It is now the time to open and awaken our galactic selves, coming into the New Human. You are being called to pioneer this shift. You will learn to come into communion with higher galactic star beings to bring about a cosmic shift.

More advanced beings are feeling a strong desire to purify, upgrade, or activate, and are left asking, “what does this look like? You feel desperate because you can’t “figure it out.”

As a Starseeded Conscious Being, you know that you have a big role to play, but at the same time, you feel blocked in your energy centers/chakras, weighed down with heavy foreign energy, or are unable to clearly see what you are here to do. All of this is an indicator that it is time and you’re ready to fully activate or master your power.

A good indicator that are ready for Starseed Mastery, you don’t feel like searching anymore, you are already aware of who you are and where you’ve come from, you get glimpses of your powers, but still feel like something elusive is holding you back. They happen randomly or as many describe as “accidentally.” You have not mastered the ability to use them at will or channel them through you. 


Week 1 -7 Master Glands & Organ Activations 

Week 2– Plexus Activations & Psychic Protection – Discover and Heal Your Secret Energetic Anatomy

Week 3– Protection Ritual & Implantation of Amnesia Removal 

Week 4– Starseed DNA Activations 

Week 5– Clairvoyance and Clairaudience Activations

Week 6- Clairsentience & Claircognizance Activations

Telepathy/Mediumship Channels, and Extra Activations

Bonus Materials:

Psychic Exercises MP4

Dream Work MP4

  • Four Day Pranic Upgrade: You will receive the complete Pranic Upgrade with powerful daily practices starting on the 1st and 2nd week. This will move you into an advanced level of living on light or prana. This round of this course is essential for the integration of your activation and embodiment of your light body. It is designed to give you tools to ground in and for complete mastery and embodying heaven on earth. In this phase you become the conduit of divine information.
  • Four 60-90 minute Individual Sessions: Each week for 6 weeks, we will meet on an individual virtual session. We will be purifying and activating all 14 plexus, 12 strands of DNA, and 122 chakra centers, removing implants causing amnesia, as well as honing all 7 types of psychic skills. We will activate at deeper and in more subtle body levels each week. You will be given homework to amplify the activation integration in between, and integrate over the week.
  • Psychic Skills Realization: Each week you will receive an activation for preparing, opening, and activating your innate psychic skills. This will enable you to practice, integrate, and begin embodying these skills, so you can use them safely, consciously and mindfully for the highest good of all.
  • Starseed Mission Awakening: We will be developing your unique mission and awakening within you, how you can begin using it in your every day life.
  • Intro to Speak or Sing Your Light Language


If you were drawn to this information, it means you are vibrating at a high level and either ready or very close to being ready for Elite Starseed Mastery.

Indicators you may be ready for Elite Starseed Mastery:

  • You have already done extensive shadow work with other healers/lightworkers and have a well developed daily meditation or healing practice.
  • Undeniable signs, messages, or premonitions have been coming from spirit and leading you to do this work with me
  • Your spiritual practice doesn’t seem to work anymore and your growth has come to a complete stop, leaving you feeling stuck.
  • Your spiritual senses have heightened and your psychic skills have started to develop, This can be in subtle ways or in random intense openings that go away as fast as they come.
  • You have had energy healing or quantum breathwork sessions previously and ready for more.

6 week breakthrough intensive to learn how to perpetually exist outside the 3D realm and live from your highest galactic nature. You no longer need to try to change what is happening in this dimension. You are much bigger and beyond any grasp of control. We will be moving into your highest timeline where you are Being who your truly are, rather than trying to fit into “the normal” options. You know your mission, now you can begin learning the skills to fully embody the mission, so you can share it with others.

*Please Note:  I only work with highly committed individuals who are ready to give their all and invest whole heartedly in themselves & their dreams. There is a no refund policy after our first session together.

If are ready, don’t doubt yourself. Claim it and it will come.


Elite Starseed Mastery

Elite Starseed Mastery


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