Galactic Mentoring

Galactic Mentoring

You deeply crave being surrounded by beauty, magic, and mystery in all that you do, but can’t even seem to do life at all right now.

You have a fire in your belly that drives you to impact this world in a big way, but are unable to bring your powers into form to match your new vision.

You aren’t sure how to access all that you feel deep inside your cells.

You feel like a Galactic Queen, yet have no idea how to bring that out.

Everything has changed and you can’t be bothered to force the hustle and grind, like you always have in the past.

Yet you know there is a new way…

Make no mistake, the Galactic Queen is no joke. This aspect is way bigger than anything we’ve known in this realm.

The slave must die in order to embrace the highest version of yourself.

On the brink of death is where our understanding of life arises in it’s truest form.

Human society is now in the beginning of a very dangerous stage of destruction. This stage of destruction has been called many names in different regions. It has been referred to as the Pachakuti, Kali Yuga, and Pralaya, to name a few. There is no longer a question of if we are being destroyed. It is happening. People have lost businesses, loved ones, health, pride, and worst of all hope. 

There is a call for a new type of leadership, rising out of absolute knowledge vs intellect and sacred play vs force.

You already have this knowing deep in your bones.

We will be working with advanced quantum alchemy on 3 powerful levels to burn out karma and the destructive forces inside.

This calling is not for the faint of heart. We will be consciously training to die before we die.

BUT this work ignites the FULL SELF and activates the royalty codes to bring out the effortless creative genius, magnetic love currency, and ultimate transcendence you are longing for.

This enables the Queen/King to be completely embodied within your daily life in BIG ways.

This does not have to be the end. This can be a new beginning, but the old has to die, in order to survive.

Life is meant to be miraculous and magical. 

I work with Empaths, Starseeds, & Multi Dimensional Beings to awaken full permission to embody their inner Galactic Queen/King here on Earth, freed from the confines of the control matrix, beyond linear space and time. 

  • We are awakening photographic memory, using 100% capacity rather than 10% (the norm) 
  • We have the innate power to reverse our biological age 
  • Our true nature is to live as the Prophet or Psychic
  • We are made to live disease free and heal ourselves.
  • We are actually designed to live on Prana or Divine Nourishment

I will guide you step by step in all of this.

What You’ll Gain Working With Me:

  • Finding your unique purpose, truth, healing, and how you are meant to serve in the most soul aligned career.
  • Learn to track energy to see where you are stuck and how to stop living from trauma, wounds, and limiting beliefs.
  • Discover how to step out of obligation cycles and into self-honoring, by FULLY understanding codependency.
  • Learn how to neutralize negative energy rather than absorb it.
  • Hone in on your superpowers and learn how to use them for your highest good.
  • Come up with a plan to level up to lasting optimal health (with my help and guidance)
  • Learn the Art of Quantum Alchemy for manifesting.
  • Not only own your superpowers but help others find theirs (if you choose.}
  • Step fully into Sovereignty, instead of looking to others to save you.
  • Discover your greatest Power Animal and how to walk between worlds.
  • Become proficient at channeling and be able to give readings and activations.

We will work together via zoom, once a week. The sessions will be 60 minutes and we will be working with Shamanic Energy Medicine, Ancient Pranic Technology, & Channeled Dance to reprogram and rewire a completely new nervous system. 

Are You Ready to Alter Reality & Embody the New You Beyond the Matrix?

Initiate Galactic Breakthrough Intensive – 6 weeks $2395
Premium Galactic Mentoring Deep Immersion – 6 months – $6995
VIP Galactic Mentoring for Ultimate Transformation – 12 months – INVITE ONLY

*Please Note:  I only work with highly committed individuals who are ready to give their all and invest whole heartedly in themselves & their dreams. There is a no refund policy after our first session together.

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