Top 3 Ways a Limpia Energy Healing Can Help Remove Spirit Attachments

Top 3 Ways a Limpia Energy Healing Can Help Remove Spirit Attachments

Energy medicine works on energy attachments because they can have such a big impact on health and wellbeing, for all levels of the self. The limpia is a type of energy healing ceremony practiced in different forms throughout Latin America. Limpias work to cleanse the patient’s energy field through several practices.

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How I Lost 14 Lbs of Abnormal Fat in 7 Days | Does HCG Really Work? | Lose Weight Fast

Hi guys, I’m sharing my HCG results. These are the before and after pictures of the first week I went down, actually 14 and a half pounds in seven days. And the great thing about and the reason why I do HCG is because you lose abnormal fat, which is the fat and the areas that are usually stubborn. So, if I was just doing a 500 calorie diet, normally without HCG, what happened was because I’ve done this, what happened was I lost all in my face and my waist. It’s just my body type.

I have that Hourglass body type and so when it’s not HCG, I lose it just to my waist, which makes my hips look bigger and My face which makes eventually I just look really drawn and kind of sickly. And I also developed stomach issues and an ulcer and just intense stomach cramps, like I’d had too much acid. 

Also, I ended up developing colitis, not chronic colitis, but acute, which they treated. But so all of this was without HCG when I felt like I could just cut out the calories and that it would work. So I wouldn’t recommend that. However, on HCG I have had really good energy even, you know, going through this bit of depression that I went through this last month or so. 

There were very few days where I felt hungry. And so I was also doing coffee and nut pods or keto creamer. I kind of alternated it. But then I discovered that the keto creamer that had butter in it, caused a stall. So that was just one type of keto creamer that I tried. So the nut pods work for me. And it gives me that extra flavor in my coffee, because just black coffee can kind of be a bummer. 

I’ve read for some people it doesn’t and I would just not overdo it. But it’s worked for me. And it’s been a really successful round of HCG. And I feel really good about where the weights come off because it’s come off in my hips and my thighs and my lower legs, which, for me, that is usually the last place I can lose it and it’s pretty impossible to lose significant weight in those areas. 

So going down as quickly as I did the first week and then just seeing where the weight came off. Now I did after the first week, I did have some cheat days I did eat cheese on certain days and it would stall me and then I would just do that three day water fast and it would come right off. 

Normally, if you have one cheat day, you can get away with doing the water fasts for the next day or several days, three days. And it’ll, it’ll come right back off and you’ll get down. And so that’s what I did. 

The few days that I did cheat. And if I found healthy raw snacks that worked for me, like there were these little coconut lemon balls that I found that worked, and I didn’t, I still continue to lose. So I did those. 

But on a couple of days, I ended up getting treats that I thought were raw, and they weren’t. And so I did have cheat days, but I’m still down. I’m very happy with the way that I’ve lost, on this round. yeah, I just wanted to share the journey and just kind of talk about what I’m doing. Drinking water for extra hydration and to break a stall

Then I’m doing basically the one meal a day with. I’m doing all of the meals in one day, but I cut out the fruit because I just, I just wasn’t wanting it. So I just do the protein and the vegetable. And I’ll do the double portions in the one meal, which that’s just my choice. 

You can do the two meals or you can do all the good combined for one. I’m doing this sublingual. The drops, not the injections. I don’t go do injections. I don’t do needles. So it has worked for me. And honestly, every time that I’ve done HCG, it’s worked for me and I love it. 

I just really pushed my eating last summer because I was traveling a lot and I just allowed myself to eat whatever was there, which for me is pretty dangerous because I have dairy and gluten intolerance. And so the weight came on pretty fast. And this is the reason I want to do the HCG round again. So I’m also combining the HCG with intermittent fasting

After, I’m going to take a long break, and going to see my family so I’m just going to be on maintenance and then stabilize while I’m with my family.  Then I’ll probably go back into another round until I hit my goal. 

I have an ultimate goal to get down to, and I’m getting there. The beautiful thing about HCG is that you can reset your default weight. 

We all have that weight that we go back to, when we’re eating, you know, whatever it is that we allow ourselves to eat or not dieting, we always have a default that we get back to you. 

So each time that I do that HCG round, I reset that default, because it’s so effective at resetting your default, when I did just go crazy with what I was eating and to start eating sugar and all the bad things again, it took quite a while to for my weight to climb back up because my default We have been set that way but I don’t recommend doing that.

The best way to keep it off and to keep your default weight set at where you want it is to really just, you can eat healthy foods. I find that if I can allow myself sweet treats with stevia, it is not hard.  It’s cup for cup so it’s really easy to tweak recipes and use stevia instead of sugar.

