A Simple Way to Work With Archangels

A Simple Way to Work With Archangels

I have worked with Archangels in the past but have been called more recently.

I call in Raphael in front of me, Gabriel behind me, Michael on my right, and Uriel on my left.

They will always come when you call, even if you are not aware. Just ask to be elevated to be able to meet them, see them, and work with them.

Be patient and knowing. Relax as much as you can. Trust that you are guided, protected and taken care of.

Each angel has a certain power they bring. If you work with them specifically, they will be able to assist you in so many ways. They also call in other angels to help.

If you feel like the room suddenly fills with more beings, you can trust your intuition. Do not be afraid. It may feel overwhelmingly powerful at times but remain centered in love and gratitude.

This will make it easier for them to work with elevating your vibration to meet them. It is only our limited awareness that blocks our seeing.

Angel of Healing

Archangel: Raphael
Raphael works closely with Christ. You can call on Raphael for physical healing, clarity of mind, greater spiritual awareness, emotional healing, bringing soul parts back, manifestation of basic needs like food, or shelter, inspiration and to end conflicts between enemies.


Archangel: Gabriel
Gabriel can assist in finding your purpose, direction or life plan. You can ask for more guidance, happiness, fulfillment, organization in your life, removal of obstacles holding you back, and assistance in being at the right place at the right time for your path to unfold.


Archangel: Michael
You can call on Michael to free yourself from sabotage, doubt, fear, phobias, anxiety, protection from spiritual or physical attacks, purification of mind, body, spirit, purification of your home, and to to perfect your soul.


Archangel: Uriel
Call on Uriel for more compassion, serenity, inner peace, a tranquil spirit, removing old energy from your psyche, help with relationships, renewed hope, help with creativity, increased prosperity, better communication, peaceful outcomes and self-love.

The more you work with angels, the more it nurtures a powerful alliance with them. It is easy to doubt the connection at first, but try to come back to a place of gratitude.

Before you invoke the Archangels, set an intention for yourself to be open to receiving the gifts. Take your time to notice the energy in your body and in the space around you.

Pay attention to room temperature, sounds, sensations, and your emotions. Often, I will feel an elevated sense of calm when I call them in.

Lately, I have heard music. It is beautiful to feel the connection deepening.
I hope this has been helpful.

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Misha Almira

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