Full Moon Ceremony- Calling in Huascar Inca

Full Moon Ceremony - Calling in HuascarInca

Full Moon Ceremony- Calling in Huascar Inca

We have been working with sacred fires and the Shamanic archetypes. This week, I will discuss the first human archetype, Huascar: The Warrior of Shadow.

Huascar was ruler of the Inca Empire around the time of the Spanish invasion but was killed by his brother who had gained power during a civil war.

In life, Huascar was the keeper of the medicine teachings. In death, he has become the archetype of the Underworld.

Huascar brings balance to the dark places within each of us where shadow lives. He is an ally and keeps our repressed aspects safe until we are ready to introduce them back into our being. He protects us as well as the underworld by maintaining harmony and right timing.

During Shamanic Journeys, experienced Shaman can visit Huascar in the Underworld to retrieve lost soul parts. Often during trauma, soul loss can occur which locks these parts away in shadow. When we are ready, it is important to explore our shadow/subconscious world and to become whole again. Huascar can help us to accept and heal these repressed parts.

I recommend that anyone who is interested in connecting with this archetype do so under the guidance of an experienced Shaman.

Read next week for my blog post about the archetype: Quetzalcoatl.

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