Diving Deep Requires Recovery Time

Diving Deep Requires Time For Recovery- Misha Almira

Diving Deep Requires Recovery Time

When we dive deep into anything, it can call for a time of recovery or integration.

If we go really hard in a workout that requires us to dig deep, it is essential to take a day or two to allow the muscles to rebuild. They can be fatigued and we want to avoid injuries.

This applies to spiritual work and healing as well. We forget to be patient with ourselves when we are opening old wounds or revisiting our painful past.

We expect instant relief and think that the old baggage will immediately turn into bliss.

Many of these wounds have been there for lifetimes. They may need more time to surface and heal.

They are really not that different from physical wounds, we just don’t see them so it is easy to disregard them.

They still require tendering loving care.

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Opening the Heart

Sometimes when our heart is healing, we will dive deep into places that haven’t been touched in a long time, old ancient wounds buried inside.

As healing occurs, light pours in, filling in all the spaces. It can begin dissolving walls we have built for protection.

The places we have kept heavily guarded may become exposed to this loving light.

We know it is healing, yet, it can feel terrifying. Letting down those walls takes away our false sense of safety. It can leave us feeling undefended, which is exactly where we ultimately want to live.

Even knowing this, it can still bring up great resistance. Our learned reflex is to shut down these vulnerable parts of the heart space. We fear if we let them be seen, it could destroy us.

Our heart feels like a gentle fragile flower opening to the sun and we forget in these moments just how powerful the heart really is.

We also forget to be patient with ourselves and the process.

Recovery & Integration

Spiritual and emotional healing is not much different than physical healing as far as recovery and integration go.

We just sometimes put less value on what we can’t see. It is easy to nurse a cut and know when it needs more time. It is just not always as obvious with emotional healing.

We expect immediate results and want to feel good right away. But, just like surgery, it can often feel painful right after the procedure.

We may need more rest, nurturing, and loving kindness. We might even need to do exercises to get stronger.

Often after a healing, we can feel worse. We might feel deep sorrow, remorse, grief, hopelessness, or loss. 

We might feel anxiety.  The voice inside can tell us we must be going in the wrong direction or that the healing isn’t working. These are all signs that it IS working.

In these times, it is good to remember that judging our experience only makes it take longer to get stronger.

We wouldn’t tell a friend in the hospital that we think the surgery made them worse and they may be beyond hope.

Recovery & Integration - Misha Almira

We wouldn’t yell at our dog for whining after a visit to the vet. Ridiculous right?

No, we would get them what they need and take care of them with love. We would reassure them that they will get stronger, but now is time to rest.

Surrendering to What Is

The more we can allow our process to take its natural course, the faster we will heal.

It is by fully accepting all of it that we really start feeling stronger, even if that looks like anxiety, crying, sleeping, or anger. 

Whatever it looks like, welcome all of it.  It is making its way out of the body, mind, and heart. It is so easy to forget this while it is happening.

We can feel terrible and just want it to end. We may start questioning what is wrong with us?! We can try to snap ourselves out of it so we can go live our actual lives.

This is a trick of the ego. It is by integrating the process into our daily lives that we get the most permanent lasting healing.

Otherwise, we can be unconsciously shoving it right back into the shadows.

Do your best to treat yourself with loving kindness as it surfaces.

It can feel scary but we can choose to soften during the process. Well, really ALL the time! Let that be your new resolution.

Know that it will get better, easier and will ultimately heal.

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