Best Work From Home 2024: How I Broke Out of a Job That Made Me Physically Ill

No amount of money will ever make you wealthy.

I am about to take my work, and my passion, on the road, exploring State Parks and National Parks for the Summer. Plus, I am getting paid.

Not too long ago, I was making decisions for my life, based on money. I was miserable and losing life force at a rapid rate. I was tired when I woke up and stayed that way all day. I was just accepting the fact that I would miss most of the summer fun because I had to be at the job for 40 hours.

I felt like my only choice was to choose between 4 different jobs, that I knew I could do, but none of them felt good. In fact, I got sick at my stomach just thinking about them. I decided to do something about it. Here are the steps I took. Then, within 2 days before starting a new job, I got a miraculous offer that was more than I could have imagined on my own. 

Formula for Financial Independence:

1. Spend Less Than You Earn

I went through my bills and deleted the fluff. I canceled subscriptions I wasn’t using, made a choice between Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Starz. I actually got HBO for free through AT&T. I deleted clothing boxes and extras everywhere I could find.

I got it down to just necessary bills. I got the number I needed to make each month to pay essential bills. Then, I wrote that amount down. I knew exactly how much I needed to make to survive

2. Decide Your Worth 

I Raised My Standards & Raised My Frequency. You Decide Your Standard not Your Environment or the people around you. Let go of what is NOT working. If you hate it, don’t do it. The jobs were completely out of alignment, so I decided I would let them go for something better. I really felt like I wouldn’t be able to walk through that door anyway. And honestly, every time I made this choice in the past, I STILL never had enough money, no matter how many hours I worked. 

There would be an onslaught of expenses that showed up to take the extra money. So, it really isn’t always about how much you are working or earning. I didn’t have answers, but I decided to be brave enough to let go of what wasn’t working and choose faith. This was all energetic because a better opportunity came the next day, just by being willing to let it go. Then, be willing to say Yes to what comes. I agreed to interview on a podcast, even though it scared me and I wasn’t certain of anything.

3. Get into Alignment with ONLY YOUR Genius– 

Design Your Life – What do you love? Start spending 90% of your time doing that! For me this was Sadhana, dancing, pranic exercises, hiking, swimming. The first thing I did was make a commitment to doing a ceremony every night for 108 nights and I took action right away. Then, I committed to putting energy into all of these daily by making the time for them…making them the priority.

What is it for you? Do you love fixing cars, baking, talking on the phone? It can be anything, but you have to be honest. If you really don’t know, you can also start with what scares you or what are you putting off?

4. Use What you have NOW and find an audience that needs it 

How can you offer it to people and earn a living? Get creative with this. Make a list of things you love. What certifications do you have, what knowledge have you accumulated, if all of your needs were met, what would your life look like? To see what I chose as a home based business and retired early HERE

We talked about earning more than you spend, but you also want to invest the rest. I don’t know a lot about investing, but you really don’t need to overcomplicate it. Here are a few tips to keep it simple. Start small by choosing just one. Then, you can add to it or you can use percentages and just put a small amount into each. Then, forget about it. 

Bonus: 3 Buckets of Asset Allocation

1. Security –  6 months of living expenses, insurance, home expenses, Fixed Income Investments. When it comes to doing this, I like to use %’s, so decide ahead of time a percentage that you’ll take out for everything.

Example: 25% for rent, 15% for insurance, 15% for investing, 10% for travel…

2. Growth – Buy and hold is a passive investment strategy in which an investor buys stocks (or other types of securities such as ETFs) and holds them for a long period regardless of fluctuations in the market

3. Dream – Travel, Condo in a desirable location,

So, the opportunity I was offered a day after deciding to let go of what I hated and choose what I loved? Go HERE All I had to do was be willing to open the door, let go and say


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2 thoughts on “Best Work From Home 2024: How I Broke Out of a Job That Made Me Physically Ill”

  1. Hi Misha,

    I like the idea of leaving everything behind and rush into something uncertain. I think the only thing that could happen is a success or gaining more learning experience for late success.

    However, for financial independence, there are few things to deal with as you wrote. I plan to quit 9-5 step by step. I read some books and posts on this topic and I learned that the most important actions are never comfortable, but we must follow our dreams.

    Thank you for your guidance.

  2. Inspirational! I agree with the point “no amount of money can make you rich”. No matter how big your salary is, if you spend more than what you earned then you will reach nothing. Self-discipline is what makes you grow financially.


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