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Hi guys, I’m sharing my HCG results. These are the before and after pictures of the first week I went down, actually 14 and a half pounds in seven days. And the great thing about and the reason why I do HCG is because you lose abnormal fat, which is the fat and the areas that are usually stubborn. So, if I was just doing a 500 calorie diet, normally without HCG, what happened was because I’ve done this, what happened was I lost all in my face and my waist. It’s just my body type.

I have that Hourglass body type and so when it’s not HCG, I lose it just to my waist, which makes my hips look bigger and My face which makes eventually I just look really drawn and kind of sickly. And I also developed stomach issues and an ulcer and just intense stomach cramps, like I’d had too much acid. 

Also, I ended up developing colitis, not chronic colitis, but acute, which they treated. But so all of this was without HCG when I felt like I could just cut out the calories and that it would work. So I wouldn’t recommend that. However, on HCG I have had really good energy even, you know, going through this bit of depression that I went through this last month or so. 

There were very few days where I felt hungry. And so I was also doing coffee and nut pods or keto creamer. I kind of alternated it. But then I discovered that the keto creamer that had butter in it, caused a stall. So that was just one type of keto creamer that I tried. So the nut pods work for me. And it gives me that extra flavor in my coffee, because just black coffee can kind of be a bummer. 

I’ve read for some people it doesn’t and I would just not overdo it. But it’s worked for me. And it’s been a really successful round of HCG. And I feel really good about where the weights come off because it’s come off in my hips and my thighs and my lower legs, which, for me, that is usually the last place I can lose it and it’s pretty impossible to lose significant weight in those areas. 

So going down as quickly as I did the first week and then just seeing where the weight came off. Now I did after the first week, I did have some cheat days I did eat cheese on certain days and it would stall me and then I would just do that three day water fast and it would come right off. 

Normally, if you have one cheat day, you can get away with doing the water fasts for the next day or several days, three days. And it’ll, it’ll come right back off and you’ll get down. And so that’s what I did. 

The few days that I did cheat. And if I found healthy raw snacks that worked for me, like there were these little coconut lemon balls that I found that worked, and I didn’t, I still continue to lose. So I did those. 

But on a couple of days, I ended up getting treats that I thought were raw, and they weren’t. And so I did have cheat days, but I’m still down. I’m very happy with the way that I’ve lost, on this round. yeah, I just wanted to share the journey and just kind of talk about what I’m doing. Drinking water for extra hydration and to break a stall

Then I’m doing basically the one meal a day with. I’m doing all of the meals in one day, but I cut out the fruit because I just, I just wasn’t wanting it. So I just do the protein and the vegetable. And I’ll do the double portions in the one meal, which that’s just my choice. 

You can do the two meals or you can do all the good combined for one. I’m doing this sublingual. The drops, not the injections. I don’t go do injections. I don’t do needles. So it has worked for me. And honestly, every time that I’ve done HCG, it’s worked for me and I love it. 

I just really pushed my eating last summer because I was traveling a lot and I just allowed myself to eat whatever was there, which for me is pretty dangerous because I have dairy and gluten intolerance. And so the weight came on pretty fast. And this is the reason I want to do the HCG round again. So I’m also combining the HCG with intermittent fasting

After, I’m going to take a long break, and going to see my family so I’m just going to be on maintenance and then stabilize while I’m with my family.  Then I’ll probably go back into another round until I hit my goal. 

I have an ultimate goal to get down to, and I’m getting there. The beautiful thing about HCG is that you can reset your default weight. 

We all have that weight that we go back to, when we’re eating, you know, whatever it is that we allow ourselves to eat or not dieting, we always have a default that we get back to you. 

So each time that I do that HCG round, I reset that default, because it’s so effective at resetting your default, when I did just go crazy with what I was eating and to start eating sugar and all the bad things again, it took quite a while to for my weight to climb back up because my default We have been set that way but I don’t recommend doing that.

The best way to keep it off and to keep your default weight set at where you want it is to really just, you can eat healthy foods. I find that if I can allow myself sweet treats with stevia, it is not hard.  It’s cup for cup so it’s really easy to tweak recipes and use stevia instead of sugar.

And I’ll do blueberries with whipped cream heavy whipping cream, I’ll whip it myself and add stevia. It’s delicious. 

The other thing I’ll do is, I’ll allow myself this isn’t on the weight loss part that P2 but I’ll allow myself to have dates and bananas. I’ll cook them in a skillet with coconut oil or butter. Then I’ll put stevia if I want to sweeter or I’ll do strawberries with whipped cream. And I’ve even added pecans, or walnuts with stevia, whipped cream and strawberries.

Strawberries are lower in sugar and so you can substitute and still get your sweet craving satiated, when you’re eating normally. And I’ve been able to keep the weight off for a long, long, long time by doing that, because for me, I don’t want to feel deprived. If I start feeling deprived, then I push it and so while I was traveling, I pushed it too far.  

Now I’m going back through the rounds again and having to work harder. And that’s just the way it is. I mean it’s a lifestyle change after but you can still treat yourself. You can always substitute with healthy things instead of the bad things. Sugar is almost like a drug. It’s so bad and I don’t think that anybody thrives eating a lot of white sugar.

So I would highly recommend substituting stevia, agave syrup or coconut syrup, for sugar or even other artificial sweeteners.

The best I’ve tried is nectevia syrup, very low in sugars. And you can even make crepes with just eggs and cream cheese sweetened with stevia and use Nectevia for syrup. And that is how I kept my weight off for a long, long time and stayed healthy.

Try to substitute as much as possible. For example, instead of salt or soy sauce, you can use Bragg’s Amino Acids for the salt flavor. There are always substitutions. 

I’m just trying to share what has worked for me and what I plan on doing in the maintenance phase. It’s basically to stick with the same diet, but you increase the portions.

Then, you slowly add back in the fats, which I would recommend in the form of nuts, avocados or coconut oil.  Just slowly add them back in, and your body will adjust very quickly to that. So try not to do what I did last summer and just go crazy.

And you’ll have great success. It’s awesome. Now, I’m not providing any medical advice for anyone here. I’m just sharing my experience and I recommend that you definitely do your research.

If you do decide to do something other than the drops, like injections, find out what’s going to be the best for you. And if you’re on medications, talk to a doctor first, because you don’t know how it’s going to  react with the medications that you’re on. And I’m not on any medications.

So, this has worked for me and it works for a lot of people. But definitely take responsibility for yourself. Do your research, don’t just go on what anybody tells you, or what  I tell you. Find what works for you, for sure. 

Before, when I was taking CBD oil for the knee injury, but it just kept stalling my weight loss. I couldn’t take that while I was on HCG, without stalling. I was able to do the hemp coffee but I wasn’t able to do the oil itself. But that’s just me. Some people can take it and with no problem. So, yeah, I wanted to add that part in and I’ll leave links for everything below this video.

Thanks for watching. Be sure and subscribe and comment on your own with your own experiences and any questions you have and good luck.

Thanks for reading.


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