Find Your True Genius & Live Your Passion

Live with Passion - Misha Almira

Find Your True Genius & Live Your Passion


We are all good at many skills, but we have one true genius. 
What is yours? 
What is it that you are innately great at? 
How do you know what that is?
How do you stop wasting the majority of your time doing something you are just kind of into and not all that passionate about?

When you are start spending most of your time doing what truly excites and ignites you, your life will change before your eyes. We have to get in touch with that magic we felt as kids.

We have to allow our real dreams to take the forefront of our daily lives. We have to start giving ourselves permission to do think about that dream and to live it fully.

We have to stop telling ourselves that if we if we follow our passion we won’t be able to pay the bills.


We will discuss this later, but first let us explore what our true genius might be. We will ask ourselves a few questions to see if we can get to the center of it.

How to Discover Your True Genius & Live With Passion

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? At the age of 5? At the age of 14?

What social class did you grow up in?

I wanted to be a professional dancer & actress at both ages.

My examples: I grew up in an upper middle class family.

When I was a junior in high school our status went to middle class and it changed my mindset around money.

Suddenly, I became aware of not getting everything I wanted and learned how to be creative with what we had.

I still had a very privileged life of which I was extremely grateful for, but I watched my parents work hard for it.

Therefore, I adopted the idea that it has to be hard to get what you need.

Previously, I was accustomed to quality clothes and did not want for anything. I thought just by having a desire for something meant that it would come.

I would get my own money for doing chores, early on, but I had programming that made me think there was always enough. I just had to ask for it.

2. What feedback did people give you?

What did people say about you?

Compliments? Unbiased Opinions?


My examples: People would tell me I was a great performer. They would say they especially liked watching me tumble across the stage/gym floor. They would tell me I had a natural stage presence and that I stood out in a group.

3. What have you accomplished in the last 10 years? 

My examples: I worked with  Shamans and Peruvian Plant Medicine, managed a lead teams of people, started 2 companies, taught dance and meditation.

4. What can you talk about and never get tired of?

The subject you can just go on and on about effortlessly.

What do people ask you to help them with?

What are subjects you love to read about?

 My examples: Spirituality, Meditation, Evolution, Dance & Ayahuasca
With my examples, you can see common themes or where they could meet in the middle.
You want to take the common themes in all four groups and come up with one sentence for what you do.
Example: I empower women to activate their passion
( I teach  Shamanic Sensual Dance, Meditation, and Shamanic practices in workshops & a Shamanic Priestess Academy)

How Do I Implement It?


4 circles of prosperity 2

  1. Potential – You are clear on what your skills are and have narrowed it down to that gift that you are truly great at. You know exactly what you do for people and can state in with one sentence. Now it is time to take action.
  2. Action – What action can you do right now to start living your passion? Start brainstorming and write a list of actions steps you can take immediately. Here is where you decide if you want to have a store front business, blog/website with online products, or provide a service.The next thing is to determine if you need more schooling, licenses, or qualifications prior to offering it to others. Even if you already went to school for your skill, I always recommend continuing to learn on a daily basis. Progress does not happen if we stop growing and moving.
    Do it now. Every day you should take action in the pursuit of living your true genius.

    Keep a list of action steps to take. Spend as many hours as you can allot each day. Do not put it off any longer.

    When you start taking consistent action steps, you will begin to see results which will build your belief.

  3. Belief – If you have taken action before in your life and not seen the results, it may be a problem with your belief. You may have an unconscious belief that you are not worthy of being happy AND earning money.You might think that it has to be hard. In this case, your mind needs to see more action in order to feel worthy. It may be your habitual self-talk that is reaffirming that things never go right for you.The more we address these beliefs and continue to take consistent action, the more our belief changes. As our belief changes to match our dreams the more positive results we get.
  4. Results – If we follow this chart, we will eventually get the results we want. We have to make sure we are refining our potential to match our genius and taking action steps every day.Notice I did not say every once in a while? If we are not getting the results we want, we need to go back through the chart to see where we are not fully following through.Are we focusing on only part of our potential, not taking enough action, or not believing? It is our daily rituals that produce our results. When we change those we change our results.

Self-Talk & Why it Matters

One of our most influential rituals is self-talk. The quality of our lives is determined by how we feel about ourselves. 95% of our emotions are determined by how we talk to ourselves. It is the tiny thoughts we are thinking about ourselves all day long that create our results.

You see, this habitual thinking is a ritual.

What are you saying to yourself?

Would you like this thought to create your life?

Would you like the result of this thought?

Most of us just think think think all day long and do not pay attention.

Affirmations can take you up or they can take you down. What most individuals to not attention to is the fact that they get to decide. We have a choice.


Let’s say you want to bake a cake from scratch. You get a choice of what kind of cake you want to make.

You make the cake with any ingredients you put in it. You decide the outcome. If you put crappy ingredients in the cake it will come out crappy.

If you want vanilla cake with white icing, you don’t put chocolate in with the ingredients.

If you do put chocolate in, you will have to expect a chocolate cake to come out.  Makes sense right?

What kind of cake do you want? What ingredients will it take?

What kind of thoughts will you need to think to get desirable results?

What are you telling yourself now?

Pay attention to what you have been telling yourself and see how closely your thoughts match your results you are currently getting.


Your thoughts are your ingredients for your life.

You will become aware of what you don’t want and how you are contributing to it.

You will see the correlation of your thoughts and your results if you are mindful.

Then, you get to ask yourself, “what do I want?” What types of ingredients or thoughts will you need to get this result?

Do you want to be healthier? Start telling yourself you are healthy.

Are affirmations enough? Have you ever practiced affirmations for a little while with no real change?

Did you give up and convince yourself that was just a bunch of hogwash?

I’ve been there.

Then, something occurred to me. You see, it took a long time and a lot of self-talk to get us to the point we are right now.

We have filled our mind with consistent programming that has resulted in exactly the life we have right now.

We cannot expect to erase all that consistent programming in a few days.

Secondly, we have become accustomed to our results as they are right now.

This is our normal so our mind will always try to come back to the level it is most familiar with.

If we have had years of poverty thinking, this is what our mind will expect automatically.

Until we can change our belief around what is “normal”, we will constantly come back to our old results.

This is why we can lose weight but have a problem keeping it off. Have you ever won money or managed to raise your income for a while only to have something in your life sabotage it?

Perhaps you got a raise then your car suddenly breaks down or your appliances give out.

The repairs end up being the exact amount of extra money. You notice each month, you end up with just enough to cover the bills. Nothing has changed.

You feel disappointed and just give up. You tell yourself, “I will never get ahead” “there is always something.”

This is my step dad’s mantra. He tells himself this constantly and speaks it out loud on a regular basis.

I watch as his life reaches for opportunities to meet his expectations. He struggles but things just don’t work out for him.

Just when he gets a little break, something else goes wrong. Then, his mantra is justified and his belief becomes even stronger.

What he doesn’t see is that he is making his own cake by the ingredients he puts in it.

He is placing his order  and getting exactly what he believes he will get! Then, he complains about his results and just settles for it.


We can make a change right now.

We can decide exactly what kind of results we want and choose rituals to match.

We can feed our mind with fuel that will take us to the most direct path of our dreams. In order to start, we have to stop living on default.

We have to consciously become aware and start living deliberately.

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