How My Job is Healing Me: Past Life Imprints & Soul Retrieval

How My Job is Healing Me: Past Life Imprints & Soul Retrieval

How My Job is Healing Me: Past Life Imprints & Soul Retrieval

How can my job be healing me? The last place I thought I would receive spiritual healing is at work!

However, I have become aware of old imprints in my field and soul parts that needed to come back all while running around in a busy restaurant.

It turns out, this job has been my biggest teacher.

I’ve also become aware of how much I’ve compartmentalized jobs, business, happiness, and spirituality.

Shamanic Healing - Misha Almira

Shamanic Healing

I had a Shamanic healing today that ended up being a Soul Retrieval.

Going in, I really didn’t know what I wanted to work on. I was feeling tired and generally unclear.

As I started talking I remembered a somewhat painful experience I had at work.

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It was not the first time this particular issue had been triggered which made me think maybe it would be a good place to focus for the healing.

The story that triggered me was this. A couple came in for dinner. I could tell by their demeanor, clothes, and conversation that they were wealthy.

Most of the clientele are wealthy, but this couple exuded something more.

It didn’t make sense to me, but I felt like they were royalty. My inner reaction was immediate intimidation.

I lowered myself to them and felt as if I should bow to them. It was so strange and unsettling. Even the conversation was a struggle.

They were asking questions that I knew the answers to, but my mouth was not cooperating. I was stuttering, and going blank. It was horrible how incompetent I was being.

As much as I tried, I could not shift it. I just made mistake after mistake in every interaction with them.

When I talked about it with the Shaman, she immediately could see an imprint.

We decided to work on it. I hadn’t mentioned the part about feeling they were royalty, only the frustrating incompetent feeling.

She began tracking the story back through time to find the imprint. She could see it and began telling me she saw a King & Queen.

I was their servant and I was pregnant with his baby.

This was interesting because I felt a fondness toward the couple at my work, even though I’d just met them.

I remember thinking that the man didn’t really care about me which is definitely a strange thought to have about a stranger.

He was saying sweet things but I felt like he didn’t really love me. What?!

During the session, I released sorrow around loving him and knowing he didn’t really love me. It was all coming together.

I felt like life depended on my conversation with them at work, and could not figure out why this felt so important. This was just a job!

As she cleared the imprint, I felt love and fear for the child like it was actually happening in real time.

It was intense. I felt love for the King and Queen. I felt the sadness about them not feeling the same about me.

I felt the fear of them ending my life and instant pain in my neck as the shackles tightened.

It all felt deep, and extremely real. There was not denying this was really happening on several levels. That is the beauty of sacred healing space.

I began choking until she removed the energetic shackle from my neck.

I could feel other ally healers working on me as my body started feeling lighter.

Imprints & Soul Retrieval - Misha Almira

Soul Retrieval

In the journey, a soul piece approached her. It was ready to come back to me. It was a piece that left during a traumatic time in my past.

She said it was a High Priestess and I saw her exactly as she described her before she said it.

I stepped into her shoes and she spoke to the Shaman. I could feel an elevating of vibration instantly.

My voice changed and I felt like I was tingling with light. She was giving me a blue flame to put in my 6th chakra.

She was also telling me it was essential to honor myself in every moment. I was to make space for this. It was to be my new priority. I could see all the ways, I wasn’t doing it now.

She was also inviting me to move more and to sing. This frightened me a little because I don’t feel like a good singer.

She showed me that she is able to move through me in dance and music. I could see that it didn’t matter if I was a good singer. That was not the point.

My job was to allow her to integrate by moving through me again as part of me.

She was a connection to Divine and I was now aligned with that.

My body vibrated with a new energy. It was wonderful.

When I got home, I felt expanded to the point of not recognizing my home or husband in the same way. As I looked around, I could see him as a being but the memories around him were not there.

I was seated in love, but it was a love of sameness. There were no stories around him, the furniture, or anything. It was all just a neutral recognition of life force. It was beautiful.

Then, the stories started slowly coming in and I felt a different love. It was a love with tension. It was deep and slightly painful. I don’t know how else to say it.

The love I was seated in just existed. This one had movement in duality. Interesting.

How Do We Recognize Imprints?

This was a past life imprint that had been triggered, bringing up very real feelings that seemed to have no place in this casual encounter.

It really makes you consider all the times you’ve seemingly overreacted to something mundane.

Can you remember an instance where you felt like you overreacted and shouldn’t have? Perhaps you judged yourself as ridiculous but couldn’t seem to stop.

Do you have certain people that you just act stupid around? We all have imprints or places that hold us limited in old stories.

Certain traumas collect in our energy field as imprints. It is difficult to break free from imprints because we do not know they are there.

They can also be from family members or past lives.

It is not important to believe in past lives or even to know the stories. The important thing is to be able to remove what is limiting us.

If there are patterns of sabotage, unexplained illness, or limiting issues that continue to resurface, it can indicate an imprint.

Most of us have collected many imprints over lifetimes.

Quite often but not always we will have soul parts come back after an imprint has been cleared.

I had several come back after energetic clearings.

It is impossible to clear your own because you cannot access them. It takes an accomplished healer to do this. 

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Thank you for reading. I hope this has been helpful.

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Misha Almira

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