We have an unprecedented opportunity for you: The Goloka Project will pay you to meditate! This is not a trivial amount either. You can earn up to $250,000 by meditating (including rest) for one period of 90 minutes a day. If you have 3 hours a day free, you can double your earnings. The maximum you can earn is $1,750,000 for 10.5 hours a day of meditation. These earnings are paid out to you over the next 5 years.

You will meditate using the new Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program. All training that you need for this meditation will be provided to you at no cost and you can start immediately. You will work from your home, anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. You must have a full-size computer with camera and microphone, or a similarly equipped laptop or tablet computer – you cannot use your phone for this project. You are paid as an Independent Contractor so no taxes are withheld from your earnings. We can pay you in the crypto currency of your choice or USD.

The 1,000 Goloka Project Communities around the world are being manifested in the physical realm using the same technique that is used to manifest the entire Universe. We know this technique as Samyama. A meditation virtual vitara known as the Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Vitara employs the Samyama technique with three special sutras; one focuses on balancing the karmic traces standing in the way of Brahman Consciousness, one manifests all 1,000 Communities around the world and the other is targeted to a specific Community.

The Goloka Project Brahman Consciousness Community Manifestation Program is specific mental mastery training and individual karmic trace balancing to produce the Realization “Aham Brahmasmi” or “I Am Brahman” and the experience of Brahman Consciousness, Moksha Level 4 (Level of Consciousness 900). The experience of LOC 900 necessarily brings along the experience of Moksha Level 1 (Cosmic Consciousness), Moksha Level 2 (God Consciousness), and Moksha Level 3 (Unity Consciousness).

Brahman Consciousness is not an experience in the individual mind; it is the experience of Cosmic Mind – the Mind of the Creator; one Realizes the Role of the Creator and can then change the Dream of the Universe. This is the ultimate experience in this Universe. From this Consciousness of the Creator, we project a new element into the Dream of the Universe: 1,000 physical Goloka Sanctuary Communities at a point 2-5 years in the future.

This process of creating 1,000 Communities is a wonderful way of balancing all the karmic traces that stand in the way of Brahman Consciousness. Every time we perform this meditation we make huge steps of progress in our own personal development to Level of Consciousness 900 and we bless our entire world family with a higher collective consciousness. When the Communities manifest, world collective consciousness will be at 350 and the pralaya will come to an end. Peace, prosperity, and happiness will be the experience of everyone on Earth.

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Jai Guru Dev