Initiation Rites of the Ancestors- Answering the Call

Ayahuasca - 4th Ayahuasca Ceremony - Misha Almira

Answering the Call

I believe there is reason you are here, reading this right now. There is an increase in the amount of people that are being called to this path. Warriors of Light are feeling an inner yearning to reconnect. It is a deep echo of where we came from and how our new existence will be. There are many of us that have contracted to be a representative of our lineage to assist in activating codes of light for others.

You know if you are one of these because the call is strong and you may have felt guided your whole life by this inner beckoning. The how is not as significant as the knowing of when. As a representative, you will have a tribe of individuals to assist. Your part is to activate the remembering inside them at precisely the right moment.

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How to Gain Power Over Your Addiction


How to Gain Power Over Your Addiction – Slaying One Dragon at a Time


Let’s talk about addiction. Have you ever watched yourself doing something you know is bad for you but you do it anyway?

Do you ever find yourself not being able to stop thinking about that drink you are going to have when you get off or the chocolate cake you are going to eat tonight at dinner?

Have you ever decided to go to a party just for the food or drink? Come on admit it, you have at least done this once right? What about being more excited to have popcorn than the actual movie you are going to see?


In the Mind of an Addict

What Happens in the Mind of the Addict?

There are tons of books and meetings to tell you all about addiction and how to manage it. I have read a lot and I have been to the meetings. I do not disagree with any of the advice I’ve gotten from many of these sources.
Today, I want to talk about what happens in the mind of an addict. For me, addiction starts with an emptiness. It is easy to miss.
Most of the time, we skip over the feeling and go straight to the escape, which is what substances promise us.
They promise that we will instantly feel different…better. We will feel full again. You can pick a different substance each week if you want, but it is still the same emptiness.
That is why there is addiction even after we quit drinking or taking those pills. The emptiness stays and the want to escape can make us crazy especially if we are just trying to stay away from the substance that gave us the quick fix.
Here is the deal. Feeling empty is uncomfortable.
 Escaping Addiction - Misha Almira
No one wants to go into a black hole or the unknown.
We don’t know what is going to jump out  or consume us. We might not ever come out! Instead of just facing the big scary empty hole inside we start to obsess about escaping it.
It starts with one thought. Then, we lose half the day just thinking about our escape.
Everyone else becomes a nuisance getting in our way of “truly being happy.”  We don’t even see what is happening.
Now I’m going to tell you what I have discovered.
There are predatory entities or spirits that feed on emptiness, fear, doubt, shame, guilt, remorse, hatred and disgust.
They want us to be swallowed in the emptiness so they have more to feed on and can get control over our minds.
They want to destroy you. If you have ever been deep in an addiction, you know this is true.
They are just waiting for us to start thinking negative thoughts about ourselves and about others.
They also love to feed the addictions. Alcohol, certain drugs, or anything we take too much of can become energetic portals for entities to slip through.
Ever had that feeling like you weren’t being yourself while under the influence?
They especially love it when we obsessively think. They come in and start feeding us thoughts that perpetuate our misery.
They entice us with unhealthy thoughts of how that drink will make us feel better.
This is how we lose control of our lives through addiction. It starts with a thought and then we give our power over to these predatory thoughts and powers that influence them.
This is not a religious thing, but if you watch it while it is happening it becomes very clear.
I will give you an example. The other day, I was sitting at my computer and started feeling bored and hungry.
I started having thoughts about how I had no food in the house and no car to go get any. I was getting mad because my boyfriend had the car. My thoughts were just bombarding me.
I was going to go the store and get nachos and cookies. Maybe I would order pizza. Blah Blah Blah.
Food Addiction - Misha Almira
Then, I stopped and asked myself what was going on? I took a breath and noticed what I was feeling. I felt desperate inside, bored, hungry, and empty. There it was. Big dark and lonely emptiness.
Then I asked myself if I was okay with just feeling desperate, bored, hungry, and empty.
My body relaxed,  and I breathed in deeply. I instantly felt relief. Just allowing our current experience can give us relief. One of the bravest questions we can ask ourselves is, “how am I feeling right now?”
Our first response might be something like, “I feel like getting the hell out of here!” or “I feel annoyed by these people taking in my way!”
There is always something beneath these types of escape thoughts. They can mask as feelings. The trick is to go deeper.
Do you feel sad?
Do you feel angry?
Do you feel guilty?
Do you feel lonely?
Do you feel scared?
Our ego likes to tell us how ridiculous this is, but I dare you to really try it. I don’t mean ask yourself and then get distracted with better things. I mean ask yourself and truly feel the answer.
If we do this often enough, we will start to realize the emptiness is the key to our ultimate fulfillment.
Each time we feel it, it becomes a little less scary. Then, all that emptiness can be filled.
We will notice our creativity coming back and our joy. We all want happiness, fulfillment, and love.
We can start by acknowledging where we are feeling empty. Then, we can work on filling it.
It sounds simple and it actually is, if you are willing to stop right now and notice. We can set an intention of filling ourselves with Divine Love.
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How to Change Your Frequency to Attract the Things You Really Want

