Invitation to the Global Soul Retrieval


Invitation to the Global Soul Retrieval:  Say Yes!

There is a global soul retrieval happening right now.

The world seems to be spinning into greater chaos, but we do not have to follow this trend.

In the face of all the outer turmoil of the present group consciousness, we have an opportunity.

We get to come back to our Divine Self in wholeness.

We do not NEED to try to fit ourselves into the collective group think, moving around like drones that have been put into a submissive trance.

We can learn to identify solely with what we desperately want; Love, Harmony, Peace, Acceptance.

The truth is, we seek what we already ARE. This is our core essence. It has never left us. We have left ourSelves.

We now get to become increasingly aware of where we have abandoned our true nature, all the places we have denied inside ourselves and to RECOGNIZE that we have a different choice to make.

We are each unique and powerfully gifted.

We have forgotten this…parts of our souls have gone away bit by bit, leaving us feeling lost and somehow incomplete.

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Now is the time to bring back these missing soul aspects.

As the world is out picturing the biggest parts of what we judge, deny, and push away, we have one of the biggest opportunities of our lifetime.

This is a chance to find the freedom and personal power we all seek.

If we can fully grasp that EVERYTHING we judge is mirroring a part of us, we can welcome it home.

We get to choose what we identify with. We can accept the parts in darkness but identify with Love, Forgiveness, and Peace.

We can accept the parts in darkness but identify with Love, Forgiveness, and Peace.

As long as we are resisting someone else’s traits in judgment, ridicule, condemnation, we are identifying ourselves with these exact traits.

As long as we are hating, fearing, or running from something, we are becoming more like it.

We must learn to take our identification into the places of expansion and acceptance.

In order to do this, we must eventually admit that we are uncomfortable with being weak, vulnerable, soft, lazy, perverted, sexist, racist, etc…ALL the parts we judge in others.

Then, we must honestly ask ourselves what part of us is this showing us? What will it take to admit that this part is inside us too?

Once we can find the answer to this question, we can openly step into our own freedom…the type of freedom that NO ONE can threaten.

The Divine Feminine

One of the biggest lost soul parts is the feminine and all it represents; creativity, compassion, emotion, intuition, empathy, collaboration, spirituality, holistic thought, and right brain thinking.

The Divine Feminine is experiencing a re-emergence—a rebirth into the collective consciousness.

It is beckoning from inside each one of us to accept her back into our hearts, to nurture, honor, and empower THAT aspect…the one we have lost to shadows for quite some time.

She is asking us to do this so she may bring back fullness and we can all finally be whole again.

Will we accept this invitation and care for this long lost aspect of yourSelf?

Will we stop resisting and negating this part?

Will we embrace her in the times that we may be triggered by old collective beliefs?

Will we bring her to the forefront of our being to enhance beauty, softness, and loving kindness?Can we trust?

Can you break through the old paradigm of the masculine where constant doing, striving, and competition has become the normal?

Will we allow her to take a breath through us, to gently rock us in the arms of her loving embrace in this unfolding Now?

Can we pause the rushing of our minds and bodies for a moment…to experience her soothing and intoxicating voice inside, even in the midst of a busy day?

Do you hear her song? Her rhythm inside your heart?

Remember…Accept this invitation with ALL of your heart…NOW…RECEIVEYou are worthy.

Invitation of the Global Soul Retrieval


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