Full Moon Ceremony – Calling in Pachakuti

Pachakuti- Misha AlmiraPachakuti: Transformer of Lives

In this final post in my series about the seven Shamanic archetypes, I will discuss Pachakuti: Transformer of the World.

Pachakuti was the great Inca emperor and archetype representing the superconscious realm. He teaches us outside of time in the Spirit world. This is the place where all possibilities are kept.

The place of great change and spiritual awakening, and sometimes great upheaval.


Pachakuti can help you heal your past and your future at the same time. He is the ultimate co-creator.


I’d been going through a spiritual boot camp internally but my life was falling apart.

It was evident, I was not in control of anything as mishaps were surfacing in business, bills, relationships, and schedules.

I had to miss an important class that I felt like I really needed for my growth. I tried to change the circumstances but kept hitting walls.

After much frustration, I tuned in to what Pachakuti was actually teaching me.


Pachakuti teaches us to change the river with the least amount of effort by placing our hand into the flow of the water before it becomes a river.

It does little good to try to change the flow of the river by sitting in the middle of it, fighting the current. This is just exhausting.

Pachakuti works on the Mythic or spiritual level and is not concerned with upheaval in the physical. In fact, upheaval can precede great positive change.


The message I got over the past 2 weeks is that pure intention can create beyond time and space.

It doesn’t always look the way we think.

I became especially aware of this when profound internal shifts were happening without even being present in the class.

I had just held the intention to stay tuned in with the group and let it go.

Shamans do not dream a new reality into being by dreaming about what they don’t like in the world right now.

They stay focused on the new dream, the ideal world they wish to bring in.

They focus on the already healed body, planet, or field of awareness. Then, what is in the way can fall away.

To fully embrace a beautiful future, we must be willing to completely let go of our view of the past, even 2 seconds ago.

Even the seemingly very real story we just saw in the news. We must be willing to focus more on what we want and less on what we don’t want.

There’s an old Cherokee tale in which a man tells his grandson, “There are two wolves fighting within me. One of them is angry and hateful, the other is generous and compassionate.”

The boy asks, “Which one will win, Grandpa?” the old man answers,

“The one I feed.”

Pachakuti will often shatter our current limited existence to bring in a new better reality.

Nothing real can ever be destroyed.

If you would like to create a relationship with Pachakuti, set the intention to create a pure relationship with him. Tell him your vision. Ask him to help you find the magic that lives in your life. Ask for gentleness and ease in the process. Pachakuti can create great change in all areas of your life.

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