Happy Couples Don't Just Happen - Misha Almira

How to Change Your Frequency to Attract the Things You Really Want

Ever wonder why some people have all the luck and some just can’t get a break? Have you asked yourself why you keep attracting jerks and are just about ready to give up on relationships entirely? What is it about some girls that seem to have it all? It doesn’t just happen by accident. Allow me to answer by going on a bit of a tangent.




Everything in creation is vibration. Very dense matter vibrates at a slower rate. Light vibrates at a very high rate. We have all heard the saying, “faster than the speed of light.” Some light we can experience with our physical senses and some we cannot. The reason for this is we are not vibrating at a high enough frequency to perceive all light or sound waves. When people experience out of body or near death experiences, they often speak of seeing a magnificent light or light beings. They often speak of traveling some place in an instant. They are able to perceive this because they are in their light body, which is a vibrational match for other light bodies at a higher vibration.


We cannot normally see ultraviolet light or electricity. However, we know they exist. We have also learned to work with them for our benefit.  So this directly relates to our bodies and what we are experiencing all around us.


We are like tuning forks, constantly matching up with other tuning forks at random. Unless we learn to work with vibration intentionally for our highest benefit, we are at the mercy of our environment and our thoughts.  Where am I going with this?


 If we are all made up of matter but our essence/soul is a light body then how do we raise our vibration in our body? How do we manifest the life we truly want?  Can you feel a difference in your body after meditating, praying, chanting, hypnosis, or even massage? Why is this? In these activities we are lining up with our higher self, our light body. We are raising our vibration by relaxing the body and allowing our bodies to match the vibration of our higher self. We are putting ourselves in a state of gratitude, love, and appreciation.
These are all high frequencies of energy. This is actually our natural state of being. We just get distracted with dense energy outside ourselves, which lowers our vibrational frequency to match what is happening to us. We start to believe that we are just bodies, just our stress, just our relationships, and that our past dictates our future. This is not true. Just because your last boyfriend was a jerk, does not mean you have to keep being a vibrational match to him or others like him.
Our goal is to raise our physical vibration to a higher level of frequency to match our ultimate desires, not our outside circumstances, and not what we have felt worthy of based on our past.
You see, most of us desire love, happiness, joy, purpose, prosperity, abundance, and bliss. However, what we end up experiencing often is lack of satisfaction, poverty, anger, frustration, boredom, fear, guilt, shame, obligation, etc…
We always experience an exact match to what we vibrate with. What this means is, if we are feeling road rage, we are an exact match for anger. That is why when we get to the office and our boss yells at us, it seems right on par with our morning. Then, our coworker makes us mad, we have to wait in lines for our lunch break so don’t have time to eat. Then, on the way home, we get pulled over for a brake light that has mysteriously gone out.
We attract other situations that resonate with anger and perpetuate it. By the end of a day filled with anger, we come home to find our dog has gone to the bathroom on our bed and our kids are fighting. You get the picture right?
We essentially get in our own way by what we decide to pay attention to on a regular basis. We look at it as luck, but it is a choice. This is a very basic form of self-sabotage, we just are not always aware of it. Essentially, self-sabotage is being a vibrational match to old behavior.
Everything is energy - Misha Almira
Another way we can sabotage ourselves is by focusing on what we are doing wrong or what we can’t do. We may even feel like this is a step in the right direction to better ourselves. What we are actually doing is creating a feeling of guilt or shame. Then, we are vibrating at the level of these things.
We will then create more situations in our lives that cause us to feel more guilt, shame, or unworthiness. It can be frustrating when we become aware of what we are doing wrong then everyone around us starts pointing out what we are doing wrong or how incompetent we are!
Can you think of an example of this in your life? I actually lost scholarships to Universities because of this loop. I have also lost a lot of high-income opportunities as well.
The other trap is to get caught in a loop of blaming others. It is easy to waste time and energy on blaming the boss for being a bully. The other one is to blame our wives or husbands for making us feel a certain way. Perhaps we blame the kids for making us late which ruined our whole day.
This is a definite way to lower our vibration and become a vibrational match of being a victim. Then, more and more situations come up for us to be victimized and feel pathetic. This is a form of self-pity sabotage.
The world can always hold you down if this is what you choose to focus on. The past only equals the future if you decide that it does.
I am not saying it is easy to break out of old habits or abusive situations. I am saying there is a way out and it will take awareness and courage. You can have what you want even if you don’t believe it right now.
 Focus on the Beauty of Life - Misha Almira
The good news is we can shift any situation by intentionally putting ourselves in alignment with what we want and ONLY focusing on that.
When we do this, we notice the lights turning green all the way to work, a coworker bringing us our favorite latte, the boss giving us that new account we have longed for, the cute guy down the hall finally asking us out, and the world becomes an exciting playground of possibilities.
It is not hard. It only takes a little awareness and can make all the difference in your life. We want to raise our vibration to the level of all that we want because what we want almost always has a higher vibration than what we don’t want. Just the realization of this raises your vibration.


