Can Meditation Make You a Confident Person?


Can Meditation Make You a Confident Person?

Meditation is a way to create more calm, connect to spirit, quiet the mind, increase brain productivity, and release stress.  But there is another benefit that is often overlooked.

Regular daily meditation can increase self-confidence.

We spend the majority of our day, thinking.

The problem is, we are thinking about what to do, what someone said to us, how we look, and so on. 

The thoughts we think are normally mundane surface thoughts that keep us disconnected from ‘who we are.’

Meditation helps our confidence by connecting us with the deeper part of ourselves.

Regular meditation helps us rise above our thoughts and connect us our authentic inner essence.

It’s known by many names. Some refer to it as spirit, our soul, our divine nature, or higher self.

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The more that we tap into and identify with this core self, the more effortless our life becomes.

We trust ourselves more and begin to live our life from a calm place.

Confidence is our natural way of Being, when we get out of the way.

When we live from this place, we are less prone to engage in negative self-talk or self-judgment.

We become less critical of ourselves and others.

We begin to live more in each moment, like we did when we were children. 

We become less identified with what we do and more with who we are.

We realize we are valuable just the way we are.

Before long, confidence grows and we naturally find ourselves taking more risks and facing fears.

We find ourselves having more success and less self-sabotage because we are not following our thoughts to dictate our actions.

We are no longer acting from a place of who we think we are but rather from the deepest part of our being.

Meditation Increases Confidence- Misha Almira

Our sense of self improves  naturally and automatically as we continue our regular meditation practice.

We notice we are happier, more peaceful and sure of ourselves.

Then, we can start consciously altering our self-talk with positive statements.

It is good to do this before meditation or throughout the day.

Spend a few minutes each day speaking positively to and about yourself.

Visualize empowerment.

Visualization is a great way to enhance meditation.

Spend a few minutes seeing yourself acting with confidence or being successful.

It is as easy as imagining a pretty sunset. Just hold the intention to see a picture in your mind of you at your best. Even a few seconds can be highly effective.

Write a new story about failure.

Often, after failing at something once, we convince ourselves that we are a failure. The problem is, we stop there.

Instead of continuing to try, we give up on ourselves.

Then, our self-esteem is lowered by reaffirming this story over and over.

The truth is anyone can be successful by not giving up.

The only time we fail is when we quit.

Most highly successful people have failed more than they succeeded.

Imagine yourself trying again until you succeed.

When your story about failure changes, you will be more willing to keep going.

How much value do you think a boost in self-confidence would add to your life?

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been helpful.

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Misha Almira

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