As we move from a timeline of destruction and immense karmic balancing on a global level, we are raising collective frequency and integrating into our light bodies.

More advanced beings are feeling a strong desire to purify, upgrade, or activate, and are left asking, “what does this look like? You feel desperate because you can’t “figure it out.”

As a Starseed, you know that you have a big role to play, but at the same time, you feel blocked in your energy centers/chakras, weighed down with heavy foreign energy, or are unable to clearly see what you are here to do. All of this is an indicator that it is time and you’re ready to fully activate or master your power.

This can be facilitated by both Elite Starseed Mastery as well as Galactic Starseed


Galactic Starseed Activation is designed to remove the most common blocks, activate and unlock dormant aspects of your soul’s power, to expand your consciousness to a level that has not been supported here on this planet, until recently, due to lower vibrational forces.

A good indicator that activation is best for you is, you know you are not like everyone else, you know you have powers, but feel blocked somehow. You get glimpses of your purpose, but can’t seem to fully embody it. You get glimpses of your superpowers, but still feel like something elusive is holding you back. They happen randomly or as many describe as “accidentally.” You have not mastered the ability to use them at will or channel them through you. You know you are here to do something big and feel a strong pull right now.


  • Four 60-90 minute Individual Sessions: Each week for 4 weeks, we will meet on an individual virtual session. We will remove the 8 fears that block starseed powers, and go through the activation steps each week together, and you will be given homework to amplify the activation integration in between, and integrate over the week. We will begin purifying and ativating the 7 Master Glands which begin opening the 7 major chakras and 5 secondary, which can clear ancestral lineage charges, karmic charges, remove entities, activate dormant Starseed DNA, and awaken inner vision. As we are cultivating your light body, we will also begin working on nourishing the body and energetic systems to feed on light, which is where we are heading in our next leap in evolution.
  • Four Personalized Light Code Activations: Each week you will receive a customized activation through voice or hand movements, hypnosis, or meditation. These activations are designed to assist you in moving out stagnant energy blocks in the body and energy field, as well as bringing in information within light codes that will continue to inform you on the highest frequency.
  • Four Day Pranic Upgrade: You will receive the complete Pranic Upgrade Program with powerful daily practices on the 3rd and 4th week. This course is essential for the completion of your activation and cultivation of light. It is designed to give you tools to ground in and bring heaven down to earth. This gives you direct access to your own galactic guidance, moving forward.



If you were drawn to this information, it means you are vibrating at a high level and either ready or very close to being ready for Galactic Starseed Mastery.

Indicators you may be ready for Starseed Mastery:

  • You have already done extensive shadow work with other healers/lightworkers and have a well developed daily meditation or healing practice.
  • Undeniable signs, messages, or premonitions have been coming from spirit and leading you to do this work with me
  • Your spiritual practice doesn’t seem to work anymore and your growth has come to a complete stop, leaving you feeling stuck.
  • Your spiritual senses have heightened and your psychic skills have started to develop, This can be in subtle ways or in random intense openings that go away as fast as they come.
  • You have had energy healing or quantum breathwork sessions previously and ready for more.

If you know are ready, don’t doubt yourself. Go HERE.

All major credit cards or Bank drafts are accepted. Reach out to me to apply for payment plans. Please note that I am unable to offer scholarships or trades at this time

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