And I’ll do blueberries with whipped cream heavy whipping cream, I’ll whip it myself and add stevia. It’s delicious. 

The other thing I’ll do is, I’ll allow myself this isn’t on the weight loss part that P2 but I’ll allow myself to have dates and bananas. I’ll cook them in a skillet with coconut oil or butter. Then I’ll put stevia if I want to sweeter or I’ll do strawberries with whipped cream. And I’ve even added pecans, or walnuts with stevia, whipped cream and strawberries.

Strawberries are lower in sugar and so you can substitute and still get your sweet craving satiated, when you’re eating normally. And I’ve been able to keep the weight off for a long, long, long time by doing that, because for me, I don’t want to feel deprived. If I start feeling deprived, then I push it and so while I was traveling, I pushed it too far.  

Now I’m going back through the rounds again and having to work harder. And that’s just the way it is. I mean it’s a lifestyle change after but you can still treat yourself. You can always substitute with healthy things instead of the bad things. Sugar is almost like a drug. It’s so bad and I don’t think that anybody thrives eating a lot of white sugar.

So I would highly recommend substituting stevia, agave syrup or coconut syrup, for sugar or even other artificial sweeteners.

The best I’ve tried is nectevia syrup, very low in sugars. And you can even make crepes with just eggs and cream cheese sweetened with stevia and use Nectevia for syrup. And that is how I kept my weight off for a long, long time and stayed healthy.

Try to substitute as much as possible. For example, instead of salt or soy sauce, you can use Bragg’s Amino Acids for the salt flavor. There are always substitutions. 

I’m just trying to share what has worked for me and what I plan on doing in the maintenance phase. It’s basically to stick with the same diet, but you increase the portions.

Then, you slowly add back in the fats, which I would recommend in the form of nuts, avocados or coconut oil.  Just slowly add them back in, and your body will adjust very quickly to that. So try not to do what I did last summer and just go crazy.

And you’ll have great success. It’s awesome. Now, I’m not providing any medical advice for anyone here. I’m just sharing my experience and I recommend that you definitely do your research.

If you do decide to do something other than the drops, like injections, find out what’s going to be the best for you. And if you’re on medications, talk to a doctor first, because you don’t know how it’s going to  react with the medications that you’re on. And I’m not on any medications.

So, this has worked for me and it works for a lot of people. But definitely take responsibility for yourself. Do your research, don’t just go on what anybody tells you, or what  I tell you. Find what works for you, for sure. 

Before, when I was taking CBD oil for the knee injury, but it just kept stalling my weight loss. I couldn’t take that while I was on HCG, without stalling. I was able to do the hemp coffee but I wasn’t able to do the oil itself. But that’s just me. Some people can take it and with no problem. So, yeah, I wanted to add that part in and I’ll leave links for everything below this video.

Thanks for watching. Be sure and subscribe and comment on your own with your own experiences and any questions you have and good luck.

Thanks for reading.


Misha Almira

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How to Turbo Charge Fat Loss With HCG and Intermittent Fasting

Hi guys, so I’m down another pound weight loss. I have lost 13 pounds in 10 days, and I’m feeling great about it. Not just losing the weight but feeling great. Energy wise, health wise, I can’t tell you what a difference I feel in my body. When I was eating crap food, I had all these aches and pains, pain on my right side above my liver, acid reflux and horrible sleep because it would keep me upt. 

Now I just don’t notice any of that. I feel like my body is rejuvenating itself. And so I want to talk about exactly what I’m doing. When I did HCG rounds before, I lost over 60 pounds, and kept it off for years, until I started abusing food again and just going nuts, which I don’t recommend. 

This time, I’m on HCG 2.0 which is the modern updated version of Dr. Simeons original version. One of the differences in this is that you can eat larger portions of lean protein as opposed to, just two and a half ounces, or 100 grams of all protein across the board. Basically, if you eat 100 grams of beef, it’s going to be a lot more calories than if you eat 100 grams of white fish or tuna. So that’s one of the differences. You can also have a little bit of olive oil which is restricted on the original version.

When I did the HCG before, I drank only black coffee and I ate lunch and dinner, I’d have 100 grams of protein and about the same of very specific vegetables. I’d have lettuce, celery or cucumbers and it was very restricted. Honestly, the hardest part for me was not being able to put creamer in my coffee. That was just so difficult for me and I was so sick of black coffee, I almost quit several times. 

The difference I’m doing this time is that I am doing Hempworx hemp infused coffee with Chaga, mushroom, and CBD, mixed with the Hempworx keto creamer. They have vanilla, hazelnut or mocha. And they have MCT and coconut in them as well as other ingredients that boost energy and suppress appetite. 