How do we do raise our vibration/frequency?

Let’s make some lists. First, make a list of all the situations that have caused you to feel guilt, shame, or fear. Take your time and be thorough. When you feel complete. Burn it immediately. Watch the smoke rise and know that you are releasing these old behaviors. Forgive yourself. Say it out loud.
  • I forgive myself.
  • I am not to blame.
  • I have not done anything wrong.
  • I forgive others.
  • Others are not to blame. (use names if it helps)
  • They have not done anything to harm me
  • I cannot be harmed.
  • I am safe.
Now, make a list of what you love about yourself. If it is difficult, you can picture yourself as a child. You can even hold an old baby picture. Then, list as many things that you love about that baby or child. This is a way of filling your love bank account. This is essential.  Read it and add to it daily. We cannot give to others if we are empty on the inside.
Next, send kindness and goodness to others. You can send compassion, peace, well-being, and health. Send goodness to yourself.
What does this have to do with not attracting jerks anymore? When I diligently started doing this work, I literally pushed or vibrated an abusive man right out of my life.
It was not hard and it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I have also done this to bring my soul mate into my life. If you keep focusing on all the ways your ex was a jerk, you are an exact match for all of those traits.
You are putting in an order for exactly that. If you continue the exercise above to raise your vibration and then start focusing ONLY on the characteristics you want in a mate, you start resonating with that. You start drawing that to you. This works and works fast if you are diligent.


Thank you for reading.

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 Gain Control Over the Mind to Eliminate Self-Sabotage

Practice This For 21 Days and See What Happens!


Power of Intentions & How They Can Help Transform Your Life

Intentions Are Powerful -

Power of Intentions & How They Can Help Transform Your Life – Self Development Tips

Years before I heard about The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,  or Law of Attraction, I heard about intentions. At first, I undervalued them as just another way to say affirmations. I loosely practiced setting an intention each day. Then, I started noticing getting exactly what asked for. As an example, I set my intention to be pleasantly surprised around money and love. Later that day my client sent $300.00 to me to thank me for all the work I’d been doing for him. Then, my boyfriend surprised came home and was showering me with love more than usual.
 I quickly realized through the practice of setting regular intentions, I was reaching my goals at an even faster rate. I started playing with them. I would playfully say I wanted someone to call me Beautiful. Next thing I know, several people are referring to me as Beautiful. You get the picture.
Proof That Intentions Work!  
According to Dr. Jeffrey Utz, Neuroscience, pediatrics, Allegheny University, different people have different percentages of their bodies made up of water. Babies have the most, being born at about78%. By one year of age, that amount drops to about 65%. In adult men, about 60% of their bodies are water.
This is good news for us! We are a container of water that is 60% full so what we think changes our cells instantly. It can be that simple.
Goals vs Intentions -

