Are You Being Called As a Shamanic Healer?

Are You Being Called to Be a Shamanic Healer? Misha Almira

 Are You Being Called As a Shamanic Healer?

There is a strong call going out to many of us right now.

We know deep inside that we have come here to do something that will make a difference. 

Many of us are feeling dissatisfied with the old ways of being and doing.

We recognize the beckoning to listen to our heart’s song and calling.

We know things without being told. We hear a familiar reminder of how things should be.  

There is a reason you are reading this right this very second. It is time.

When Was the Moment I knew I was called to be a Shaman?

 Sometimes, the call can come to us in our darkest hour. I was living in Eugene, OR.
I say living, but looking back I was merely existing.
I was aimlessly wandering through my life and had no idea how lost I’d become.
I’d been unemployed for months, living with my boyfriend, and no future goals in sight.
We were going out a few nights a week and whiskey had become a staple in my diet, along with meat, cheese, and tons of bread.
I was gaining weight and didn’t care! I thought I was happy. In actuality, I was going down fast.

The Call

Then, I heard the call in a dream one night. I started getting the message as I went about my day. I needed to study with a Shaman.
At the time, I didn’t know any Shamans so I wasn’t even sure where to start.  I didn’t even know what it meant.
I had planned to go to a Holistic Health Bizarre. I’d never been but thought it sounded interesting.
I walked in the door and immediately walked straight to a booth without knowing why.
When I got there I met Jack, a Shaman. When I heard his voice, I knew him somehow. I knew he would be my next Teacher, but I wasn’t ready.
I was still holding on to my previous path so I didn’t talk to him again for 2 years, but thought of him often.
I was being forced to let go of my previous spiritual path and everything else I knew.
I felt like if I let go of my practice, I’d be letting go of God too.
 I held on even tighter to my previous path and practice. Then, I lost my connection with God, at least that is what it felt like.
I’d been abandoned by God. 

Even when I meditated…nothing. The connection, guidance, and love I’d felt before was no longer there. I was devastated.

Unfortunately, I kept trying to hold on, until it got a lot worse.
I gained 80 lbs, lost 2 jobs, a boyfriend, a car, and my house. I had to move home with my family after injuring my back too much to take care of myself.
I knew I couldn’t continue to live the way I’d been living. I had to get stronger. I had to find myself again and not in a bottle.
Through a series of synchronistic events, I moved to a different state and devoted my time to inner work.
My friend introduced me to a Shaman teacher in San Diego and I went to a workshop.
Then, I heard a familiar name, Jack. He was a student of the Shaman in San Diego. How was this possible?
I heard the call even stronger this time.
I decided to call in a power animal in my dream one night.
Shamanic Power Animal- Misha Almira
A large cat came to me, but it was circling me with his head down. I felt a threat and immediately body slammed it. I wasn’t ready.
The next morning I was walking outside . I was barely getting light out but something caught my attention. I saw a beautiful silver colored owl perched on a nearby branch.
It headed right for me, talons open and a piercing gaze. I barely ducked in time for it to miss my head.
I wasn’t in balance and the Universe was showing me this, I just didn’t fully recognize this at the time.
I judged myself as being cursed or something equally bad, which was pointless.
I decided to call Jack and started working with him. We worked together for almost a year and then he had a huge shift.
He called to explain that he couldn’t work with me anymore. I was devastated and took it personally. He said there was another teacher for me.
I was still getting the message to let go of my practice. I resisted and suffered some more until I had no choice.
I had to let go of the Teacher, God, Christ, meditating, being identified as a teacher and everything that labeled the old me.
I went through a dark night of the soul for years. This was the finale and I could not see any light or resolution. I just felt LOST.
I knew if I didn’t let go, I would die a slow soul death.
I stopped my previous practice, I felt the letting go of God and all that I’d believed in.
I didn’t know what to hold onto anymore, it was a free fall into nothingness.
All I could do was let go and grieve.
I felt the absence of God and questioned if I’d ever forgive God or myself for this.
Soon after a Shaman Teacher walked into my life.
She became my mentor. I worked with her for a year but was still holding back.
I was being haunted by demons but I wasn’t ready to face them. I wasn’t sure I was ready for this.
Session after session, she’d tell me I wasn’t quite ready to go there yet.
One day, she said I had a choice to make. I could fully get on my path of destiny or stay where I was.
She said one would kill me and the other would be a path of fulfillment.
I made the choice for destiny. That is the day I stepped onto the Shaman path. Since then, I have experienced becoming a different person.
When you get the call, you know it. You will feel a tugging at your heart that will not stop. It may start as a whisper, but you will not be able to ignore it.
You may receive signs from animals. A certain animal may keep showing up in different ways. It may show up in symbols or physically.
You may start hearing the same message from several different people or sources.
You may have a teacher appear, or several.
Nature will start to speak to you in a deeper way.
Songs will give you messages. Your whole Universe will seem to be trying to get your attention. Pay attention. It will guide you.
Looking back at my life, I have been given signs since I was a little girl. 
Have you?

Thank you for reading.

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Misha Almira

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  1. Hi Misha,
    I love your information. I have a question and wonder if we should schedule a session.
    My Question: After doing 3 ceremonies of Mother Aya in Pucallpa, Peru at Nimea Kaya, my life has been very blessed. But I noticed before I went I was very intrigued to talk to spirit etc. But after the experience which was very traumatic but healing, I noticed I now have a fear of spirit even though I know it is all loving. Plus I have never had anxiety but do now. I have worked through much of the fear and It is definitely manageable but I am wondering if I need to understand more of the trauma and visions I experienced during my ceremonies to help accept and move past this. Iam currently working for a corporation but am also attuned to the Master of Reiki. I do healing work on the side but feel I need to reconcile more of the fear I am feeling at times. I know in my soul I am not fully doing my work but have a family to support. Any thoughts or suggestions?
    Thank you so much,
    Casey mcDonough

    1. Hi Casey,

      I processed and integrated for almost two years after my first retreat. I had a similar experience after my first retreat. At first, I fought it and even chose to cut myself off from spirit a few times, which doesn’t help. I realized that the healing continues and any fear or anxiety is there to bring more awareness to deeper aspects of the soul that are coming into wholeness. What originally frightened me about spirit actually ended up being my power coming back to me. There have been multiple soul retrievals, some during ceremony and some after. If you would like to speak about this more, feel free to email me. We can also schedule a session, if you feel that is what you need. I also recommend a technique called hooponopono as well. You can find it through a Google search. You can practice this with spirit as well as each fear as it comes up. You can practice it with yourself and others too. It has been helpful for me.

  2. That’s interesting! I’ve been looking for a place such as this for quite a very long moment.

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