Basically, I’m doing bulletproof coffee with the creamer and the hempworx coffee. Then, I’m doing lunch and dinner as the he HCG protocol, like I said, if it’s a very lean protein, I’ll have more than two and a half ounces or 100 grams. 

I did find a very simple way to do it because, you know, I like breaking things down to the bottom line? What do I need? What can I eat? What can I not eat? And what I found was they have these starkist tuna creations They are 2.6 ounces of tuna. They also have chicken and salmon. You just want to make sure that the salmon doesn’t cause a stall for you. But basically, they come in a little pouch and are around $1 a pouch. 

That would be your portion for your lunch, and then your dinner. I’ve done 2 for dinner and still lost. But, this makes it so easy to take them on the go. You just open the packet, put it over salad, or you can eat it with celery. I like to dip it with the celery stick or you can have it with cucumbers. I’ve even taken out to restaurants to make sure I don’t cheat. 

And that’s your meal. You just open it. Pour it out. It’s already flavored for you. They have even a buffalo flavored chicken. They’ve got a dill salmon. I think they have lemon dill tuna, ranch flavored tuna and you don’t have to think about the calories. So this actually helps to if you’re on the going traveling, if you’re on the run, you don’t have time to pack your lunch, you forgot your lunch, all these different scenarios come up. These scenarios would normally cause you to cheat, but if you have one of these little packets, then you’re good to go. 

It’s quick, it’s fast, it’s cheap. It’s easy to not have to think about it. And actually it’s such good flavor that I didn’t even need dressing. You don’t have to get bogged down with wondering how much you can have and what you can’t. Just get the packet, put it with vegetables and you’ll lose quickly. 

So back to what I’m doing. I’m doing the bulletproof coffee in the morning with the keto creamers and it hasn’t stalled my weight loss, which is fabulous because they’re delicious. Then, I have lunch just like I said, you know one of the packets over lettuce and that’s my lunch. Then for dinner. I could do the same exact thing I could have the chicken instead of the tuna over you know with cucumbers or you can have asparagus if you want to change it up. You can also have grilled turkey ground turkey, just as long as it is lean protein.

Then what I’m also doing is intermittent fasting with that. I’ve talked about this before, and I’ll go into just a bit. What is intermittent fasting and why do I think it’s 10 times better than doing just HCG alone? What I do for intermittent fasting is I skip lunch, and I wait until about four or five o’clock, sometimes maybe six o’clock, and then I have dinner. 

I’ll have twice the protein and twice the vegetables so you just take what you would have had for lunch and you have it for dinner, all in one portion. If you can’t eat all of that, within one sitting you can have a two hour window. So say you eat one portion at 4pm, then another at 5pm, if you just can’t eat it all, you can do that.

That’s intermittent fasting. You don’t have anything else for the rest of the day and the next day you don’t have anything until lunch. So you do every other day. IF. One day you’ll have lunch and dinner, the next day you skip lunch and you just have your portions for dinner.

Why do you want to do this? There are several reasons. Firstly, because there are so many studies on how reducing caloric intake can extend your life. It can help rejuvenate the organs, so the whole body gets a break, your organs get a break, your liver gets to detox, and the digestive system can reset itself.

My symptoms of IBS and acid reflux have disappeared entirely. Anyone that’s experienced these, will know how miserable it can be. Most people feel like the only option is to take medication for these. I discovered that just isn’t true. 

But, also the main thing you’re doing is forcing your body to find other sources of fuel other than the food that you just ate. So you’re giving your body a break from digestion and it’s not using as much energy energy to digest your food. It still needs energy for fuel and it starts looking for other sources. So what you’re doing with the HCG is you’re unlocking the door for those systemic fat stores to be burned as fuel. So the HCG is unlocking that. 

When you’re intermittent fasting, it’s very easy for the body to go into those fat stores to burn it as fuel. The body begins looking, and when the body realizes it isn’t getting food, it says, “we got all this stored fat, and we can use that for fuel!” Boom! Training is complete!

BUT, when you’re eating carbs and sugar, it’s so easy for the body to just go to that to burn it up. It burns it up and then you crash, feeling tired/lifeless.Then, you don’t have the energy to exercise. And repeat. 

Instead, you want to get to where you’re shredding fat all the time, and specifically the areas that you couldn’t get to with other diets.

If you’re eating protein for your meals, you can get into a state of ketosis where your body is burning fat for fuel, so you’re hitting it from all angles, and teaching your body to burn fat for fuel instead of calories from food. When you’re not putting in carbs, sugar and fast burning fuel sources, then your body retrains itself to burn long burning fuels with the fat.