The Difference Between Goals & Intentions


Let’s say you want to go to Manhattan but you start in Brooklyn. Manhattan is our goal or end result. You get a cab get inside and tell the cab driver to drive. You know you want to end up in Manhattan and that is clear. Now all you have to do is lean back and wait until you get there. You could be picturing in your mind all the things you want to do when you get there and how great it will be.
The only problem is you did not tell the cab driver where you want to go. You just got in and told him to drive. You may have told him you’d really like to see Manhattan one day, but this is vague. We want to be specific.
When we use intentions, we are stating what we want to happen each day. It allows our driver to take the fastest route to our destination. It allows our Universe to get behind us and help us get there. Without intentions, we are just getting in and allowing ourselves to go on a ride. We do not know where we will go along the way, or how long the ride will take. We could very quickly end up in a place we really don’t want to be.
Once the driver knows where we would like to go, we can let it go and enjoy the scenery, knowing we are on our way.
We can play with it. Some days my intentions are general like, “I am easily creating feeling happy today.” Other days is could be, “I am easily creating getting hired for this job on the spot.” Another one I really like is, “I am easily creating gentleness and ease in all that I do.” There are so many brilliant examples. I have included more examples below.
I am easily creating
  • My day going smoothly
  • Receiving money today
  • Being pleasantly surprised
  • Feeling more love and compassion
  • Getting a raise
  • Accomplishing a new task
  • Gentleness in all that I do
  • Transformational insight coming to me


Affirmations are slightly different than Intentions. Affirmations are repeated to change a limiting belief we have. They replace negative self-talk at a conscious level. We will talk later about conscious level versus unconscious level. Affirmations are presented from a conscious level and through enough repetition, we are able to replace the negative programming we tell ourselves and have received from others.

We use affirmations like we are listening to a broken record, skipping on the same phrase. Our negative self-talk has no room to speak and eventually our subconscious mind starts to believe the new statements. With hypnosis, this can happen even faster, but affirmations are effective in breaking a habit. If we stop putting garbage into our mind, we will stop getting garbage for results. Then we quickly become aware of where some of the undesirable life situations are coming from. More on that later too.

Hopefully, now you can see a clear difference between intentions and affirmations. I have listed a few examples of useful affirmations below. Then I will explain how we use them.

  • I am a good person
  • I love myself and others
  • I forgive myself and others
  • I am beautiful or handsome
  • I radiate youth
  • I am getting younger
  • I am confident
  • I am worthy of all good things
  • I make more money than I spend
  • I am abundant
  • I have more than enough
  • I am enough

You can use affirmations in different ways. You will want to repeat them regularly. You can pick just one and repeat it at least 9 times preferably more. I have listed a few ways to practice them below.

1. You can say them out loud while sitting with your eyes open.

2. You can write them down and read them in the morning and at night.

3. You can turn off the music in your car and say them while you drive (This is one of my favorites)

4. You can just think them silently while you exercise (This actually increases my endurance and stamina.  You really get to see the power of the mind at work)

5. You can think them silently while you drift off to sleep.

These are just a few examples. You will find your favorite ways to use them as you continue your practice. They can actually become addictive because it feels so much different than negative self-talk. If you notice emotions coming up, know that they are working!

Intentions -


How Do I Use Intentions?

Take a minute in the morning to set at least one intention. Write it down and read it. Then, put it aside and know that the Universe is taking care of it. Try to forget about it and go about your day.  So let’s get started.

Take a moment to get still right now and ask yourself how you would like your day to unfold. Then, breathe into it. See what comes up the strongest. If you have several that is fine too.  I like to start it like this, “I am easily creating…”
You fill in the blanks and write it down. I like to do this because the subconscious mind can be more engaged. Also, I love to go back and look at all the intentions that have happened. It is fun to see how it becomes a Universal Bucket List, being checked off one intention at a time. It can be fun and is so simple. Enjoy!
Please share your experiences by commenting. I’d love to hear it!

Thank you for reading.

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Misha Almira

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What is Insomnia & How I Kicked Its Butt!

