Are We Stronger Divided?

Are We Stronger Divided?-Misha Almira

Are We Stronger Divided?

What if the point of this dramatic show was to divide us and cause us to hate one another? What if it is really a test?

What if instead, we focused on where we are united, no matter what is thrown at us from this chaotic outside world?

We have all heard this many times before.

However, what if we actually started living it…
rather than waiting for someone else to do it first?

What would a world be like if we refused to believe the lie?

If we refused to believe that we are on different sides even if we disagree?


Where are we the same?

Why not seek that vehemently?

It might not be the comfortable choice, but what part is uncomfortable anyway?

What if this is our place of power and strength?

Try this.

Look deeply into the eyes of everyone you meet today with the intention of really seeing them.

Then, disagree with this.

Windows to the Soul- Misha Almira

This is an opportunity…our choice can make all the difference in what we experience in this moment.

What matters more to you?

Do we want to dive deeper into suffering?

Do we want to be right or do we want to truly live in a life that is beautiful?

Peace & Kindness-Misha Almira

Unleash your passion through disapproval, if you need to but let your heart see past the lie and tap into more.

We say we want peace, but that choice is up to each one of us…right now.

We can’t focus on hate and hope that another person will show us peace.

We will get what you are focused on every time.


What would we like that to be?

Would we like it to be hate and injustice?

Keep focusing on that.

Thank you for reading.

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Misha Almira

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