate open receptivity.

We are competing to be better in the workplace, at the gym, at raising our kids and even in our relationships.

Our health as women is actually closely tied to us allowing ourselves to come more fully into these aspects which we’ve suppressed.

It is essential that we allow these parts of our true selves to come back to us…to express themselves through us.

It is no longer important to look for an example of archetype of the Divine Feminine. We do not need to comform to an idea of what this should be.

What is important is to Be our authentic expression of the feminine. We each hold a crucial piece that is meant only to come through us.

Each woman is a Unique expression. Competition is pointless. It is going in the opposite direction of what is needed.

It is about reclaiming who we really are. Look for your own flavor of Divine Feminine. It will not look like anyone else.

We are shedding our skin, disintegrating our false selves, and redefining who we think we are. We are becoming who we really are.

Many of us have built identities around what we think the feminine should be, according to history, our parents, media, the opposite sex etc…

Others have built identities around fighting against what we think the feminine should be.

Neither of these represent who we really are. Neither allows us to be truly authentically us.

While we are busy fighting against expectations or embracing expectations, we are ignoring our true selves. We are not being true to our feelings related to our feminine identity.

Continue to cultivate all the aspects of the feminine and allow more peace to come in.

You are full of power and wisdom. It is your birthright to be true to exactly who you are without apologies.

You are worthy of absolute fulfillment, joy, and contentment.

You are the One you have been waiting for.

Misha Almira

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