Insomnia Solution - Are You Sick of Getting No Sleep?

 What is Insomnia & How I Kicked Its Butt!

Are You Sick of Not Getting Any Sleep? Would You Actually Consider Selling a Kidney Just to Make it Stop?
Insomnia can steal your life a little at a time. It takes the fun out of your days and leaves you in a desperate state night after night. At first, you think I’ll just find some good books and get ahead on my reading. I can use this to my advantage and the reading will make me sleepy. Genius! Then, you are done with your book and staring at the clock at 4 am. By the time 6 am, comes around, adrenaline kicks in and you feel invincible. This plan will work! Tonight you will get some sleep and it will all be a fading memory.
However, after repeating night one, you start reevaluating your plan. This time there is no adrenaline, your eyes are burning, you don’t know how you are going to muster the energy to get dressed much less get through the entire day!
On night 3 you cannot even read the words on the page, you make yourself get up and go out. You think maybe if you go to an all night coffee shop, it will pass the time. On the drive there, you are seriously questioning your driving skills and sanity. Even traffic lights are proving to be a major source of confusion. You make it there and have a hint of hope that things will be okay…eventually. There are people here, just like you, drinking coffee at 3:00 am. You will be fine somehow. At least you are not all alone.
The fourth night, you are delirious. There is no other word for it. You are texting your friends crazy shit that makes no sense.  You are starting to see things. When you drive, you are swerving to avoid hitting little kids playing in the street, only to realize there is nobody there. You decide to just go home and stay there for everyone’s safety.
You watch all the movies you can find, read more, write some, and go absolutely mad! Then, after a long excruciatingly long night, the sun rises. The worst part is trying to cope like a normal functioning person in the daylight. You are having so many accidents and mishaps at work, you are certain today is the day you will get fired.
You start to care less about others and their petty concerns. You are fighting to just survive the day. Why are they talking to you about the latest shoes they found on sale? Why are they talking to you at all?! You are turning hateful by the second. It seems to never end.
You try bargaining with an invisible Higher Power. You convince yourself you must be in some sort of purgatory. Surely, you must have died and you are not aware of it. Then, you start pleading to come back. You start looking for some redeemable qualities to your previous life. You make promises to God that you know you can’t keep, but you are desperate enough to try.
Insomnia Solutions - Are You Sick of Not Getting Any Sleep?
You Are Not Alone
Roughly 60 million other Americans suffer from sleep disorders each year. Some people have short periods (days to a few weeks) of difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep (called acute insomnia). Others have this difficulty for a month or longer (called chronic insomnia). Some individuals even suffer for years. As you can see from the one example above, Insomnia can be very disruptive to a person’s life, so understanding insomnia can be essential in finding relief and a lasting solution. For some, it is not as obvious. Some individuals can fall asleep but struggle with staying asleep.
There are many different symptoms that are often overlooked such as waking too early, difficulty falling asleep, not feeling rested after a night’s sleep, daytime tiredness or sleepiness. Often, a person may think they are getting sleep, but if they are not staying asleep, they may not be getting the quality sleep they need. This can cause sleep deprivation and symptoms of insomnia as well.
Insomnia Symptoms
How it Hurts You

Sleep deprivation can start as a few mild symptoms in the body and over time can lead to very serious conditions. Here are a few surprising and serious effects of sleep loss.

  • Accidental Death
  • Impaired Brain Activity
  • Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Memory Problems
  • Moodiness
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Accident Prone
  • Weakened Immune Response
  • Cold & Flu
  • Weight Gain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
There are many examples of accidents caused by sleep deprivation. According to Huffington Post, the three following known incidents were related by sleep deprivation: Three Mile IslandThe Challenger Explosion, & The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.
Misha Almira- Insomnia Relief

The Secret Combination

I was one of the lucky ones that suffered for years from insomnia. I tried many different pills, tinctures, and remedies. For years, I was dependent on Tylenol PM. They claim it is not addictive, but I felt like I needed it every night just to get to sleep. After taking it for a while, I found myself waking in the middle of the night with restless legs and a sort of nervous energy in my body. I tried working out really hard before going to bed so I was completely exhausted. I would still wake in the night.
Then, purely by accident, I found the perfect combination. The best part is, It has continued to work for me. I find that I fall asleep, sleep soundly all night, and wake up more refreshed. After years of being a very moody morning person, I now actually wake up smiling. I might even say I feel happy. Just don’t tell my friends. I hate to spoil my reputation. I don’t want them to think I don’t appreciate them bringing me coffee in bed. What is my SECRET?