The fat will keep you sustained for longer. When you’re doing bulletproof coffee, you’re getting the body into a state of ketosis, you’re intermittent fasting. So you’re going long periods of time without putting food in it. Then when you do eat, your body’s already gone into burning fat mode in the fasting portion. And so you’re training your body to burn longer, and to not go to the food that you’re eating for fuel. 

I just repeated that several times. Mostly, I wanted to talk about how the combo of these three techniques work. With intermittent fasting, it’s 10 times better than just HCG or bulletproof coffee alone. Because about halfway into your round of HCG, your weight loss will often start slowing down or even plateau. 

You might even go days without any weight loss, generally on HCG. So you’ll start out burning quickly and then you get to about two weeks in and your body starts losing less. So intermittent fasting is a way to hack into that and keep it from stalling and to keep it steadily burning. Then by going into that stored fat for fuel, you’re forcing it to burn it up.

If you’re doing it every other day, you’re forcing it to kick up that fat loss every other day instead of going down. A lot of people say, “I just can’t fast. I just can’t do that.” In my experience, fasting is very difficult if you have sugar and carbs which break down into sugar in your system and you’re spiking your blood sugar.

When you do this, you don’t give your body time to eliminate that before you start fasting and that is very difficult because that’s where you start to get nauseous, lightheaded, faint, and you don’t know what’s going on. Your blood pressure can also spike or go too low. I’ve experienced this and it can feel very scary. 

Generally in my experience, the harder fasts that I’ve done are when I’ve had sugar in my system and haven’t allowed it to clean out before. When I don’t have sugar in my system, my body is able to quickly go into the fat stores and burn that up. When this happens, it feels really good. It feels like I have a sustained energy for hours. It feels like my body is running more efficiently. 

When I do work out or I am active, it feels like I’m able to put more muscle into it and to get more out of the workout. The reason it feels good is because I’m not crashing. When people say they can’t fast, I believe it is for this reason. It is so important to get the sugar and ideally carbs out of the system entirely. Also, to be well hydrated, drinking ½ a gallon a day for 5-7 days.  

Bottom line is, I am still losing, I’m still feeling great and I am doing these three key things. Intermittent fasting has been a good addition too. I’ve done it without, and I lose more with it. Plus, I can feel a big difference. 

Do I get hungry? I normally don’t get hungry until just right before that dinner hour, maybe about 30 minutes before it’s time to eat the dinner. It’s not unbearable at all. I’m also drinking a lot of hot tea, which helps. So I’ll have hot tea about 30 minutes before that dinner time, and that has made a difference. 

I hope this has been helpful for all of you following me and that maybe it’s inspired you to try it for yourself. Feel free to comment or ask any questions. I’m here for you and I’m going to keep sharing my journey and my weight loss. As it comes off, hopefully it’ll keep coming off the entire time and be record breaking. 

Thanks for reading!



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How I Lost 40 Lbs with HCG & Dry Fasting

Hi guys, it’s Misha Almira from I’m checking in today because I am done with my HCG round and I lost 40 pounds, so I’m very happy about the results.  I took B12 while I was doing the rounds, so my energy was better this time, than other previous rounds. 

I did sublingual drops, and I’m putting links below and in this post. So you can see where I got that and also putting Dr. Simeons and I always recommend I’m doing HCG 2.0 or was but I also always recommend people to read the Dr. simeon’s guidebook

The HCG 2.0 is the modern version of that. But I think that reading the original is a good foundation and gives you a lot of information about it, how it works and where it originated from. So I always think that’s a good plan. I did a longer round of 50 days. I could have gone longer, but losing 40 pounds was enough for me. 

I would have lost more but I did have cheat days which were accidental. I didn’t realize that something that I was drinking had sugar in it, or had a hidden sweetener. That’s definitely something to be aware of. 

You want to be sure you look at all the labels of ingredients. I even had miso soup, thinking it was okay, but it actually contains starches. It was a few things like that and then a few slip ups with raw food deserts. I should say, what I thought were raw food deserts, that actually had hidden sugars in them. 

Things like that will throw you off and it was okay, because I was able to do the 3 day water fast to fix it. The point of saying all of this is, I know I could have had more weight loss, but 40 pounds is a lot. Plus, I lost it in places that are usually hard places to lose like my thighs, hips, lower abdomen and arms. 

I will end up doing maintenance and then another round, but I’m getting ready to travel so I’m not going to go straight into that. 

I found some herbs that I was taking there for a mind well being and I definitely noticed those assisting me on the hard days. This round,  I didn’t have a lot of hard days. I just had one day of being tired and a little grumpy. 

