How Following the Seasons Can Support Your Energy Medicine

How Following the Seasons Can Support Your Energy MedicineHow Following the Seasons Can Support Your Energy Medicine

The seasons govern the patterns and flow of the natural world, which includes energetics too. We see plants and animals change through the cycle of the seasons, and the energetic world is no different. Many healing traditions around the world have been working with the seasons for thousands of years to maximize the effectiveness of energy medicine.

Our human bodies—animal bodies as they are—have their own seasonal movements. You may notice changes in sleep, energy, and eating patterns as you move through the seasons.

Energy medicine practitioners who work with the seasons are able to work with greater power within themselves.

A deep understanding of how the seasons impact the physical and energetic bodies also helps to illuminate nuances of patient health. Your energy medicine practice can be supported by following the seasons in a few ways.

Food – Energy medicine is supported by a healthy body. Probably the most obvious way to work with the seasons is through diet.

What local fruits and vegetables are available changes through the cycle of the year. Stone fruits like peaches and cherries appear in the summer. Pumpkins, apples, and beets ripen in the autumn.

Winter brings carrots and cruciferous veggies like cabbage and Brussel sprouts, and spring is full of greens and edible flowers. Feeding the body seasonal produce allows you to absorb the most potent life energies from your food.

Many of these foods reflect the larger energetics at play within that season and help support the body in the processing it needs to do. For example, several cultures practice liver cleanses in the spring.

This supports the body in clearing out any stagnant energies left over from the heaviness of winter, allowing it to more fully absorb the fresh energies of the year.

Several foods that appear in the spring, such as fresh dandelion, chemically support liver health and detoxification, which leads to stronger overall health.

Energy Flow – The Earth has a natural energetic cycle. Energy awakens in the spring and returns to restfulness through the course of the fall.

Our bodies and their energies—as natural extensions of the Earth—follow this as well.  In the winter, you may feel a greater need for restfulness, and in the summer there may be a boost of activity and motivation.

This is an extension of what is happening within your surrounding environment. Knowing this natural cycle is at play, you can align your activity choices with this energetic flow.

For example, slowing down in the fall and allowing time for reflection will support your health and energy levels through the winter.

Mental Activity – The cycle of the seasons also mirrors the cycle of personal growth and healing.

The fall is a time to reflect on where you are in life, what you want in the future, and trim away all that no longer serves you.

Winter is an opportunity to pause after change and gather resources to move into a new cycle of growth.

The spring brings bursts of activity, growing sunlight to recharge you and the world around you, and the energies for budding new projects is also strong.

The summer is when we see our efforts bear fruit, when we celebrate our lives and the Earth, and  when we allow energy to flow freely inward and outward in the great energetic exchange of creation.

Keeping these natural patterns in mind helps to maximize the effectiveness of your work with energy medicine. 

It also helps you better identify when someone else may be unnecessarily working against the natural flow of energy.

When we live our lives as one with nature, it becomes obvious that the seasons govern our energy flows just as much as they govern the trees and rivers.

Energy medicine becomes just that much more powerful when your body and practice are aligned with the natural patterns of the Earth.

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