Thank you for reading.

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Misha Almira

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Letting Go in Death

Letting Go in Death - Mamaw's Transition
Letting Go in Death – Mamaw’s Transition

Letting Go in Death – Mamaw’s Transition

My Mamaw passed 6 days ago. I was able to spend several days and two full nights with her before she passed. In hindsight, I  realized she was having, what they refer to as, a rally, for the time I spent with her.

At the time, I thought she was getting better. One of the gifts she gave me, during this rally, was being able to interact with her for the final days. She even called me by name and seemed to know exactly what was going on around her. 

Her dementia had been unpredictable. Most days,  she did not recognize her loved ones.  In the rest home, she even watched t.v. right next to her brother and did not make the connection.  

So, to see her looking right at me and calling my name, was a precious gift. She knew all of us for those twelve beautiful and challenging days.

I have deep philosophical questions as a result of the last full night I spent with her. The experiences have deeply affected my soul. I sat holding her hand because she wanted someone at her side and she was very affectionate.  

Every time I reached over to adjust covers, she would grab me for a long hug. She was so beautiful, even as she struggled to get comfort. Neither one of us got sleep, but she gave it her best shot.  

One minute she was hot, throwing her nightgown and all the covers to the floor. The next minute, she was needing extra blankets. She struggled in constant pain. Nothing seemed to work. She would look at us and ask us to help. She seemed to be fighting more than just the pain. She seemed afraid. At the time, it did not make complete sense.


I felt helpless but was determined to do something…anything. I decided to start invoking angels hoping to  soothe her soul. I was asking them to let her know it was okay, that she was safe.

I was also asking them to surround her with love and to ease her suffering. I started noticing when I would do this, she would react.

She would get agitated and put her hands up in front of her face. She acted like the room was full of nurses trying to give her medicine or food.

She would look toward the foot of her bed and say, “no, I don’t need anything.” My sister and I were the only ones in the room and we were just sitting next to her.

She was not looking or talking to us though. This continued. I would call the angels in and ask for their help, and she would dismiss them.

Later in the evening, her pain and discomfort seemed to be escalating.  My sister, mom, aunt, and myself were standing at her bedside.

I started silently calling in angels with even more energy and pleading with them to ease her pain while filling her with peace. Her eyes were closed and I had one of her hands.

Then suddenly, she looked right at me and asked, “do you have to do that?” I was shocked by her response.  I had not moved at all and the dialog was just in my head, but she was well aware of what was happening energetically.  

A little later, she looked at my sister and started pointing to the corner, saying, ” there is one over there, and there, and there.”  She was seeing the angels and even counting them.

You have to understand, my grandmother was never a spiritual person. I never heard her talking about angels. She would go to church, but only for my grandpa. After he passed, she never went. She never really understood my spiritual pursuits. It was something we just didn’t discuss.

Death and Dying
Death and Dying

Out of Body & Other Loved Ones

She began speaking with loved ones that had passed on and talking about Joyce. Joyce was her sister that died shortly after birth. She was asking for her.  She had many conversations with loved ones. They were normal conversations like they were standing in the room with her.

In the night, she would say, “I’m so sorry”. Then, she would say, ” I just can’t”. After a while, it changed to, “she just can’t”.   She seemed to be referring to herself in the third person.  She sweetly whispered, “She has been so sick”. Then, she innocently asked, “is she dead?”. Then, she would say, “she is in trouble”. We would tell  her that she was safe and she would calm down.  One time she cried out, “my soul!”.

Archangel Michael

She was saying, “she is in trouble”, and acting afraid. I began to invoke Archangel Michael for clearing and protection. I was asking him to clear the room, her body, our bodies, and to fill everything with love. She had her eyes closed and I was holding her hand, invoking Michael silently.

After a few minutes, I opened my eyes. She had her eyes wide open and was staring at me. Previously, she had been unresponsive to my sister and I.