This was a pretty, pretty easy round and I didn’t notice a lot of hunger. As I’m going into the maintenance phase, I am doing certain things that will assist me. 

I found a few secret ways I can stabilize without any worries. And so I’ll share those in another post. I think one of the important things to work with is, that if you do have a cheat day, just not allowing yourself to go into guilt and shame around it, because that’s part of what I believe needs to be shifted in order to lose the weight for good. 

I’m specifically talking about the weight that has collected, for years and years in the body. Not all the weight that we lose is physical. A lot of it is emotional. Guilt and shame are like glue to body weight. If you focus on guilt and shame, the weight will not come off.  And so whatever you can do to stay out of guilt, shame and beating yourself up, over not doing it right or making mistakes like that, the easier it will be to lose the stubborn pounds. 

The best advice I can give is to be gentle with yourself, celebrate your wins. And if you do have a slip up, you’ve got water fasting and you’ve got going down to one meal a day if you have a plan.  You don’t have to beat yourself up over anything. 

A lot of people say absolutely don’t cheat on HCG or you’ll go up. And that may be true. What I found is that when you go up after a cheat day, it’s usually water weight. And if you just have a plan and do a fast day, just get right back in it, instead of putting a lot of your energy into beating yourself up. Fire the Inner Bully!!! They are not serving you anymore.

I think this is really important. Also, work with your intentions. At night, as I was falling asleep, I would talk to my body and say, “this is how much weight I want to drop overnight.” 

It might sound crazy, but your body listens when you’re speaking, so pay special attention to what you are telling it. Intentions are incredibly powerful. You can use your intentions to work for you, Just communicating with your body can be very effective and healing, 

I’ve found a few tricks that I wanted to share with you, so that you don’t have to make some of the mistakes that I’ve made. It doesn’t have to be hard anymore. Go ahead and read that last sentence again and breathe it in.

Lastly, if you feel like you’re not losing as quickly, you can try fasting. I’ve had success with intermittent fasting, or doing one meal a day. 

I combined all 500 calories into one meal. If you feel like you’re not losing as much as you’d like, you can also cut out the fruit, and starches. 

I’m doing another video to talk about the maintenance and the tricks that I found with that, because I did a few maintenance rounds that were not successful. And I went up and I went down and I went up and I actually ended up resetting my default at a higher weight because I wasn’t able to pull it off. 

I’m definitely going to share the tricks that I’ve found. I was able to exercise. I did dance, yoga, and walking. And then I did hiit training yoga, and I would highly recommend hiit training yoga. They have it on dailyom. I think you can also find YouTube videos I did dailyom. But that one was really useful for me because it was just enough to kick in the cardio, but not too much to burn all my calories. So you really want to find that balance and it took me a while to find my own balance. 

I was trying to jog for longer, and that kind of kicked me into calorie deficit, which I wasn’t losing as much. So if you can incorporate that hiit training, about 30 minutes 20 to 30 minutes. If it’s if it’s really intense hiit training, then you’d want to do that but the hiit yoga training is good for any level. And it’s just, it’s a very effective way to burn a lot in a short amount of time. So highly recommend that it worked for me, I was able to lose more per day, this round doing that combo. 

I also wanted to mention that one of the things I did coming off of HCG, was I dry fasted for a day and a half, and it actually works beautifully. 

That was, I did the very low calorie diet for the last two days. And then the first day into maintenance. I did a dry fast. I actually did it for spiritual reasons, but it ended up working really well for the first day of maintenance and it felt really supported. And the transition from HCG into just the regular maintenance diet. 

If it resonates with you give it a try. I’d never incorporated dry fasting that closely with HCG, but to me it felt like it was a house cleaning and a reset. And I actually felt like it assisted the hypothalamus and really getting on board with the next phase. And yeah, it to me feels very, very supportive. 

Previously, the transition for me was a little rocky, a little rough going from very low calorie with HCG to two days and then like trying to up my calorie, my calories from there.

With the dry fasting, I knew that it would be supported. But I just didn’t know how it would be by going, you know, breaking it and going into the diet but so what I did was I dry fasted, and then the next day, I just did the one meal at night, which I did eggs, and there’s seemed light enough and it seemed like the perfect you know, first meal after the dry fast, I wouldn’t go into having like a steak or you know, meat. If you can help that at all, if you can help that. Try to do something lighter like eggs or just maybe have a little broth and then have your meal. 

That is just kind of what I did was just intuitively felt it out. This is something that I’m going to incorporate in between phase two and phase three of HCG 2.0

This has worked for me, but I’m feel it out for yourself to see if this resonates, if it’s something that you feel like you can do and something that you believe would be supportive, and do it. Now I’m not giving any medical advice at all. And if this feels like something that absolutely doesn’t feel right for your body, then don’t do it. And don’t listen to me. 

