Allowing the Body to Teach Us How to Heal

Allowing the Body to Teach Us How to Heal- Misha Almira

Allowing the Body to Teach Us How to Heal

Our bodies are always talking to us, but are we listening?

Just like a child, we are not paying attention to, that resorts to throwing a tantrum, the body will eventually demand our attention.

Do you think major illnesses just happen without warning?

The messages may be subtle, but they are coming to us constantly.

The easiest way to become aware is by paying attention. Our bodies have a lot to share with us and they are worthy of our time. 

After all, the body is our home. They contain our essence and all we know of ourselves.

If you don’t think they are important, try a day without it.

Just by listening and responding to the body, we can improve our health, heal/prevent injuries, and avoid illness before it becomes unmanageable.

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Years ago when I was in acting school, we would start each movement class by doing a scan of the body. It is simple to do.

You just start at your feet and notice how they feel.

Then move up to your ankles, calves, knees, thighs, continuing to the top of your head.

You can do this lying down or sitting up. There are other ways of doing this, but this is the easiest way to start getting in touch with your body on a daily basis.

While I was practicing Yin Yoga the other night, I decided to take it a step further. I did a quick inventory of the places I was holding tension in my body, as I was stretching.

Then, one by one, I’d let my awareness go to the area. I’d imagine breathing into the area, letting my mind become still.

I’d imagine breathing love and healing green light into the tight knee, for instance.

Then, I’d wait.

After doing this, I’d silently ask what it was trying to tell me. I’d ask if it had a message for me. Then, I’d wait and listen.

It was remarkable how the pain would subside, and the tightness would relax. Then, the body would start speaking to me.

“Drink more spring water.”

“Take flaxseed oil.”

“Slow down and take the space you need for yourself.”

“Capture this moment like you are a photographer.”

These were only a few of the messages, but as I received each one, I connected more deeply with my own body and energy.

Let There Be Light

Another exercise I learned in my Reiki class is to imagine golden white light moving in through the top of your head and through your body.

As it touches each area, notice how it feels. Does it feel blocked, heavy, cold, solid, liquid…?Does it have a color? Use your breath to breathe into it and to release it. When you release it, send it down into the earth’s core.

Does it have a color? Use your breath to breathe into it and to release it. When you release it, send it down into the earth’s core.

Follow the light as it flows and stops. If it stops in an area that feels blocked, you can ask the energy what it needs.

You can see if it wants to change from liquid to gas, or solid to liquid, as an example.

Let it guide you. Just ask and then listen to what guidance it gives you. You might be surprised at the profound results like I was.

Energy blocks can turn into injuries or disease. This is an effective preventive healing method. The body is a valuable indicator of where we are out of balance. It is truthful and persistent.

You will notice the more you do tune in, the more aware you become of subtle energies. You may even start perceiving blocks and imbalances in other people.

This is just a way to become more self-aware and more personally empowered. It is not meant to replace traditional health care. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please see a doctor.

Thank you for reading. 


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Misha Almira

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