Full Moon Ceremony – Calling in Sewa Kinte

Full Moon Ceremony - Calling in Sewa Kinte Sweet Hummingbird - Joy- Misha Almira

Full Moon Ceremony – Calling in Sewa Kinte

Sweet Hummingbird – Joy

On the Medicine Wheel, Hummingbird comes to us from the North.

Imagine being able to connect with your true calling and achieve success in epic proportions like the hummingbird flying from Brazil to Canada. Now imagine being truly happy while you do it.

Now imagine being truly happy while you do it.

This is what connecting with Hummingbird can teach us.

She reminds us to taste the sweetness in every moment but to only drink what we need. She connects us to the Ancestors that have come before us that guide our way.

She fills our heart with possibility.

Hummingbird has a way of lightening a situation and energizing our spirits. The experience of Hummingbird emanates a blissful quality that has the ability to touch all of creation effortlessly.

Before connecting with Hummingbird, I would lose hope very quickly throughout my life. If something didn’t flow easily, I would give into doubt and become discouraged. I notice connecting with her gives me a natural optimism about challenging situations.

I am able to keep moving toward my destiny with knowingness. Communication becomes gentler.

flight-Misha Almira

She reminds me to keep it light hearted. Even an argument can turn very quickly back to joy with the influence of Hummingbird.

She only drinks from the flowers that feed her and wastes no time on the others.

How often do we spend our energy reacting to drama instead of feeding our soul?

We spend the majority of our energy gossiping, arguing, people pleasing, watching t.v., eating fast food, and drinking. Then we wonder why we are so tired.

Hummingbird inspires us to focus instead on our own epic journey in life…against all odds. She teaches us how to feed ourselves with hope, joy, bliss, and true happiness.

hummingbird-Misha Almira

To connect with your own Hummingbird, reach out to her. Set an intention to develop a relationship with her. Focus on your third chakra and talk to her.

Ask her to lead you to your true calling and to show you flowers that feed your soul.

Our next archetype will be Eagle/Condor on the next new moon.

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Misha Almira

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