We all have different bodies and different needs. So I highly recommend you tuning into your own intuition and your own body around this but for me, that’s what it was craving is a complete break and reset to go into the next phase. It was a transition and a reset for my mind and my spirit. 

If this is helpful, great, if not, like I said, trust your own intuition, because that’s what’s most important. I want to mention that before I jumped off, but feel free to subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching.

This is just my experience. I’m not a medical doctor. I’m not a professional. I’m merely sharing what has worked for me. And so I wish you luck on your losses and your success and just thriving.

Thanks for reading.


Misha Almira

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Small Habits for Becoming Your Best Self in Life and Business

Small Habits for Becoming Your Best Self in Life and Business

The road to your best self isn’t paved with extreme changes or grand gestures. When it comes down to it, reaching your full potential actually requires a series of small, meaningful steps.

Indeed, while tiny habits might not seem like much at first, you’d be surprised how essential they are in setting a good foundation for whatever it is you want to achieve. It also gives you a chance to celebrate small wins and keeps you from feeling overwhelmed into stagnation.

On that note, here are a few activities you can try everyday to become your best “you” — both in life and in business. Whether it means giving yourself a confidence boost, slowing your pace, or shifting your perspective, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more holistic, healthier individual with these tips:

Start your days right

Picture this: You get up an hour before work, after abusing the snooze button more times than you can count. You realize you’re running late, dart in the shower at lightning speed, and down your coffee as “breakfast.” Sound familiar? If you find yourself feeling disoriented at work before even starting your day, that’s probably why.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this rut, and it’s by setting a good morning routine. When you wake up, don’t drown yourself in phone notifications right away. Take time to have a proper breakfast, stretch, and get some fresh air. This way, you’ll be better primed to face what challenges await you for the day.

Be more mindful

The best way to practice mindfulness is by meditating. All you need is a minute of your day in silence. This will help you approach situations from a place of peace and serenity. Not only will you be able to establish a deeper connection with your inner self through meditation, but it can even make you more confident, as explained in a previous post by Misha Almira.

Practice gratitude

Remember, life is what happens when you’re too busy making plans. While it’s good to want to prepare for the future, be sure to appreciate what you’ve got at present, too. One way to do this is by jotting down what you’re grateful for.

This practice can be done on our phones, but writing in a good old notebook can be a slower, more refreshing choice, allowing you to absorb things much better. In this regard, Muji’s selection of notebooks are clean and minimal, providing you fewer distractions and more space for your thoughts. Turn to your gratitude journal every time you need to remind yourself about the brighter side of life.

Honor your body

Your body is your temple. It’s important to nourish and take care of it as much as you can. That could mean allowing yourself rest when you’re tired, or dressing in a way that makes you feel your best.

Plant Therapy’s set of essential oils provides an effective way to unwind at the end of the day. With pure and therapeutic-grade ingredients, there is an oil designed for every need — whether you’re very stressed at work, or sick and doing your best to get better. On the other hand, Woman Within’s yoga pants are built for comfort and support, two simple things that can do wonders for your mood. When going about your day, the last thing you want to worry about is how you look. It’s no use dressing up in trendy clothes that don’t make you feel “you.” The bottom line is to listen to your body, and it will thank you.

Keep learning

Your mind is one of the best investments you can make. No matter where you are in life or your career, growth should never stop. Make it a point to keep your mind stimulated.

For this goal, you can use resources like Coursera’s wide selection of classes that provide knowledge you can use to further your career. And if you’re looking for something more motivational, you could also watch the many TED talks available online — because sometimes, all you need is a dose of inspiration.



Effective communication is key to any type of relationship whether it is a love relationship, friendship or a business relationship we are talking about. Knowing how to get your point across the room and being able to listen to those of others are crucial to succeeding in life and at work.

While it might sound obvious, it is not as easy as it might seem.

Some people have an inborn ability to effectively communicate with everyone and get their ideas heard without even the slightest problem. But for most people communication is associated with a lot of stress, anxiety and wasted efforts: they might be spending a lot of time talking to different people every day but they fail to become good communicators.

So what’s the secret of effective communication?

Effective communication means not only being a good listener but also being mindful of one’s words and tone, and not taking someone else’s tone personally. Although there are many articles online covering the how-to’s of being a good listener, paying attention to body language, and asking questions as ways of becoming a better communicator, there is one valuable productivity tool they all commonly overlook — personal strengths.

In order to fill this gap, we came up with 3 main reasons why your personal strengths can become your key to better and more productive communication.

