Beauty Fades

Beauty Fades
Beauty Fades

Beauty fades…or does it? Who told us this and when did we start believing it? I think of Meryl Streep and wonder what is it about her that is so beautiful? Diane Keaton is another one that just radiates that certain something.  I can watch them all day and remain captivated.  What is it about them?  I narrowed it down to one word. Elegance.

How do we embrace elegance? I am sure there are many answers to this, but this is what I know to be true. I have noticed one common denominator  in regular meditators.  

After teaching many weekend workshops, I became accustomed to watching people blossom between Friday to Sunday. They would settle into themselves, while their skin became more supple and their eyes lit up with innocence.

They were more eloquent and elegant. When they spoke, it was with clarity and purpose, as opposed to random rambling, just to fill the space. They became like the still warrior…sure of imminent victory.  Most of all, they became authentically themselves.

Meditation started as a practice to relieve stress, but quickly morphed into a miracle drug. It became more than just something hippies did. It did not turn individuals into robots or cult members.

It brought out the best parts of them and amplified their strengths. I would watch years of aging fall away over just a couple of days. It was unbelievable and life altering, to witness such transformation.

That is when I realized true beauty is always inside of us, waiting to come out. True innate elegance is everyone’s nature.  Beauty may often look like something we lose, but I saw transformation in all age groups. it became predictable. It became the new normal. Mediocrity and our ideas of aging became the new lie…

Accept a new story now.

Thank you for reading.

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