My sister had been holding her other hand and watching her. She said her eyes just popped open as she looked right at me. At first, it frightened me, but I continued. Then, she started coughing. After that, she calmed for a bit.

I called Archangel Michael, one more time, later in the night, when she was moaning in her sleep. I was sitting next to her, holding her hand. She was asleep and I could only see her if I leaned forward. I leaned back and silently started invoking Archangel Michael again.

I was asking him to clear her body of pain, suffering, and any negative energies.  I asked him to fill her with peace, love, and light. I also asked him to fill the room and building with love.

I asked him to surround it all with protective light and to stay with her for guidance. When I opened my eyes, she was sitting up very close to me and staring again. It scared me.  The look in her eyes did not look frightened. It looked curious and slightly stern. She never said anything. After I spoke to her, she leaned back and closed her eyes again.

Between Worlds

She seemed to be between worlds…partly here and partly in the spirit realm. She expressed repeatedly how she was not ready, or “not needing anything”.

She remained restless for two more days. One day she physically tried to get out of bed for hours.  She was unable to get out of bed or walk by herself. She normally did not even desire or attempt this. This day, my mom was staying with her and spent hours trying to keep her from hurting herself. Eventually, they got her into a chair, but she was trying to get out of that too. She was just trying to go! They told us about Terminal Restlessness and let us know it is a common occurrence.


I asked Mamaw to let me know she was okay. I wanted to know that she had made it to the other side completely.  I was trying not to worry, but it was on my mind.  I could not seem to relax. At the same time, I did not want to be holding her with my worry. I just kept letting the thoughts go as they came up.

Last night, I woke up feeling her. It felt like she was in the room and I was instantly enveloped in a warm peace. It covered my body like a blanket, or a big hug. This peace filled my body and I instantly relaxed. I could feel her love and knew she was better than okay. I told her I loved her and fell into a gentle sleep.

To Mamaw

To Mamaw

You were red carpet ready even around the house
Never afraid to speak your mind
The most popular dancer in the room (even in your 80’s)
The scent of Gardenias
A perfect example of the lady I’d like to be


I miss your loving touch, your sparkling blue eyes and your strong voice, with that ever-present hint of necessary defiance…whispering to my soul,
“Always Remember Who You Are Dear One. Never let life break your spirit”.
That is what I say to you Mamaw, for your journey Home.
Remember Who You Are
Nothing Can Break Your Spirit…Not Even Death


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Beauty Fades

Beauty Fades
Beauty Fades

Beauty fades…or does it? Who told us this and when did we start believing it? I think of Meryl Streep and wonder what is it about her that is so beautiful? Diane Keaton is another one that just radiates that certain something.  I can watch them all day and remain captivated.  What is it about them?  I narrowed it down to one word. Elegance.

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How Do I Find My Life Purpose?


Life purpose can simply be expressed as what you love doing and is the only opportunity you have to contribute greatly to the world as well as making a lasting positive impact.

I want you to know that you are on this planet for a single purpose.

I genuinely know that all human beings are blessed with unique gifts, and the expression of these gifts contribute greatly to our world and can live on after we are gone.

So your gifts (talents embedded in you) are what form a path for your life purpose.

Understanding of life purpose is a major problem that has stopped many from reaching their potential.

No matter the ability and potential you were born with, it will be wasted if your life purpose is not discovered.

“Potential embedded in every human can attain its peak when spent in pursuit of life purpose”.

Life purpose is a key factor to joy and fulfillment in life, so it must be discovered to live a joyful existence. To find purpose it is beneficial to do a self inquiry, and ask the important questions that can reveal exactly what you are here to do.

Some of these answers might come slowly but if you are earnestly longing to know, you will receive the answers. They are in your heart and will come naturally for you. It is important to sit with these questions and not force the answers to come too quickly.

1. What is it that gives me joy (continuous happiness): one of the most powerful ways of discovering life purpose is in discovering what activities give joy to your life, while you are doing them. Let me use this example to explain more, if you take a special interest in doing a particular thing, to the point of forgetting to eat, you have found your purpose.

2. What do I usually think about unconsciously (mostly in my imagination): This is another way of discovering what your life purpose is.

3. What am I capable of teaching others with or without getting paid?

4. What am I naturally good at doing?

5. What do people always ask me to help them do?

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