Nobody is Going to Save You

I woke up feeling hopeless.

I have no more fight in me.

I could reach out to someone and ask for help.

I don’t think I will.

What good would that do?

I need hope.

My mind starts racing about how to get it.

Nothing quite feels right. 

I stop and question, “what is hope?”

Knowing this situation will get better. Knowing someone is out there making a difference. 

Holding a future moment when someone will come save me. 

Wait. What? 

Someone else to come save me? Where did that come from?

How to Save Yourself by Retrieving Your Soul

It can be scary when we begin taking all of our power back inside to fuel our own inner Sovereign. I have been doing work on this for years, and these last 2 weeks, I got rocked into diving even deeper. 

I got sick and basically had to stay in bed for 2 weeks. It took all my energy, but what organically happened was, all my focus came back inside me. 

It had to stop worrying about other people and focus solely on me. This was the first phase.

Then, I got news that someone I considered to be a Teacher/Guru and Friend passed away. He was an advocate for personal freedom, creating heaven on earth, being our own creator, living a life of true health and so on. 

Then, he died suddenly…in the hospital. 

We were creating conscious communities together, where people could live an extraordinary life, transcending the 3D. 

I hadn’t even realized how much power, faith, and hope I had placed on him and his vision..until he died. 

Does this mean everything he stood for wasn’t true? If so, what kind of world does that leave me with? Certainly, not one I want to live in. Would make my soul’s calling a lie?

Honestly, I felt shit scared. How could I fully trust myself, without a Guide? I mean, he is further along than I am. I need him to show me the way, so I don’t get off track. 

But, is he?

Do I?

No, I do not. 

Now what?

How to Embrace Authenticity as a Sovereign Woman

I acknowledge the hopelessness. I sit inside it. I move fully into it and beyond it. What is beyond hopeless?

Acceptance of what is, without the desperation of needing to make it better. The realization that we don’t need hope. We exist beyond it. We exist beyond the feeling of safety. 

The Sovereign exists as “I am.” The Sovereign moves out of the unknown. We are only lost when we feel the need to know what is coming next.

We think we need to feel safe, but this is only the part of us that does not want to be out of control. 

Do we need control? Have we ever really been in control? Is it a lie? If one thing is a lie, isn’t everything?

How does that feel?

That doesn’t mean we ignore the need for hope, safety, comfort, love, etc.

It just means acknowledge it, sit inside it. Do nothing.

Indulging it and sitting with it, are two different choices. 

When we indulge it, it is like listening to a child when they are demanding something they think they need and then running frantically to try to please the child. 

When does that end?

What are we really doing?

Instead, when we sit with the child, listening intently, being fully present., we can truly understand.

This is where the shift happens. 

The Sovereign exists… within full presence as, “I AM.”

It already knows what to do.


If you’d like to go deeper into this, I am launching a new 6 week breakthrough program.

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