How Auratransformation Can Help an Empath

How Auratransformation Can Help an Empath

Before discussing the topic at hand, it’s helpful to define our terms.

Transforming your aura refers to permanently enlarging your consciousness. You need not be an empath to experience an Auratransformation. Many people benefit from the transformation process, which releases you from events and beliefs that may be blocking your development on a spiritual plane.

Once freed of these stumbling blocks, you become able to continue your journey toward a higher consciousness within your physical body. 

Defining what makes a person an empath is a little trickier. Lots of folks are highly sensitive to the emotions of those around them. However, merely being acutely aware of how others are feeling doesn’t translate necessarily to being an empath. Many empaths report being especially sensitive not just to emotions but to all their senses.

In addition, frequently, they feel the need to spend time by themselves, although this doesn’t mean that empaths aren’t sociable. Rather, they are in society, but not of society. Still, many highly sensitive individuals report the same feelings.  

So, what differentiates empaths from people who are highly sensitive? Energy.

Empaths are acutely aware of the world around them emotionally and in regard to their senses. Additionally, they are intensely cognizant of energy, their own energy, the energy found in those around them and the energy present in their environments.

Since our auras are essentially the energy fields that surround us, it may be reasonable to think that transforming that aura could have a negative effect on an empath.

Will an Auratransformation affect an empath’s gift?

To some degree, all of us are affected by the energy of others. However, due to their acute sensitivity, empaths experience even more effects from the energy fields with which they come in contact.

Over time, an empath’s aura can develop a leak that allows negative energy to seep into the empath’s auric field. The leak may become an outright break in the empath’s aura.

As a result, some gifted individuals tend to retreat from the world around them. Eventually, this understandable retreat may destabilize the empath’s aura entirely.

Empaths may not be aware that their auras are close to running on empty. As an empath you may be facing auric stress if any of the following are true:

  • You quickly feel overwhelmed in the presence of others.
  • A small amount of exercise leaves you feeling tired.
  • You’re experiencing an unfamiliar feeling that you can’t name.
  • Your moods go up and down without warning or apparent reasons.
  • You have trouble sleeping, and when you do sleep, your dreams are intense and, perhaps, violent.
  • You are more susceptible than normal to illness.
  • Your empathic gift weighs heavily on you at times.

Many empaths use grounding techniques to protect themselves from the energies that bombard them from all sides. However, sometimes these techniques cause more stress, and they can even contribute to aura depletion.

This can also indicate attachments that may be feeding on the personal energy. Once this happens, it can become almost impossible for an empath to rejuvenate on her or his own.

Think of an Auratransformation as auric maintenance. You are topping up all your energy and making sure that everything is in good running order.

If you’re suffering from empath fatigue, an Auratransformation will re-energize your auric field.

An Aura Transformation doesn’t change or diminish an empath’s gift; quite the opposite, it gives an empath another tool with which to elevate that gift to a higher plane.

Instead of frequently feeling drained and in need of regrouping their energy fields, after an Aura Transformation, many empaths find that their auras are more resilient and far less apt to be ruptured by the forces around them.

As a result, the empaths increase their ability to nourish the environment and help others. 

In my personal experience, I have never felt more in control of my own energy.

I can sense when something in the room is heavy and rather than absorb it automatically, I can recognize it as outside my energy field. It’s that easy now. I can observe the energy around me without it affecting me.

This may be natural for those that are not empathic, but this is a first for me. My energy feels protected and stronger than ever.

Thank you for reading.

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