#1. Your strengths give you confidence

Research has shown that when people know what they are good at and start to use those character traits in their daily activities, they not only become happier and more productive but also more self-confident and self-possessed.

Having confidence in ourselves is directly reflected on our physical appearance and mental activity because we start to embrace and leverage what makes us stand out from the crowd. So before jumping into your next meeting, preparing for your sales pitch or going to your next networking event, remind yourself of your top strengths and personal skills that motivated you and helped you succeed in life. It will certainly boost your confidence while communicating with others.

#2. Your strengths make you a better listener

When we know our strengths, we also become watchful of other people’s strengths and weaknesses, i.e. we become more empathetic towards other people. If your top strength is a strategist and the other person’s strength is, for example, a brainstormer, you start to pay attention not only to your differences but also to your complementarity.

This mindful approach to strengths helps us adopt active listening by paying attention to what others are saying. Only when we know our strengths and take other people’s strengths into account that we become fully focused on what our conversation partner is saying.

Once we have become more focused we can further improve our active listening through paying attention to our conversation partner’s body language which usually reflects what they actually think regardless of what they say.

#3. Your strengths help you effectively channel the conversation

Great communicators know what they are good at and how they can leverage their strengths during a conversation.

Let’s say your top strength is a thinker, somebody who enjoys a mental activity and intellectual discussions, but prefers to spend time alone thinking. If you are this type of a person, it would be hard for you to communicate with people for whom acting before thinking is a norm. So instead of getting nervous that nobody has done their homework, you would probably start with presenting your thoughts and channeling the conversation in a more productive way because you already know how you function and what works best for you.  

By knowing your strengths the communication process becomes more effective because first, you become more confident about yourself, second, you pay more attention to your conversation partner, and third, you know how to manage the conversation flow.

So how can you evaluate your strengths and know your top ones?

There are several ways to find out more about your strengths and be able to leverage them:

  • Use a strengths finder online: I was recently recommended a free strengths finder called HIGH5 that helps identify your top 5 strengths and defines each of them by giving hints on how to use those strengths on a daily basis.
  • Ask your friends and colleagues: another way of finding out more about your strengths is by asking your close friends and your colleagues about what you are good at. Ask at least 5 people, make a list of top 5 strengths that appear most in their feedback and ask them to elaborate more on those strengths.
  • Go see a personal or career coach: if you are having a hard time with identifying your strengths, you can book an appointment with a career coach to help you go through your main strengths and see how you can leverage them in a more productive way.

Knowing your strengths is not enough for having more effective communication. It is essential to know how you can use those strengths while communicating with others.

If you want to know more about how to use your strengths to build your dream career, take a look at this guide to dream-career-building through strengths.

About the author: Anatoli Chernyaev is a content marketing manager born in Armenia and currently residing in France. He writes about various topics such as self-awareness, positive thinking, personal development, and career advice.

Notes of a Shaman: Opening Our Eyes to True Love

Becoming the first woman, her creation swirling out of a movement of her hand, her hips, her heart. She is creating new worlds with her mind and body. She is the embodiment of creation itself and I feel the power within me as her. She loves every aspect of what is created through her.

She has no preference for the experience of what that will be. It just flows through her. There is new life innocence, dying of the old, celebration of the song of life, destruction as a force of absolution. All of it is perfect in the eyes of the Creatrix.

All of it is done in Divine Love with no questions asked, no second guessing. She birth something new and let it take on life as its own. Then, she marvels at its unique individuality. All of it is a child of her womb, intimately connected through the bond of mother and child. Her love has no bounds and she will protect it when needed.

I could feel a part of my body tense as the sheer power of her presence washed through me. It was a remembrance and a reckoning of what should have been all along. I felt the anger rise at the parts that tried to tame this Creatrix, accepting only the loving mother while denying the unabashed torrential destructive force of nature.

Her creation must involve all of her as the original artist…the light, the dark, the gut wrenching, heartbreaking, raw delights of every experience in the infinite womb of all possibilities.

For so long, I’ve denied the hunter, and the killer. It made me feel helpless and the indifference of the predator frightened me in a way that took me into the dark depths of my psyche. It was a place I tried to avoid at all costs. I still do. How can I so deeply love animals and be okay with them being slaughtered?

I equated my deep love for animals as a right to protect them from death and suffering. While this was true, in deeply loving all creatures, I had to also love the one that had the natural instinct to hunt and kill. Unconditional love also belonged to these wild beings that were not meant to follow rules or know of being domesticated.

Just as Lilith’s true nature was wild undefinable power so too were aspects of her creation. Can I embrace this wild destructive One inside of me? Can I finally make peace with death, suffering and destruction while facing it all with deep unending love? I don’t know…

I know that the deepest part of me longs desperately for this acceptance. I know that I am willing. I also know it terrifies me still.

