Escape the Matrix: The Cosmic Joke Revealed

I laughed out loud for what seemed like an Eternity. There it was right in front of me. The greatest joke of the Universe. 

Our seething hatred ultimately leads us to empathy and compassion. It is okay to dive into the play and to fully play your part. Feel the joys and hurt fully, as a child. Without judgment, children experience life as it comes. 

However, it does not take anything away from you to experience duality as it plays out. Some spiritual teachings will try to convince you that you must remain calm and loving. We are perfect images of God experiencing duality, but at the highest level, we are ONE with all that we judge. In the end, we will still be perfect. 

When we finally see the joke, from the highest perspective, we learn that both sides are playing for the same side. The greatest joke of all, is that God is behind all the acts. All the fucked up players are on servants for God. 

It isn’t that God is cruel. It is just all for us, so we wake up to the actual truth.

Spiritual Bypassing Creates More Darkness and Karma

I spent years in spiritual bypassing. The irony is, the more we try to run from the darkness inside, the bigger the dark monsters become. I was only concerned with peace and stillness, and when anything would rise out of shadow, it would be quickly pushed away with another mantra.

There is a time for acknowledging what lingers in the dark. After we have balanced the karma, there is mostly stillness, but if we think we should be experiencing anything, we are in a potential trap of the ego.

Have you ever met someone who is spiritual, saying all the right words, but something is off? You have a repulsion to their love and light, but don’t know exactly why? You sense they have a ton of baggage, but they seem to be in a state of bliss, while spouting the words of truth. Confusing at times, right?

The 3D Holographic Realm. inside the Matrix. has rules. There are laws of right/wrong, light/dark, and good/evil. 

We can play in the Matrix, but if we have preferences, personal desires or attachments of outcomes, we can quickly get hooked into the grid and corrupted. This is how light shifts into false light. There are more complexities, but this is one aspect.

In the Guru or Light Worker’s mind, they can truly believe they are beyond feelings and attachments, yet they have a whole psyche full of shadow stuff, showing up in life around them. 

How We Get Corrupted Inside the Matrix

One little preference or personal desire can slip in…rising up from the shadows. 
As an example, the Guru perceives himself as pure, but there is a little boy who was rejected by the pretty girl in grade school. It is so deep in shadow, there is not even a recognition of it, until the corruption has taken hold, in the adult’s life..  

It shows up as the very common story of Guru having sex with his young students. It starts as an unmet desire, when the pretty novitiate thinks she is in love with the Guru. The Guru he is helping her as he does any student, right? Shadow can be tricky that way. 

The Light Worker might offer many wise teachings, but underneath be filled with judgment. They can see themselves as more enlightened than others, because they have meditated more. They put the work in, and wished everyone else would do the same. Then, life would be easier on everyone! 

I did this for years, until I got a good dose of shadow work. We can hate the players on either side, because we perceive them as different than us, but the next step is to see ourselves in them. 

Another example, I felt great pain when people hurt or hunted animals. I hated them. Then, one day, a memory surfaced. 

It was my grandpa showing me how to use a gun and being proud of me killing my first bird. I relived the beautiful song of the bird, the way it gracefully shifted its feathers, and how it looked as it died in front of me. It was a sick mixture of pride and remorse. 

I felt the loss of life so deeply, I thought I would throw up. I had to acknowledge that I was no different than the players I hated. 

How to Use Shadow Work to Escape the Matrix

We have to find that part of ourselves who has done exactly the same thing we are judging, in some form. If we don’t, all this crap stays in shadow and comes out as corruption in some area of our life.

As we develop more personal power, the players become more powerful as well and the corruption comes out in equal measure. 

We just become highly educated enlightened egos, coming from personal judgment, rather than divine love. 

We can often have spiritual insights, while we are in a heightened states of awareness. Then, we can choose to make this a rule that everyone should know. We can proceed to inform everyone around us of this fact, which is very annoying. It becomes a new image that the ego uses to feel superior. We can go into our intellect and make it a new construct to live by, which takes us out of being fully. 

The other option is, we can let it go and just BE, which leads to a life of liberation. 

Steps to Escape

  1. Identify the judgment

2. Acknowledge the shadow aspect

3. Feel it

4. Let it go

5. Disengage from the preference, desire, or agenda

6. Become Stillness

It is never our place to fix, awaken, or inform anyone. Our only mission is to become who we are, embracing everything that arises with full presence, and engaging with the full spectrum of life. Then, surrender it all back to the One.

Dive into the complex inner depths of consciousness, while unabashedly whirling through the outer realms, free from wanting or needing anything.  

We can be fully aware and awake, while dancing like a fool in the rain, or being politically taboo. God often uses us in many surprising ways. I am humbled on a regular basis.

Whenever I feel like I know something, I get shown the complete opposite. The Great Mystery is Infinite. Our intellect will never figure it out or have control of it.

It can be quite liberating, fully grieving a loss, while simultaneously knowing we are all ONE, and have lost nothing. It is the deliciousness of duality. We are all on the same side, so there is just the beautiful tragedy of the Hologram and then coming back to our Multidimensional SELF. I say live it with fervor and let your wildness out! Then, unleash and uncage yourself from the limitation, while laughing blissfully at the Cosmic Joke.

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