My Encounter with my Spirit Guide

My Encounter with my Spirit Guide- Misha Almira

My Encounter with my Spirit Guide

I did not expect this to happen when I asked to meet a Spirit Guide.

I decided to put in a request before my meditation. I asked to meet my Spirit Guide and be taken into the stillness of the One.

I wanted to get a good back stretch so I got on the floor and go into Plow pose. It felt so good, so I just started my meditation while in the pose.

I just felt my whole body sinking into a deep relaxation and my mind followed.

I could not believe how delicious it felt as I dove deeper into my core traveling down into the inner depths of stillness.

Everything went black. The silence was so quiet there was almost a buzzing. I was surrounded by nothingness…and yet it filled me entirely.

Out of the black nothingness came a vision of a man. 

He came walking toward me and I instantly felt a familiar warmth.

His eyes were black but with a knowingness that pierced through me. Looking into his eyes, I saw sunlight, God, Christ, & the Mother.

They spoke to my soul in a way I could understand instantaneously. I felt the safety of being in my mother’s arms.

His hair was long and silver. It glowed like the moon.

He tapped my head and I love engulfed me.

It was the love of the Universe. I felt like I never wanted to be anywhere else.

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It was the love I see in the eyes of infants…vast, warm, irresistible, infinite, complete, overflowing, & indescribable.

I had all I needed within this nothingness with my Spirit Guide.

I felt like I should ask questions but realized every question had already been answered.

I instantly had the answers to every question that had ever been asked from before the beginning of time.

They were not given to me like we answer questions.

There were no words. There was only existence and nothing was hidden.

There was nothing I needed to know, nothing I needed to do.

There was just love…unconditional love.

My Spirit Guide sat with me and guided me with his mind.

He gave the impression that he had nothing better to do and that the very moment we were in was the only priority for all of creation.

I got a sense of lucky I was to be visited by such a magnificent being and yet his essence was honoring mine with equanimity.

He was showing me through experience that I deserved no less honor than God the Creator.

There was no doubt in this space, only knowing, honoring, and divine love.

These words are the closest I can find but feel like trying to paint a rainbow spectrum with only a dull pencil.

I had come out of plow pose and continued meditating for around 2 hours.

My spirit guide continued to sit with me. He guided me through my mind.

We stayed suspended in the nothingness that contained everything and it was all that was needed.

When it was time, I thanked him with my mind and came out of meditation.

I was reminded of who I am without all the earthly desires.

I could so clearly see how much I’d been focused on distractions, chasing dreams and needs when all I needed was inside.

By sinking into love, all of my needs would be taken care of anyway.

We get so distracted in life with careers, busy schedules, dreams, desires, etc…

We think we don’t have time for inner reflection.

We underestimate the value of turning inside and tapping into the love inside of us.

We have a hard time trusting that if we do choose this first, then our lives will just crumble around us. Things will not get done if we don’t do them right?

[bctt tweet=”“By doing nothing, everything begins to happen.” Travis Eliot”]

I challenge you to experiment with this for a week.

Make your priority focusing inward.

Meditate for 10 minutes before work.

Meditate a few minutes when you feel stressed.

Make it the most important thing you do this week.

Have an intention to meet your Spirit Guide within your meditations.

We all have spirit guides that are with us from birth or before.

They protect us, guide us and watch over us even if we are not aware of them.

If we want to meet them, often all we have to do is ask. I invite you to explore this relationship.

Ask to meet your spirit guide and be open to what happens.

I cannot wait to hear your experience. Please share it.

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Misha Almira

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