How Do We Recognize Our Destiny?

How Do We Recognize Our Destiny?- Misha Almira

How Do We Recognize Our Destiny?


How do we recognize our destiny in a world of constant distractions?

Will it come to us naturally?

How do we know we are on the right track?

Signs to our destiny are always there but only the mindful will see and follow the path.

When we are not mindful, we may walk past the sign repeatedly, taking the long route, or walking in circles.

Often, it takes a period of great frustration to finally make us stop long enough to take notice of the arrow pointing us in the direction of our unique path.

Remember this when you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

This is the perfect time to stop and pay attention.

This Way to Your Destiny- Misha Almira

Your path is perpetually opening in front of you.

If you are looking for it behind you or too far ahead, you may miss the arrow for the fastest route.

The guidance is in the stillness of now…between the breaths. You have time to hear it.

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There is plenty of time in Divinity. When seated there, we are perfectly on time…every time.

There is no need to rush when seated in the Divine. We can never run out of time here. These issues do not have to exist when one is fully aligned with Divine Source.

Life will unfold and happen in a harmonious rhythm that is eternally on time.


Lack of belief is another form of scarcity. It casts a shadow of “not enough” or “impossible” over a situation and can halt harmonious creative flow.

There is nothing impossible about Infinite Source. It is neverending possibility.

It has no boundaries.
We determine limitations according to beliefs about the past projected into the future.

People once thought it was impossible to fly in a plane. Now, it is more unusual to meet someone that has never flown.

What do you consider impossible?

If you feel trapped in your current life circumstance, take a look at where you’ve set the limits. Where are you too uncomfortable to go?

What are you afraid of?

Being alone?

Being Exposed or Rejected?

Feeling Misunderstood?

What if I told you, that most people feel the same way?

Find the edge of your own boundaries of comfort and see what is just outside of it.

Your destiny is showing you the way.

What is it whispering?

Thank you.

Thank you for reading.

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Misha Almira

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