How Energy Medicine Healing Unearthed a Root Cause Erik’s Panic Attack

How Energy Medicine Healing Unearthed a Root Cause Erik's Panic AttackHow Energy Medicine Healing Unearthed a Root Cause Erik’s Panic Attack: A Case Study

I worked with a client today that had severe anxiety and troubling panic attacks. It was so strong after the first major panic attack that he wanted to avoid contact or engagement with people entirely. He would spend most of his time on his bed only going out for groceries or short outings. 

He was sourcing from some trauma and could not get back on track, no matter how much he may have consciously wanted to. In our session we uncovered the story or blueprint that he was sourcing from and it said, “cool people aren’t afraid.”

He had a theme throughout his life that kept bringing up scenarios where he felt like he needed to be strong, brave, courageous, or manly. This old story would set him up to feel afraid and like he “failed as a man…one more time.”

There was a scene playing out in his energy field. I could see a young man coming of age, it was a tribe. He was getting ready to take a bride and their custom was to send the man on a hunting expedition. He ended up falling in hole instead and was not able to hunt. 

Another story that happened at the age of 4 was him talking to a girl and the sounds of a parade hurt his ears so bad, he began to cry. He felt so ashamed and ran away.

There were other stories that played out in after this, that brought up the same feeling in him, because he was sourcing from this original story of, “cool people aren’t afraid.”

Once we were able to trace it back on his timeline and remove this imprint out of the affected chakras and Energy Field, he was able to come up with a new story.

His new story is, “Real men express vulnerability.”

He instantly felt the power of it and could begin sourcing from this story moving forward. Even his posture was different as well as the tone of his voice. 

When we have old traumas in our field that were not processed, they can form a story or blueprint…a mythic map that throws us off course. Then, we begin sourcing our life from this lie instead of moving in the direction of our heart or true purpose. 

This is how we can feel lost and hopeless about getting back on track. It can feel hopeless because we are unable to see it. Often our old wounds and traumas are in the dark or in shadow. 

Energy healers are able to see what we cannot and pull them out to finally be processed and moved. 

Until we can see the original wound that created the story, it is hard to change the habits of our life. All we know is we keep looping back to the same destructive habits no matter how hard we try to change! We keep creating the same situations over-and-over again. 

When we feel this way, it is often an indicator of sourcing from a story that formed after an unprocessed trauma.   

However, once we can see it, just like my client, it is easier to change the story to one that can get us back to living a truly fulfilling life, instead of running from a monster we can’t even see.

Thank you for reading.

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