If you are exhausted from holding back, finally ready to face the terror, and to let All Your Power move you, this is your next step. In this 6 week intensive, we will be removing blocks, entities, implants, and control structures that are causing amnesia, as well as extracting what lurks deep in the shadows of your psyche, threatening to consume you. This is an awakening of your Inner Warrior. You know who she is. The radiance of her love is so intense, evil melts in her presence. The ONE who has been oppressed and bound for way too long. It is time to free her and become the Indescribable Iconic YOU.

In this VIP program you will be learning all the secrets on how to connect with the Galactic Allies and Star Beings to bring complete transformation in Self and as a service to others. You will watch yourself become the Medicine Being, Manifestor, Alchemizer, Illusion Destroyer, Time Traveler, Healer, Ascended Master and Star Being. Clients are amazed as their life rapidly becomes more euphoric, miraculous and magical. You are not meant to fit in, you are a pioneer of the new galactic era.

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