A Vulnerable Story

I had spent my whole life hiding. It hit me when my mentor asked who I wanted to work with and what I had to share. Starseeds was the answer and it paralyzed me to hear the words come out of my mouth. Was I really going to put THIS out there?

From a young age, I learned to scan people in the room and become the chameleon. I could feel what they were feeling and hear their thoughts. It was pretty easy to fit in and this was when I began my coping mechanism of surviving on earth.

I had managed to create a pretty awesome life and yet so much of me still remained hidden.

I realized right then, my life was going to change forever.

I had to claim who I really was, boldly, and help others do the same. It wasn’t an option any longer. One road would be imminent death and the other would be a constant revealing of all the scary bits.

Could I do this? How can I reveal all the out there experiences and still have friends left?

I tapped into my future self in a vision and what I saw was something I couldn’t possibly say out loud. It was more like a scene out of a Marvel movie and I didn’t even like those.

I knew it was time to claim it. I must tell the world all of the things I was afraid to say and encourage others to do the same.

I opened the doors and it has been a wild ride. I was immediately initiated by Arcturians, when they took me into a mountain and blasted me with violet and gold rays of light.

I communed with Lyran Elders and they transmitted downloads directly into my body, for what felt to me like days. I was also struck by lightning inside my bedroom. I was shown that I was being initiated to help other Starseeds awaken.

I could doubt these things, like I did for most of my life. But, the message was clear. That is not the mission anymore. We are here to Re Member and there is no room for fear.

I didn’t know how to share any of this. I had received downloads, but they bypassed my intellect. Great, they couldn’t even give me an obvious message first? No, not until I started sharing it. Then, the magic happened.

When I started telling others I was a Starseed and not holding back, the message poured through my body and activated everyone who came in contact with it.

People began telling me things like, “I feel activated by your videos, words, voice, writing, but I don’t what that means.” “I got chills and it really affected me when I heard your voice on the video.” “I feel so good when I talk to you…different…more empowered…stronger.”

I just kept putting myself out there, revealing the weirdo parts, letting my mouth open and the messages would come through for each person. Complete trust and vulnerability.

This is how my journey as a Galactic Mentor came into being. Everything I had done, was a prelude to this. This was the reason I was born here on this strange and beautiful planet.

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