There was a point in an Ayahuasca ceremony where I felt I’d gone too far outside the established boundaries of being human. What if I couldn’t get back? What if I let this primordial part loose inside me and I can’t get back to understanding humanity?

As long as I can remember, I have been boy crazy, starting in kindergarten. Last night, I saw a clear picture of the reason for this. Beyond the fact that my dad wasn’t there for me, emotionally and most times physically.

It stemmed from that, in that I felt rejected by my dad so I quickly put parts of the masculine in shadow and denied it. I would avoid my dad, when he came home which was just an out picturing of what I was doing with the unruly masculine inside me.

I was still looking for the masculine that was loving, compassionate, accepting and powerful in his Godly presence. I was denying the Yang masculine which my dad represented, being a drunk especially. However, I was looking to boys to fill the Yin part of the masculine. I searched through my younger years, being constantly disappointed.

All the while, I was suppressing the masculine within myself completely. Because of this suppression of the masculine, I attracted men that were not kind to me…that mirrored the harsh, judgmental, driven, controlling aspects of the masculine shadow.

This is what I kept attracted in men in my life, because I had put the masculine in shadow and demonized it, thinking I didn’t need it. I didn’t think I needed my dad. He was a drunk so I could ignore him.

The ignoring of this, caused a disassociation in my own self. It caused a desperate seeking of the masculine on the outside because I didn’t acknowledge it on the outside. I was seeking the Yin masculine but the Yang shadow part is what actually showed up for me.

I loved the Yin masculine and hated the Yang, not realizing they were both two sides of the whole. I could not have one without the other and the more I suppressed any of it in myself, the more the distorted aspects of the masculine were in my face…constantly.

Because of this, my world view looked harsh to me. I became agoraphobic and didn’t even want to face the harshness. It has taken years for me to realize what was suppressing, squashing, and holding me back was my lack of acceptance of the whole masculine inside.

I spent most of my time working on bringing out the feminine thinking it was the receptivity, intuition, wisdom, unconditional love aspects I needed to bring to the forefront to shift the harshness.

Now, I see that it was the wild untamed feminine and the masculine that was screaming for my attention. It was the balanced aspects of both that was needed. It was the parts I was most afraid to face that needed to come out for the harshness to soften. The wild beast inside was raging because it needed expression. This expression was the only thing to quiet the beast inside.

This is all still integrating within me but seeing it has rocked my world. This may be old news to many for each of us, moments of bringing an aspect out of shadow seems like a like altering revelation.

I always thought we had one part Divine Feminine and one part Divine Masculine. These were the parts we had to work with to bring into wholeness. Now, I am realizing I’ve only been able to love with a quarter of my full potential.

I am only now tapping into loving with my whole heart. We have to bring online the Yin and Yang of both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. The Yin Feminine is the Beloved of the Yang Masculine. The Yang Feminine is the Beloved of the Yin Masculine.

We spend our time, trying to match the Yin Feminine with the Yin Masculine and denying the other halves.

We often demonize the Yang Feminine: Wild Untamed Primordial Goddess and the Yang Masculine: Domineering, Womanizing, Controlling God. We don’t realize that the Christed Male and Virgin Mother are a part of what we’ve cast into shadow as demonic.

Until, we can truly accept all 4 parts back into our souls, we will more than likely manifest addiction, self sabotage, abuse, corruption, mental illness, poverty, and failure in our outside world.

Take a look at what you hate, judge, or despise. This is what you’ve locked away in shadow. These are the parts that are trying to destroy you because they need acknowledgement and expression.

They will come out one way or another. It is our choice whether they come out destructively or as a power coming back to us. We have to start with facing them and finding a way to accept, forgive, and love them.

Thank you for reading!

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Notes of a Shaman: Singing the River

Notes of a Shaman: Singing the RiverNotes of a Shaman: Singing the River

It was a cloudy summer day and I decided to go down to the river. I approached a large boulder that was reaching into the river.
The forest was dark as the clouds and trees formed mystical shadows all around. It appeared much later than it was. It almost felt like a storm forming. I asked for permission to take a seat on it and started connecting with it.

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Fighting the Wage Gap Through Entrepreneurship

Fighting the Wage Gap Through EntrepreneurshipFighting the Wage Gap Through Entrepreneurship

When we think of the classical, “happy” relationship between men and women, many people will conjure up the image of a maiden in distress being rescued by a knight in shining armour.

Unfortunately, it’s that inclination which has lead us to a plethora of gender inequality problems. So, it is no surprise that there is a palpable tension in the workplace between men and women.

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