It is now time to open our heart connection to our Cosmic Self and commune with our Star Being Teachers. We are shifting into 5th dimension and beyond…becoming the New Galactic Human.

Are you desperately waiting for med beds to come out and for the government to finally get what they deserve, so we can get paid? Think bigger, my friend.

There is nothing left for you in this 3D reality. If you are waiting for anything in this reality, you are wasting your time and still playing within the Matrix, which is a trap. You already have access to all the advanced technology, abundance, information and energy right now. You are a Multidimensional being.

The world has been turned upside down for a reason. The creatures of the lie will eventually fall away, but for now are here to distract us. They are also here to show us where we have not healed yet. We have done so much shadow work, we have walked through the suffering, and faced our dark sides and demons, so why does it feel so difficult still?

Because the old is falling away and we are still grasping for what we know…inside the Matrx. Like it or not, we are becoming something new. We are RE MEMBERING the power we already have.

We are in the time of the New Human…

Make no mistake, the Cosmic Human is no joke. This royal cosmic aspect is way bigger than anything we’ve known in this realm. It is far beyond “new age” and “airy fairy.”

It is your actual essence. You are the pioneer of this new shift in consciousness, and you’ve felt it for a while, maybe your whole life. You already know this, so why do you keep reaching back for what is known or still inside the programming? Why are you so uncomfortable embracing your Galactic SELF, that you would rather focus on fixing others within the old paradigm?

As long as we are fixing or trying to wake someone up inside the Matrix, we are not waking up inside the Matrix.

We are still trapped in it.

It is time for the old slave mentality to die, and there is no point in resisting.

In order to journey through the path to becoming a new human, we must die to who we think we are and surrender to source.

It doesn’t matter what higher dimension we think we are in or how many labels we place on ourselves. Our Galactic Self doesn’t concern itself with titles, identities or labels.

On the brink of death is where our understanding of life arises in it’s truest form.

Human society has been in a very dangerous stage of destruction and distraction. This stage of destruction has been called many names in different regions. It has been referred to as the Pachakuti, Kali Yuga, and Pralaya, to name a few. There is no longer a question of if this 3D realm is being destroyed. It is happening. People have lost businesses, loved ones, health, pride, and worst of all hope. 

BUT, what part of us is being threatened with destruction and why?

We are moving into a time where resistance will be impossible and the beings creating the lie will cease to exist. Those who have only gained intellectual knowledge and enlightened the ego alone, will cease to exist.

You exist outside of this Matrix time construct. You are the example of how to live outside time while being on this earth.

Turn away from what limited time in 3D has to offer. This is not necessary. Focus on the true reality beyond…in this moment

There is a call for a new type of leadership, rising out of cosmic truth and the portal of the heart.

You already have this knowing deep in your bones. Open to the wonder and mystery of the unknown and gain ALL.

Life is meant to miraculous and magical. 

Are you sick of suffering yet?

Say yes to this deep dive into cosmic consciousness and becoming the mystery and magic of the universe. This is what is included in my 6 month program. It is a deep immersion and Cosmic Teacher Training. Awakening compassion and deep love for yourself and all of creation, where heaven is a constant state of BEING… an awakening at a level we have not seen or known up to this point.

6 Month VIP Mentoring Program

  • Month 1– Initiation Into Christ Consciousness: The Codes of the New Galactic Human.
  • Month 2– The Art of Living Outside of Time & Becoming That Which You Have Been Seeking.
  • Month 3– Pleiadian Star Transmission Techniques to Deeply Awaken Starseed DNA
  • Month 4– Tap into Ultimate Manifestation Powers
  • Month 5– Ancient Quantum Healing Modalities: Becoming the Galactic Medicine, Connecting with Galactic Federation and Advanced Med Bed Technology and This is Only the Beginning.
  • Month 6– Learn to Speak Your Light Language: Channeling the 7th Dimension to Shift Cosmic Awakening of the New Human.
  • Month 6.5– The Art of Quantum Travel & Timeline Shifting. Master reading the map of the Cosmos

What You Gain:

  • In this mentor program, you will learn sacred ancient healing technology with Pleiadian star transmission techniques, and quantum travel to awaken deep healing in self and others.
  • Initiate into the Incan tradition to awaken your star being powers
  • You will learn and be shown how to initiate Starseed Activation Codes to others.
  • Become the embodiment of the Activator, Manifestor, Alchemizer, Destroyer, Time Traveler, Architect, Mage, Reality Designer, Healer, Ascended Master… in order to help others (not all of these will apply to you, but your gift will rise out of our work together).
  • Remove limiting blocks around money, including resistance to earning money for your gifts.
  • Step into your euphoric life and break out of the old “job matrix.”
  • In the VIP program, you will learn exact steps to own your own online or in person business that is in full alignment with your gifts.

We will work together via phone or zoom, once a week. The sessions will be 60 minutes and we will be working with your own personal practice for healing and embodiment of your mission.

This is a 6 month intensive mentoring so you don’t live from the rules and limits of 3D, but rather your highest galactic calling. You know your mission, now you can begin learning the skills to fully embody it. You came here for this. Stop wasting time in the Matrix.



VIP Mentoring


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*Please Note:  I only work with highly committed individuals who are ready to give their all and invest whole heartedly in themselves & their dreams. There is a no refund policy after our first session together.

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